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Makeup Help

kinda gross but i need help

every time i put on concealer/foundation THIS happens (see pics). i’ve tried putting powder on first, using tons of primers, serums, etc. and NOTHING helps! i’ve even used eyeshadow primer on my nose and yet the makeup still rubs off sooo easy. i also use blotting sheets and they still do nothing. any advise? i have acne and honestly just like wearing concealer/foundation and i don’t wanna give it up 😞 it’s so infuriating th





Re: Makeup Help

Did you ever find a solution. I have a similar problem and I moisturize, prime, exfoliate, and have tried varying products and formulas. 

Re: Makeup Help

@prezeke I would try lightly exfoliating your skin once a week if you're not doing that already. When you use acne products they tend to dry out the skin unevenly and with the different textures, dry skin piling up in some spots and not others, the foundation can cling in a weird manner in different spots. The area around my mouth and nose for instance is always drier than the rest.


Moisturizing your skin very well before applying primer and foundation really helps as well, since it makes a more even canvas from a texture/dryness standpoint.


Try using a combo of hyaluronic acid serum + moisturizer before makeup.


Re: Makeup Help

I have this same problem and because of this I hardly wear foundation concealer. Few things that help -


  • Super hydrate before starting make-up
  • Spray hydrating mist between steps - Makeup artist in Sephora did my makeover and I had told him about this problem. He sprayed mist on my face after foundation then again after powder (used very little powder). 
  • @SportyGirly125  Gave me a good tip to wet my beauty blender with a hydrating mist rather than water. I have Missha First essence which I don't use in my routine but use it for this purpose and that seems to help so much. 
  • mixing bit of oil (just 1 or 2 drops) in my foundation also helps. It may backfire if your foundation is oil-free/ water based
  • I use RMS beauty un-coverup to just spot conceal. It's cream so doesn't seem to give me that problem
  • Avoiding silicones in foundation but more so in primers (which would be a problem because there are very few foundations or primer out there without silicones) may help. I noticed whenever I use a primer with a lot of silicones to blur pores, this problemt is much much worse. 

Re: Makeup Help

I experience this sometimes when I'm using a new serums. I have this one blackhead serum that will go on fine. Once I put facial cream on fine but the minute I put foundation and powder on it cracks off. 

Re: Makeup Help

Hi there! I know how frustrating that is, hopefully we can find you a solution! There are definitely a few possible reasons why this is happening. 

1. Foundation. The foundation formula you're using may not be suited for oily skin, or may have a tendency to break apart. Have you looked into trying a foundation that is marketed as long wearing or mattifying? I've had good experience with the Smashbox 24 hour (FULL coverage) and have heard good things about the Fenty foundations as well. 

2. Primer. As the previous responder replied, it could also be that you haven't found the right primer yet. Perhaps you may want to look into a gripping primer (like Cover FX) or the Origins cooling one that comes in the pink can. These may help your make up hold on. 


Are you setting with a powder and using a setting spray?

Re: Makeup Help

ALSO! Completely forgot. Depending on your makeup style, you may want to try and go lighter on the foundation and not use concealer in that area (for example, if you prefer a more natural coverage, you could add moisturizer to your foundation to sheer it out) because lighter coverage will be less noticeable when it does inevitably break apart. 

Re: Makeup Help

Hey there! Maybe it's your primer? I've experienced this with the Milk blur stick...where it seems to bunch my foundation ..and it's not even's during random foundation applications. If you're not using primer, perhaps you might want to try exfoliating more consistently? Or you may need a fresh bottle of foundation.
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