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πŸ’•πŸ˜Œ Mask of the Week Challenge πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–

If you haven’t joined in yet, better late than never!


We love hearing about every masking experience, and suggestions are always welcome.


This Week’s Theme: Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar that give your skin the perfect AM glow! Another nod to @keana1 for this week’s challengeπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Letter of the Week:  M

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 10.02.51 AM.png

Mask of the Week Misc. Info & Previous Year's Links:


To Post:

Each week features a different theme, as well as a letter of the alphabet for coming up with new masking ideas. 

Please include the brand and name of the mask you are trying out, as well as a photo if possible. Any other details are greatly appreciated, including scent, fit, adherence, mask type (hydrating, brightening, exfoliating, detox, sleeping, etc.) as well as your overall experience.

Most importantly: Would you repurchase it? 

Second most important: Have fun and merry masking!

2020 Mask of the Week Challenge:

2019 Mask of the Week Challenge:

2018 Mask of the Week Challenge:   

Thank you @Aaliaa for starting this thread, and giving us a place to share our love for masksπŸ’—

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@missjeanie it's good to hear you liked the Dr. Jart foot masks. I've been wondering about these. Not very good reviews so I haven't tried yet, but I think I'll order one, thanks! The warming sounds nice.
I keep seeing all these lovely WF masks. I need to drive to the city to get to one just to buy all the masks!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@ladyassassin after a day I am thinking that feet feel a bit more moisturized.  The warming effect really was the highlight for me, I hate being cold.  I'm glad to have more for this winter!

I'm in Canada and don't have a Whole Foods (Do they have them at all in Canada?), I find that on my US road trip weekends I love stopping in to Trader Joes.  Whole Foods is next on my list too... and Aldi... basically I can't wait to get into the US grocery stores again.  lol

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@missjeanie I'm in Canada too. Ontario to be exact and I'm pretty sure there are some around the Toronto area which is over 2 hours from me. I have never been to Whole Foods, but I have heard there are some in Canada. Not sure in which other provinces though. I'll have to Google. I really want to go. 

And yes, those foot masks will be great for our winters. My feet are always cold in the winter.

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

This looks like a combo of masks I would love @missjeanie! 😍😍 I’m saving that foot mask for the colder weather; the warming effect sounds wonderful. β™₯️ 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@missjeanie  Glad to hear this Whole Foods mask was a bit better than the last one! Which other one do you have?


I really enjoyed that foot mask! - but I think I enjoy any kind of masks that warms up πŸ˜‰

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@Shosh85  Much better this round! The other is a hydrating coconut bio cellulose, much more of what my skin needs (dang these dry spells). I’m curious to see how it goes since my skin can get clogged with coconut oils. It may not even be oil in the mask... I’ll have to check. I’m looking forward to trying it next now that I know I like the biocellulose more! 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

H is for heavenly after weeks of long days and nights.
S is for soothing and superb sleep aid.
I’m sure these steam eye masks can be found in Asian drugstores or grocery stores.
All the masks from this Dewytree line are marvelous and I owe my introduction to this lavender varietal to the fabulous @sonnydee - thank you, thank you! πŸ€— The lavender scent on this Dewytree It's Pure Lavender Mask is perfectly soothing for winding down after days of sitting in front of a computer πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’». When I was younger, I didn’t care for the scent of lavender but nowadays, I find it a relaxing scent that I welcome (so long as it’s not too overpowering). There’s a certain calm and relaxation from taking in the scent on this one. It's much like and exquisitely complements the calming "ahhhh" feeling from the second skin fit that the Tencel material from this mask brings. It gently clung to my skin and stayed on for the entire half hour I had on the mask, hugging the contours of my face and sealing in the goodness from the clear watery serum that saturates the mask. Despite my tiredness last night, it was a 30 minutes well spent. After pressing in the excess serum to help it along with absorption, my skin looked less dull and more hydrated, supple, and lively. This morning, my complexion looked refreshed ... and I'm sure my coworkers who had to see me in person or on calls are very grateful for that. πŸ€£
To keep with the calming effects from the lavender, I reached for the lightly lavender scented and nourishing Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask to keep my lips soft and moisturized overnight. I really like the consistency and wear of this lip mask; it's neither too slippery nor too thick. To help make my drifting off to sleep more relaxing, I went with the lavender version of an old faithful, Megrhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask. I love these eye masks. πŸ’– The warming action is wonderful for creating a sense of calm, relaxation, and peacefulness. I don’t know what it is about these steam eye masks but they are seriously perfect for helping me to unwind. A definite go to - steam eye masks are superhero skincare beauties in my book!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@itsfi  I’m sure you always look fabulous! And your coworkers are lucky to have you!!  I need to check out this dewytree line. Adding to my watch list!!! I also love those steam eye masks. I take a hot bath every night and once and a while after I slip one on and relax!! I must use one soon. I think the only reason I’m avoiding them right now is because the back of my ears are a tad irritated from my masks. But awesome little treats. I’ve tried to get my husband to try them also but was given a hard no. Oh well more for me!!!

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

Awww, you’re so sweet @ather; thank you for always being so kind! πŸ€— Oh my goodness, yes, this whole mask wearing has caused a lot of skin irritation. πŸ˜” But I tell myself it’s a small price to pay. Safety first. Do you think the steam eye masks would stay on if you used them while lying down but didn’t use the ear loops? 

How interesting? Did your husband say why he didn’t want to try them? Is it because of how they look? I saw they made a man version πŸ™„ I’m sure it’s just the pattern on them that’s different. I don’t know that for a fact though. Note to self - β€œSelf, pick up the β€œman version” after your no buy to test out.” It’s for research. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@itsfi  I tried them while laying down without the loops on and it didn’t give the best feeling. Better when the loops are on. I should try one tomorrow night. I don’t leave my house much on my days off so my ears may feel better. I’ve ordered new masks as well. They are suppose to feel way better so that may fix my problem too. I agree I’d much rather wear a mask and protect myself and others then not wear one at all. Some places in my province are making masks mandatory which I totally agree with. I just wish they didn’t irritate my ears so much. I have a few that go over my head but they fall down or push on my nose a lot and hurt. So I stuck to the ear ones!!! 

He didn’t say why. I’ll ask him again next time I use them. I’ll keep my eyes on the lookout for the man version too. I actually saw that they have a chamomile version. I need to test it. I really enjoy chamomile tea. Maybe I’ll have a masking night theme!! 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@ather, I can’t imagine wearing the masks for as long as you and your coworkers do. Thank you! You’ve probably tried it but do the headbands with the buttons help a little with the ear irritation? Yeah, I’ve been figuring out when and which different types of fabric on masks work better for me. A learning curve. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@itsfi  Yea the headbands help but they slide down my hair too. It’s to soft I guess. Oh well. I’m sure the elastic on my new ones will help! I think it’s more the texture of the ones I have. My husband says his is really comfortable but he only wears it into places not all day. I’ve actually used his and it’s super comfortable lol oh well! 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@ather, I really hope your new masks are more comfortable. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

This looks like a really great calming masking session, @itsfi! That Dewytree was in my cart for a recent purchase before it went out of stock, so I'll have to keep an eye out for when it comes back. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@quspork, these are good to have on hand. I just saw that they’re back in stock at masksheets (dot) com. πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ  

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

Another creative work of art @itsfi so calming sounds perfect right about now

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

Thank you @lmaster! πŸ€— I’ve been reaching for masks that are soothing and calming these days. We’ve been in a heat wave so I haven’t been burning any candles. It’ll hopefully cool down tomorrow so I can bring them back out; it’s calming and therapeutic having the house smell nice; or at least the area around my work desk. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ { no words😍😍😍😍} @itsfi 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@sonnydee, no need for words; we have emojii’s. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ₯° Thank you so much for gifting me these Dewytree masks - such a beautiful line of sheet masks. 😍 This one paired so nicely with the other lavender items I had. A good and welcome way to put me at ease. 

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@itsfi The lavendar mask has gorgeous packaging.   I love lavender as well

Re: 2020 Mask of the Week Challenge - PART II

@tjffc, yes!! Even the packaging provides a certain amount of calm. πŸ˜† 

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