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The EM Cosmetics Thread

Any other EM Cosmetics fans? As she has come out with more new products decided we probably need a thread for her. Just received the new Moonbeam Cushion Highlighter and it’s so lovely and glowy!  Well-priced also. Please share any you have! 

Tagging @itsfi @WinglessOne and @CookieGirl1 as I think you have tried some products and probably have helpful thoughts! 😊



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

New LE icy silver liner out now. Looks very smooth and festive! Also a Pop-Up event coming to Culver City LA area Dec 9 with RSVP. 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Reformulated Color Drops Serum Blush just out. Also love that she participates in donations. 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

New Everglass Lip Dew serum-gel in 6 pretty colors! 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

New bronzer with free Rephr brush - out tonight. 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

A few new blush shades added. This formula is very nice, soft and flattering too. She really does come out with new products and promos quite often which is a good idea to try them I feel like. 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Masterpiece Baroque highlighter, DaVinci eye and Mystic lip. Freebie Jasper Red lip. ( please ignore other Colourpop and EL in pic!)

@itsfi you may like this eye if you don’t have it or similar! 



 DaVinci eye, CPop, Red Jasper, Mystic 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

@Sunnysmom, thank you for the tag. I’m pretty sure I have something (probably more than one something) similar. 🙂

Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Oh good. I figured so @itsfi but just in case. ☺️

Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

F and Family going on now - 15% off. 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Another fun deal for LNY, free lip. Think I have this one and I like her glosses. I think it’s cool how she does frequent promos too. 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Pretty new collection out today. Gifts with purchase as well! Cute. 




Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Nice deal on the Color Drops - $5 off this weekend only. Code WINTER. 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

New highlighters coming 11/4. 



Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

The new Cosmic Pearl shadows. How pretty is their glow! 
Pic from EM Cosmetics. 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Looks like beautiful new shadows coming! 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Cross post from deals thread. Nice deal on new So Soft blush snd bronzer/ contour sticks. 2/ $48. Am enjoying the blush sticks ! 


Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

I tried a few of the new blush sticks. They are very creamy and emollient yet have good staying power. Highly recommend! I did not try bronzer yet, still on the never-ending lists!

If anyone has tried them please show us! 💞

Top to bottom swatches- Venetian Rose (true rose), Baby (pale-ish pink) and Bitten (berry). (Trying to show creaminess in the other pic 😊.) 





Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Oh wow @Sunnysmom, those colors you chose are so pretty! 😍 These sound great too - creamy, emollient and they last?! Do you think they could double as a lippie? I don't actually need another blush or lipstick, but the thought of it being a 2-in-1 somehow changes the way I look at it. Hahaha! But I shall continue to remind myself that I do not need either. 

Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

You know what @itsfi I’m sure they could double as a lippie! And I mean if you look at it that way you are really saving money on another lip or blush so there’s that 😁🥰. You really can not not buy it. 😬

Re: The EM Cosmetics Thread

Hahahaha @Sunnysmom! I'll add them to my list, but I think I'll hold off until she has another product that I'm interested in picking up. I have plenty newness to keep me occupied (and tried-and-true favorites as well). 

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