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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying ๐Ÿ™‚


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

I have quite the backlog, so I apologize for the size of this! 


B&BW Stardust Magic hand soap- Finally got to this one from Halloween! Not a bad scent, but not my favorite. The caramel scent in this is VERY aggressive.


B&BW Fresh Getaway body butter- I love their body butter and RP during sales, but despite the name of the scent, this is STRONG and Iโ€™ll be avoiding it from now on.


Bumble & Bumble Bond Building Treatment sample- Totally fine. Easy to use up, but no noticeable changes. WNP


Byoma Creamy Jelly Cleanser sample- Fine. Not notable. WNP


Clinique Smart Clinical Repair wrinkle se sample- Obviously not enough product to judge wrinkle fighting, but it was a nice, moisturizing texture.


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight mask sample- Really nice! No desire to purchase, but I love getting samples of this.


Goldfaden MD Dark Spot Corrector sample- used diligently, but thereโ€™s no way this is enough product to lighten anything.


Estรฉe Lauder lip repair sample- A nice, low key lip moisturizer. Great to soften your lips before lipstick, but if you need real repair/moisturizing, I canโ€™t imagine youโ€™d get much out of this. WNP


Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean toner- The best salicylic acid toner Iโ€™ve ever used at any price. Even after double cleansing, this will get stuff out of my (admittedly large and deep) pores. Repeat buy and the new one is already going. WR


Iope Air Cushion Natural in 13N Ivory- Iโ€™m a big fan of these for years, which is good because this came in a 2-pack! Light but even coverage. Not sure if Iโ€™ll RP but if youโ€™ve been curious, I recommend grabbing one when itโ€™s a deal to try.


Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask sample- So messy, but actually pretty effective. I donโ€™t buy masks like these, but I do enjoy using samples when they come. Nice but WNP


Kielhโ€™s Dark Spot Solution sample- Same thing as the Goldfadden one.


Kokie eyebrow pencil in Chocolate Brown- From an Ipsy bag. I loved this. Great color and super fine pencil. Once I use up the pencil I have, Iโ€™ll probably repurchase this.


MAC Prep & Prime radiance sample- Fun to use as a sample but Iโ€™ve never been tempted by a full size. WNP


The Ordinary Retinol 0.5%- I repurchase this fairly regularly, though Iโ€™m trying a few different retinols right now. Effective and affordable.


The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10%- See above! Already using my next bottle. Pairs brilliantly with Good Genes. WR


Origins Checks & Balances face wash sample- A nice, regular, foaming cleanser except that itโ€™s mint? Which seems weird for a cleanser? One more sample is in my stash: Iโ€™m gonna use it up this summer as I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll want mint when itโ€™s cold. WNP


Origins Ginzing serum sample- Maybe the best thing Iโ€™ve used from this brand? Lovely, nourishing, and smells like orange Starbursts.


Peach & Lily Peptide moisturizer sample- Itโ€™s fine? WNP


Peach & Lily Retinoic Eye cream sample- Great if I follow with a moisturizing eye cream: when I first tried it alone, it dried out my undereyes. WNP


PTR Water Drench SPF moisturizer sample- From the Sephora Sun Kit. Love moisturizers with SPF, though this one was unpredictable under makeup. SUPER little product in this bottle btw, thereโ€™s no way it was more than half full. WNP


Rose Inc clarifying toner sample- Gross bottle, right? You should have seen it full: you need to shake it before use, and until you did, it looked like a separated, rotten strawberry shake. This actually helped me use it faster! I hated looking at it! That said, it actually performed fantastically, but Iโ€™m avoiding this kind pf โ€œclean productโ€ for the future.


Shiseido eye cream sample- Pretty amazing! I had a sample of this before and was unimpressed; now Iโ€™m wondering if I was sent an old one? This is out of my price range, but great stuff and Iโ€™m happy to have another sample in my stash.


Sunday Riley CEO Afterflow- Always happy to get a sample of this; always happy to never actually shell out money for it.


Tarte Maneater mascara mini- Probably my favorite Tarte mascara. I get so many samples and drugstore is so good that I refuse to pay more than $15 for 3 months of mascara, but if I did, this would probably be in my rotation. Good for thickening.


Tony Moly Iโ€™m Honey mask- This really is so much like honey. I kept it next to my tub to use during baths, and it was lovely for that. Wonโ€™t repurchase but it was very fun to try.




Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy sample- Iโ€™m not even sure I could smell this at all on me. WNP


Burberry Her EDP rollerball- I bought this thinking it was the EDT I had a sample of and fell in love with. While I donโ€™t like this as much as the EDT (which is now my signature love), this is a lovely, sweet floral with nice gourmand touches. I might get another travel size in the distant future, but Iโ€™d donโ€™t need a full bottle.


Clean Classic Wam Cotton mini rollerball- I love clean/fabric softener type fragrances, but this was industrial grade garbage that smells like itโ€™d only be used in prisons because itโ€™s the cheapest soap available. I used this up on fabric, and even there it was meh. WNR


Clinique Happy sample- I always seem to have samples of this! Doesnโ€™t last long but is so easygoing and nice. Just nice.


Gucci Flora sample- Not my fave (though I recently tried the Intense flanker and WOW) but itโ€™s fine. Easy to use up as a sample/layering. WNP


Marc Jacobs Daisy sample- Another fave.


Moschino Fresh Pink sample- This is the famous Windex-like bottle perfume. I love this and bought the full size as itโ€™s so cheap: Bright, sweet, youthful, great in warm weather. WP


Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose sample- One of my faves: I have a small bottle now and had a larger one in the past. Exactly as fresh as it is sweet, and it layers with others like a champ. WR but no rush.


Skylar Vanilla Sky sample- Truly a straightforward vanilla. Boring on me on its own, but this is actually a great basic scent for layering. WNP


Versace Bright Crystal sample- One of my faves, and I do have a full bottle of this.


Versace Dylan Purple sample- From the Sephora sample kit, and I got the full size with the voucher. Iโ€™m obsessed with this scent and itโ€™s currently my second favorite. Bright, fruity, sweet, pretty, itโ€™s just everything I love in a fragrance. WR


YSL Black Opium sample- Not one I like much, but it is easy to wear.

Re: Empties - V2

@moreotter  Great job! I love you went in-depth! 

Re: Empties - V2

Thanks for your thoughts on everything, @moreotter!  I love hearing peoples' mini reviews on things that they've used.

Re: Empties - V2

Great empties @moreotter . It is so satisfying to get through so many ๐Ÿ˜Š

Re: Empties - V2

@moreotterGreat empties and recap!

Re: Empties - V2

@moreotter fantastic bunch of empties!

Re: Empties - V2

No need to apologize @moreotter that pile of empties was fantastic, way to go! ๐Ÿ˜„

Re: Empties - V2

May empties and declutter: 45  (242/600)


Only two candles I would pass on, and that's wind up, this candle had potential, but it was far too strong for me, and the Nest lime candle, nope



The only product I would not repurchase is the Briogeo shampoo, that's only because there's better out there


Love em all except the belief eye cream, I just find it boring ๐Ÿคฆ


The gisou hair mask was meh, and the ranavant cleanser was the same ๐Ÿ˜• just not stand out 




All these are expired and I wouldn't seek them out any longer


All these were as mostly expired, I did repurchase the CT foundation today ๐Ÿ˜† 

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster  Great job! Too bad the Nest candle was to strong! 

Re: Empties - V2

@ather thank you love, I just didn't like it at all, personal preference 

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster I love the beautiful skin foundation by Charlotte Tilbury and have thought about trying this one you have too- light wonder. I see it restocked on her website. Have you tried the beautiful skin foundation?

Re: Empties - V2

@BluePaisley I think I have used a couple samples and liked it, I'll have to check and see if I have any left

Re: Empties - V2

Thank you for the honest feedback @lmaster ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ’– and wow! You cleared out so much this month,  great job! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Re: Empties - V2

Thank you darlin! @CynthieLu 

Re: Empties - V2





The star of this show is KILIAN Paris Apple Brandy Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray . I never would have chosen this as a fragrance for myself, but received it as a gratis and really liked it!

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum Great job on a full size fragrance! 

Re: Empties - V2

@BluePaisley thank you!

Re: Empties - V2

Some of those were pretty sizeable @lnum great work! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Re: Empties - V2

@CynthieLu Thank you! Getting through the Briogeo definitely took awhile!

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum look at your empties!!! Great job on the fragrance 

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum Great empties! Impressive perfume empty! I know how long it cam take to go through a whole bottle. Great mask empties! I would like to start using them at least once a week again.