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Looking for products




Hi lovely people,


My name is Lisa and I’m eighteen years old. Here’s a little bit about me, I just graduated from high school a couple months ago and I’m currently preparing for post-secondary!


I’m posting this because I’m seeking for the products that would helps me solve my concerns regarding to my skin. I’ve been concerned about my skin because I had a really bad breakout recently when I was stressed out.


I’m looking for a product that would prevent me from having breakout and also I’m looking for products or treatments that would get rid of the tiny bumps pores on my upper cheeks.


Thank you!! I’m looking forward to learn some advices and tips from you beauties! 

Re: Looking for products

I have a suggestion for 'NOT" using certain products. As you have good young skin, I would say dont use any harsh toners or products with alcohols in it. Try finding gentle moisturizing toners if you like using them. 

Re: Looking for products

Use a gentle skin cleaners such as cetaphil or vanicream, use toner theres tons I prefer witch hazel or witch hazel pads. Chemically exfoliate 1-3 a week start with only once a week and work your way up I am currently using the one from M-61 Power glow peel but I hear these Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel Pads 30 Treatments + 5 Bonus

are just as good. Moisturize! day and night and always always wear sun screen. in the morning you should try the Cerave moisturizer with spf 30 (a lot of dermatologist recommend this one) and big thing is dont pick at your face! no matter what even its the biggest white head ever do not pick at your face, I know resisting can be very hard lol

Re: Looking for products

Agreed, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta is a great product that will help with your skin problems but like Laura is saying you definitely want to work up to it or you could find yourself in different types of skin troubles. You should look into a really nice daily serum with AHA and anti-pollutant qualities, alternate every other day with a milder serum to work into this. For the pores, I’d suggest a mild oil cleanser that’ll gently remove dirt but not strip oils from your skin (pores get bigger if skin is drier.) Algenist makes a great pore clarifying mask you might like. 


Don’t get crazy spending too much money.  If you use serum and moisturizer and regularly exfoliate you will see great results. Origins skin care line has skin care for every age and skin problem. 


As for stress related break outs, there’s not a whole lot that can be done other than drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. I’d also suggest limiting or eliminating any caffeinated drinks.





Re: Looking for products

@ImLisaN1705 you might think about incorporating a chemical exfoliant once or twice a week to start. Those help reduce the appearance of acne, and are helpful for those little clogged pores. 

RE: Looking for products

You should head to your local Sephora and have a mini facial done! You can book directly from the app. Ask for samples if you’re not sure on anything! Hope this helps!!

Re: Looking for products

Do you have any products that you're using currently, @ImLisaN1705? Also, what's your skin type?

Re: Looking for products

I’m currently using Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming. My skin type is sensitive, oily and dry. 

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