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Should I????

I haven't tried the new Formula X but love the colors in this set. Trying to decide if I should get it or pass on it. Anyone tried it? Enable me or tell me why you wouldn't get it Smiley Wink 


Re: Should I????

I say YES!! I want this set myself! I tried all the different formulations and LOVE THEM!! Smiley Happy It's a great set with a variety of colors and shades- perfect all year round. The pigment is great and it's an awesome set to have. Look I just talked myself into it! LOL Smiley Tongue haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Should I????

Pretty much decided this will be a YES purchase! Thanks for everyone's input! Smiley Happy

Re: Should I????

OMG. And you had to ask? Smiley Wink YES YEAH OF COURSE Smiley Wink.

Re: Should I????

So GLAD I made this investment!! I have finally found a long lasting polish in colors I love. I'm a happy, happy girl!!!

Re: Should I????

its already on my list! I only own one color, and i want every single color! And this is a great wait to start! So... You should too! Even if they are mini's... idk when was the last time i actually finished a whole bottle of nailpolish! 

Re: Should I????

I got a bottle of red formula X as a 100 point perk and love it, it dries fast and feels so smooth. I find my self always petting my nails just surprised that it feels different from other nail polishes including other ones from Sephora.

So decided to get the Ariel set, package should arrive on Monday and of course it goes on sale right after I order it... Just my luck.

Re: Should I????

They'll give you a price adjustment in the form of online credit if you call! I've done it before too when something I got on the site went on clearance shortly after! Hate when that happens.

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