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Canadian Secret Santa 2017

2018 Exchange Thread:




**Sign-ups are closed & participants have been matched!**

Halleloo, everybody!


It's time for another round of Canadian Secret Santa for 2017!


Rules for 2017:

  1. Open to both Canada & US. If in US, you must be willing to ship to Canada. If in Canada, you can specify that you want to only ship within the country.
  2. Eligibility: Must have either participated in either the 2015 or 2016 version of this exchange OR, for new participants, have a minimum 600 posts or  *NEW OPTION* 500 hearts.
  3. Exchange will run via Elfster -- when you sign up please PM me with your email address so I can send your invite.
  4. Deadlines:
    Sign-up cut off date: Thursday, November 2nd, midnight PST. Please also have your Elfster wishlist(s) up to date by then.  Deadline Passed.
    Matching day: Friday, November 3rd, so Rouge can take advantage of the 1st holiday sale weekend. Matching complete
    Ship-by date: Monday, December 11th (based on Canada Post shipping guidelines for 2017). Feel free to send sooner than this as well, though!
  5. Spending minimum is CAD$50. We always say it's less (like $35 or so) but we all always spend more, so I'm bumping it up for this round since everyone goes over anyway. This is total-spend, be that a single item or a group of items.



  • dyslexia
  • NotCrocker
  • ayeshayh
  • MaryK82
  • shopaholic15
  • Hellvetica
  • Seymore3
  • SpaceLlama


RE: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Is this happening again this year? I’m still nowhere near 600 but will give’r commenting if it is so I can take part this time!

Re: RE: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@Snglbug @Nickelliebear1 it is happening!  @lachaton is hosting this year. Link to the 2018 thread (I'll also add this to the post above):

I'm thinking it's happening. that's why I've been so acti...

I'm thinking it's happening. that's why I've been so active the last few days, lol.

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Hey everyone!  Bumping this thread to say that I will not be able to run this exchange for 2018. Between work and school and prep for surgery in December, I won't be around and able to do it.


Also, with the consistent tech issues this whole board has had I'm just not on here very much anymore. Too many *months* of not being able to post or sometimes even log in. I just gave up fighting it trying to make it work and now spend time on other boards/sites instead. Ever since the change from BT to BIC it's just been one problem after another... [If you want to find me, look in the various Facebook indie nail polish groups. 😉 ]


ANYWAY, that mini-rant aside, if anyone wants to step up and take over running this Secret Santa exchange, please do! It's pretty simple to run, you just need to set it up on elfster and then as a new thread here. Probably best if a prior participant steps up to run it, but not necessarily required (and not my call since I'm bowing out, so don't take my word as law).


PM me if you have questions, I may not see replies here (see above post about consistent tech issues on this board, alas.)


Thanks and have fun y'all!

P.S.  edited to add: re-reading it, I think this kinda came across like I'm leaving BIC for good, but that is totally not the case! And, if someone else runs this exchange I may even want to participate, though I'll have to gauge the exact timing vs final exams and my surgery date. I'm not going away! I'm just not here as much as I have wanted to be. 😉 ❤️

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@dyslexia Thank you for all of your contributions, especially with the Secret Santa! I'm definitely sad to not see you posting quite as much, but I hope between exams and surgery you'll still be stopping by 🙂 

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@lachatonAw, thank you! That is so thoughtful. ❤️ And thank you too for all your work wrangling our Canadian Promo Codes!

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Sorry it has taken me so long to write in (work has been crazy 😞 ) but I received the package from my elf over the weekend!!! Thank you sooooo much @dyslexia for the AWESOME gift! You went above and beyond! There were so many amazing goodies I couldn't believe it20171215_180441.jpg20171215_180746.jpg


Your card made me laugh so much 😄

Look at that great wrapping! Minis! And the lindt chocolate! (Gone like 4 days ago lol) 

I really love the CT lipstick - I was hoping the colour would be MLBB and it totally is! 

The calendar is already sitting on my office desk, I'm totally ready for 2018!

Thanks again! It was so much fun to have the Secret Santa again and I thank you very much for organizing it @dyslexia 

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

OMG I totally missed this post!  I am so, so glad you liked everything, @MaryK82 ! I saw that CT lipstick on your wishlist and knew I had to get it for you. It's so gorgeous, I also had to get one for myself. 😛


Sorry for the slow reply, the holidays really ate my brain and sapped my energy. In a good way, but I'm only just now feeling like a person again. Just in time to go back to work!

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@dyslexia no worries at all! Hope you had a great holiday 🙂 I knooooowww I love the CT lipstick so much I went on the website after the holidays to get a back up but it's sold out. Hopefully they will bring it back and not have it LE.

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Eek!  I should have bought a backup.  Yes, hopefully they bring this back as a permanent one. It's pretty much perfect.

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

I got my box! I had the honour of having @NotCrocker be my elf for this exchange and oh my did she spoil me 😮 First of all, the wrapping paper you used was so bloody adorable I felt bad ripping it. You're such a good wrapper. 


Thank you so much for buying me some of my favourite chocolate! I ran out after Halloween and I've been craving it lately. I've just been eating chocolate all night. Also, thank you so much for the llama!!! I've been looking for llama ornaments for so long but haven't found any. It's now joined the squirrels on my tree!


Thank you so much as well for the face masks! I love sheet masks and have yet to try any from Sephora so I'm excited to put them on! 

Here are all of the presents opened:


I might've made some "this is too cute, I can't handle it" noises when I opened the sloth pin. I love sloths so much. This is so perfect. 

It's now on my backpack with my Sephora pins :)It's now on my backpack with my Sephora pins 🙂

You picked out so many things from Lush that I've been meaning to try out! They all smell soooo good. I immediately put on Milk's Slayer and IGK's glitter spray. I love anything Buffy related and this is my first Milk product and I love it. I also have loved being covered in glitter for the holidays since I was a kid so thank you so much for the spray! The socks look so cozy and I'm definitely going to be wearing them a lot since I'm a person who still enjoys wearing shorts indoors in the winter. 

Thank you so much for everything, @NotCrocker! I'm so grateful for everything you sent and I wish you the happiest of holidays darling! ❤️

RE: Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

The pins are completely adorable 🙂

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Awwww - What a sweet gift from @NotCrocker!   And I love your tree with all the cute animals!!! ❤️   @SpaceLlama

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@NotCrocker has done it again! What a fantastic gift! I have total sock envy now 😛

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

The cuteness of the sloth and the llama were just too much! I LOVE your squirrel tree, and am glad that the llama gets to share a spot on there!


I am really happy you like your stuff, I also love Oh Henry, and am guilty of eating the peanuts and chocolate off the centre and then eating that separately (weirdo alert).


We now officially have matching Denmark socks, as I also got myself a pair when traveling! 

Happy Happy Holidays to you too @SpaceLlama!!!

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@NotCrocker I do the same with the Oh Henry bars! I love the centre the best so I eat it last 😂 

I noticed they were from Denmark! That's so cool! Thanks for thinking of getting something for me in your travels 😁

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Perfect @SpaceLlama then we are double weirdo alert! Haha the middle IS the best part!

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Aaaannnnddd you've just added another chocolate to my need to try list @SpaceLlama lol 😄 This Oh Henry is your favorite? It looks so good!! What a great bod @NotCrocker ❤️ That llama ornament is absolute perfection! A true BIC tree 😄

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

@Mcakes It is! I just have fond memories of visiting the Hershey factory near Ottawa when I would visit my aunt. They would sell the broken up candy bars for super cheap so I'd get a bag full of bite sized Oh Henry bars 😁 They also used to give away free candy bars to everyone who shopped there! Too bad it's closed now 😞

Re: Canadian Secret Santa 2017

Oh that is so sad that it closed down @SpaceLlama! What a fun and happy memory though. I'd love to get free candy bars haha 😄

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