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I know some of us love anything Violette_fr creates so let’s discuss her line as it grows! These small lines will always have my heart. She’s such a talented makeup artist and love that she also included skincare and fragrance.  I have loved her past collabs and look forward to any newness in her well-edited line. Sounds like more Yeux Paint shades are coming soon and it’ll be great if she develops new lips, cheeks and more!  Share all your pics and thoughts! 💋 Photos from her Instagram. 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

The new Bisou Balms. I wasn’t sure what to expect as they looked so super sheer but I am happily surprised with the one I got! This is Betise. It’s a beautiful flushed pinky red. Feels and looks similar to the Hermes balms maybe a little rougher in texture . I’m very happy with the color tho as it’s obviously cooler toned than Hermes

Rose Tan and gives a very good tint to the lip! And less than half the price too. 😊 @itsfi @eshoe 





Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Oh yes, those look extremely wearable, @Sunnysmom. Now to try to pick just one! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Yup a good thumbs up to these @eshoe . 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Adding my little collection with a few thoughts to share as well!


Boum-Boum Milk - the description on this is quite accurate. It is touted as a ‘toner, serum & moisturizer’ all-in-one, and is does just what it says. 

It behaves like a rich essence, and somehow manages to leave my skin feeling soft and not tight/dry in the morning when used at night. It is pretty versatile, standing in for a complicated routine when I am not up for it. My favorite use for it has been as a post wash-off, pre-sheet mask prep.

Baume Shine - I have found this to be an emollient highlighting balm that is easy to use (a common theme here!) and applies a very soft glow. 

Avec Amour - this perfume oil is perhaps the most complicated of the three. The ombré blue bottle feels luxe, with its weighted gold-tone cap. The roller moves easily and applies smoothly. The scent is different from any other perfume I have tried. My first impression was playdoh, and it is still what I notice when I first apply it. But then it blends with my skin and cascades into this curious blend of subtle vetiver and bergamot. I don’t think if I were looking for a vetiver perfume, I would choose this one; it is far too light and playful as opposed to mysterious and smoky. There seems to be a tiny note of something spicy - coriander-like, maybe, that draws me in. Similar to how the Kiehl’s Coriander scent is. A very unique scent, and one that makes me smile whenever I wear it.



Beauty as art, I love it!


Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Thanks @eshoe , very good to hear your review on these items.  I’m so sad as my poor highlighter broke after I used it yesterday! 😢 It’ll still work but a little tricky.  I will probably have to try the perfume and Boum-Boum Milk at some point. The perfume intrigues me.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought one that I haven’t been able to try in person first! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Oh no, @Sunnysmom - I am so sorry to hear your highlighter is somewhat out of commission. I can see how it would be easy for that to happen, though.


I have purchased a few perfumes scent ‘unseen.’ I haven’t had a terrible one, which is surprising because I don’t think I have a real nose for detecting separate scents in a perfume. I usually go off the description, which of course this one was incredibly vague. After it changed on her site, to include vetiver, I knew I had to try it.  

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Yup I’ll have to just make do with it for now. Bummed tho! 😕 Oh that’s great that you have had luck with fragrances. I do like vetiver so I bet I would like it too. 😊

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Just pull me in why don't you @Sunnysmom 😆

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

😂 guess it’s what we do on here eh @lmaster ?! it’s how I feel when I look at your gorgeous baby blues in shadows too! Just want to buy em all! 😘 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

You're so sweet!! 💋🌹🤗 @Sunnysmom 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Sunnysmom oooh! I haven't tried anything from this brand but I am loving the aesthetic !

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Me too @Kim888 , so simple yet love the wax seal inspiration on top of them too. 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Sunnysmom Wow I'm obsessed with those photos! I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye on this brand. 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

She’s really fun @Samtian ! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Ooooh thank you for starting this thread, @Sunnysmom! The images you used are so pretty💖 I will have to update with some thoughts on the items I have (so far)😉

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Thanks so much @eshoe , I figured we could have fun with her new collection right?! Love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve tried… so far…😂. I have a hunch those new Bisou Balms will find a new home also as well?! Know you’re really behaving. I restrained myself on just the one. Baby steps. 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Oh, I do want to try that balm at some point, @Sunnysmom! My current inventory begs to differ, though 😄 I can’t remember the last time I finished a balm, now glosses are another story. But some point. 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

I have the Baume Shine complexion universal highlighter and Petal Bouche Matte. The Baume shine is small but mighty , not sticky nor glittery, dries down well and is creamy.  Just healthy illuminating glow. The lip is definitely matte but not uncomfortable at all and the color is just… glorious?! Lol. It’s the best reimagined velvety rose. A bit tricky to apply as it goes on quickly and spreads but it’s manageable once you work with it. I would love to see the applicator a bit smaller and controlled but oh man the color is breathtaking! Waiting to receive the Betise Bisou Balm, just out yesterday. I know @eshoe has tried the Boum-Boum Milk and likes it,  did you also get the fragrance? Love to hear any of your thoughts. @itsfi did you try anything yet? 🌹





Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Sunnysmom, thank you for the tag. 🙂 I placed a few items in my cart 🛒 but haven't had a chance to go back and edit it. That highlighter is gorgeous 😍 and that red lippie is you! 

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

Sounds good @itsfi ! Me too! Teehee, could this be a HG red?! Nah, always room for more. Besides this is a matte. Lol 🥰

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