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I know some of us love anything Violette_fr creates so let’s discuss her line as it grows! These small lines will always have my heart. She’s such a talented makeup artist and love that she also included skincare and fragrance.  I have loved her past collabs and look forward to any newness in her well-edited line. Sounds like more Yeux Paint shades are coming soon and it’ll be great if she develops new lips, cheeks and more!  Share all your pics and thoughts! 💋 Photos from her Instagram. 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Another new product! She’s on a roll!  Beautiful compact and I just love her take on the world and beauty. She seems so grounded and someone I always look forward to reading. 😊



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Looks cute! Her beautiful blue! 💙 




Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Here is the new Désir lip. It’s gorgeous and deep tho buildable and can be blurred if you move quickly! 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Promo going on now. Great time to try some of her stuff if you haven’t. I love the lip balms and cheeks! Highlighter is subtle but soft. Scent is kind of a musk. Liquid lips dry very quickly. A balm is good underneath! 

@CookieGirl1 @makeitup305 @WinglessOne 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Sunnysmom  Okay so, I might possibly have just placed an order for another balm (Guimauve), the highlighter, and a liquid matte (Amour Fou). Hopefully that liquid matte’s not too drying with a lip balm + lip primer underneath. Looking forward to trying it and the highlighter! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Ha and so it is @WinglessOne ! 😍 I’ve not seen Guimauve, excited to see yours! Fou is gorgeous. Yes def use the balm and primer. Find me when it arrives please! Wish I’d remembered she may do a BF deal when I ordered the darn Desir. Oh well. Now to try and not order another Sucette!! Ugh. 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

2 new purple shades. 




Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Catching up some other recent products. 😊

I always appreciate her love for vibrant colors! 





Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Thought it was time to catch up a few of the newer Violette_Fr products. The newest Bisou Balm in Amour Fou, a muted soft red. ( Will also post swatch when mine arrives if anyone wants to see it. ) Swatches of all the Balms plus comparison of the 2 Petal Bouche liquid red and the newer pink. Ooh these smell yummy. 🌹💄 💞 All info from Instagram.  @eshoe have you bought any of these lately? I still reach for them often! Balms especially. 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

While I’m at it thought I’d add the blush and balms I got last year. To have them all on here 🙂 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Oh those blushes are quite pretty, @Sunnysmom. I have not made another purchase from them in awhile. I have been working my way through a number of neutral lipsticks/balms as they seem to multiply in my drawers when I am not looking! I have a couple of la bouche rouge satins that should be showing up in a day or two, very curious to see how that formula wears. You have a few, I believe 😉  

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

That is so true @eshoe , they do seem to multiply! I have so many Farmacy Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm 0.12 oz/ 3.4 g in different spots it’s nutty. Ooh I hope you like the LBR! If you think of it do let me know what you think! I love ‘em yes! 🥰

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Ooh I went through one of those balms, @Sunnysmom - very nourishing. 

I feel confident knowing LBR has your seal of approval, I am anxiously awaiting them!

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Paws crossed @eshoe , hope so too! 🥰

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Well, I found my perfect lipstick, @Sunnysmom.  I love, love, LOVE the formula! It feels somewhere between Gucci and Valentino on the lips, and so far is going strong, even after having breakfast. Thanks for the recommendation - LBR is a winner!

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Oh isn’t that the best @eshoe ?! I’m so glad! I totally agree. They really have created some wonderful formulas! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Do you have a favorite, @Sunnysmom, among the balm, satin and matte?

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

I def love the mattes and satins @eshoe ! Haven’t tried a balm yet other than the no color one that was a gwp once and it feels moisturizing for sure.  Have you tried the Violette or Hermes balms? So good! 💞

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Good to know about the balm, @Sunnysmom. It wasn't as highly rated as the satin or matte, so I passed (for now). May pick one up at some point.


No, I have not tried either of those two brands' lipsticks. So many choices, so little time ha! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

The new Bisou Balms. I wasn’t sure what to expect as they looked so super sheer but I am happily surprised with the one I got! This is Betise. It’s a beautiful flushed pinky red. Feels and looks similar to the Hermes balms maybe a little rougher in texture . I’m very happy with the color tho as it’s obviously cooler toned than Hermes

Rose Tan and gives a very good tint to the lip! And less than half the price too. 😊 @itsfi @eshoe 





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