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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

YTD 213


Notes in the spoilers!




Tree Hut Peppermint Frost Scrub: I love the Tree Hut scrubs. Plenty of grit, and they don't leave my shower floor slippery. I could have used a touch more mint in the scent of this one so I won't repurchase it in particular, but I have more scrubs from the brand and always look forward to them!

Matrix High Amplify Dry Shampoo: I avoided this one for the longest time because the name made it sound like it would have some sort of texture or hairspray element to it (I generally dislike product feel in dry shampoos immensely), but no, it's just a very lightweight dry shampoo that didn't leave my hair stiff or tacky in any way. Low white stuff coming out of the can, and shakes out easily. It wasn't the best I've tried, but lately, very little tackles my oily bangs well, so while I don't discount it completely, it's not something I'll be buying. Would try again though, especially once the humidity dies down.

Valjean Labs Niacinamide + Zinc: for $6ish at TJM, it's hard to beat to value of this. My skin loves niacinamide, and while I'll try most any sample that heads my way, I'll happily pick up more of this if/when I need to actually buy something.

Hempz Blueberry Lavender + Chamomile Lotion: I found this on my desk doing a smidge of straightening and can't imagine why I hadn't tossed it before (I got it in a gwp a year, maybe even two years ago?). While I have found a couple of instances of lavender-based scents that don't make me gag, this is definitely not one of them; adding blueberry and chamomile did not help this one single bit, IMHO. 

Philosophy Lemon Custard Hand Cream: love the scent and texture of this. It's not quite empty, but it was my "car lotion", and AL heat does a number on those pretty quickly, sadly.

Phyto Phytojoba Moisturizing Mask: did very little (errr, nothing) for my hair, and while my ends can be dry, I don't think they're that dry. Meh.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: true love basic AF face lotion for my oily visage. Works great, and I have more to use up.

Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask: true love but sadly not-so-cheap mask. Works wonders at pulling up goop from below, and I swear my face looks tighter and plumper for up to three days afterwards as well. I'll never pay full price, but will keep hoarding samples as I can!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: I've become enchanted with powder cleansers lately, and I hoped to love this one, but I could do without the scrubby bits in it. As much as I love a good scrub, I'm very purposeful with them these days, rarely scrubbing my face more than a couple of times a month; using this felt like I needed to cut out my other scrubs, which was a bit of a bummer. I have another mini I might use up eventually, but this isn't something that I'll watch out for in the future. 

PTR Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream: as an oily gal, anything titled "cream" automatically scares me...I want lighter lotions or water-gel type stuff. This was nice though, lighter than I expected. I've got other cheaper loves that I'll continue to purchase, but I'd be more than willing to use up more samples of this if I come across any. 




The Biobelle and Ulta masks are both great, a true love and a strong like that I will miss dearly. Love the shower tablets as well.

Skyn Iceland Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask: I think this is my first ever rubber mask, and it was interesting. I'm assuming it's a similar method to others in the field: mix the powder and the gel, then apply and let dry. I was vaguely worried it might be somewhat similar to a "peel-off" (I haven't dermaplaned in a while), but thankfully it doesn't dry down tight enough to grab hairs or anything like that lol. I got most of it off in one piece, though a couple of thinner spots near the edges broke off and had to be pulled up separately. It left my face somewhere between tacky and oily though...being oily already, this is perhaps way too much for my skin, especially in humid summer weather. For drier types though, I bet this is fantastic, and would even work great as a primer step before makeup. I've got another...can't decide yet if I should try it again this winter, or just get rid of it, but I guess I've got some time to sleep on a decision 😛   


Re: Empties

Good to know about the Valjean Labs serum @RGbrown. It's been a while since I've been in TJ Maxx / Marshall's but I would often see a shelf full of serums from the brand; it always made me think of Jean Valjean from Les Mis and then I'd have songs from the musical playing in my head while in the store and afterwards. 😁 Not a bad thing but it's hard to get the songs out of my head once they start. lol. 

Re: Empties


I've been happy with the Valjean stuff I've tried, especially considering the bottles are nearly 2oz. I use their Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid for an extra boost with my vitamin C too. I'm happy this seems to be something TJM nearly always has in stock...sometimes it might take me a couple of trips to restock a specific item, but I always wind up finding it eventually (and hey, what's a trip to TJM without another nail polish I didn't need, so it's a win either way 🤣 )


I saw Les Mis once as a kid, but don't remember much of the music at all 😬 Perhaps that's a good thing? lol

Re: Empties

@RGbrown, that’s a good combo - vit E and ferulic with your vit C. Much more friendly on the wallet than Skinceuticals.


Hahaha! I saw Les Mis on a trip to NY so it stays in my memory. I love the music but I really don’t need to have it in my head for that long after a TJ Maxx Valjean Labs sighting. 😆 And more to the point, those around me tire of it quickly. Ha! Yes!! Every TJM I’ve been to in and outside of the state seems to always have an ample supply of that brand. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a TJM private label; there’s always so much of it! 

Re: Empties

YTD 199 

At the halfway point of the year, I'm kinda surprised I have this many empties since I've slowed down with my "try all the things" approach and am mostly just sticking to known, tried and true loves. But it's most likely fueled by my push to finish off my sheet masks and finally catch up on all these expired ones 😋


Notes in the spoiler!




Huntington Home Vanilla Candle: an excellent value at only $3.99 from Aldi. Strong scent, nice throw, a warm and comforting vanilla that isn't overly sweet or baked-goods-esque. Will absolutely buy again.

Clarins Lip Oil (Blackberry): while it's true that I find Ulta's lip oil to be a very close approximation of this one in both feel and longevity, nothing beats that fancy feeling of the massive applicator in this one, and I love the purple tint to this one (never mind the fact that I wear it to bed, so literally no one ever sees it lol). I have another Clarins or two in my stash, and will happily use them up alongside my Ulta ones, and will even eagerly repurchase with a good deal.

Hempz Butter Me Up! Salted Toffee Herbal Hand & Foot Creme: this is my second tube, and while I would have given it maybe 3 stars after the first one, I'd bump that up to maybe 3.5 or even 4 now. Perhaps my winter feet are just that much drier, but this tube did a pretty nice job of keeping my feet relatively soft for the last couple of months. Have more and will use them up, though in the end, this isn't one I'd repurchase as I have others I like better. 

Scent Organix I Am Bright (Pineapple & Salted Coconut): I've been through a 4pk sampler from the brand now, and they are all simple scents that are just lovely. Nothing complex or fancy, but easy to wear and easy to like. This one wasn't overly sweet, just a light, fruity, summery scent.  

Ulta Sunscreen Lip Balm (Watermelon): I haven't tried tons of sunscreen balms, but I have to say this line is the best of all I've used. It's not gritty or clumpy or slimy, no sunscreen aftertaste, just a nice basic balm. Too bad it's been discontinued 🙄

Dionis Goat Milk Lip Balm (Peppermint): a bit of a sleeper, IMHO. I can't stand goat milk anything, so I've ignored the brand for years, but wound up picking this up on a whim, and I have to say, it's a good balm, and a fantastic value. At 8g, it's double the size of most standard stick balms, and for $5, it's practically a steal. I don't find it any better or worse than my usual staples of Burt's Bees and Lip Smackers...just a decent basic balm at a nice price. Would buy again.

Bumble Pret-a-Powder Dry Shampoo (x2): Summer humidity has struck, and the combo of bangs + oily skin is proving to be a formidable enemy. I've loved this for years, but it's not quite enough for me anymore, and I'm using twice as much per night now. This was never on my buy list anyways, due to price (unless I found a stellar sale), but once I finish off the last of my minis (yes, I still have more lol), I'll probably bid this one adieu for good...or at least until cooler weather and lower humidity prevail.

Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo: cleansed my hair well without being too drying, though I prefer another shampoo for even more moisture. Would use again, but not looking to buy.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (original): this one has made me rethink all of my dry shampoos lately. It's been so long since I've used one that sprays soooo much white stuff out immediately (like this one) that I forgot I actually kinda like that? So many of the ones I've used recently have been very low on the white stuff scale, which seems like a good thing...but I feel like I have to use way more of those to take care of my oily mop, which leads to a good bit of buildup on my scalp (which can be a flaky mess by day 3 or 4), and I speed through them fairly quickly. In any case, Batiste is a scary white mess right off the bat, but it all shakes out easily, and I don't seem to get nearly as much build up. I've got a bazillion other dry shampoos to get through, but Batiste is definitely on my rebuy list at some point...would love to give it another shot soon.  

Bravo Sierra Dry Shampoo: This was the one I finished off immediately prior to trying the Batiste. It's got a fantastic scent (cedar and something, unisex but masculine leaning), and there's not much white stuff at all, but I felt like I used it way too quickly for a 5oz can. I've got oily hair, and an oily face, and bangs that hang on that oily forehead, so any dry shampoo I use has got its work cut out for it, especially here in the humid south, and this one just wasn't quite up for the challenge. If another one showed up at my doorstep, I'd use it...maybe it would be better for me in the winter, but I'm not looking to rebuy.

Exuviance Hydrasoothe Refresh Toner: one of my favorite acid toners. It's got PHA instead of AHA, so it's a touch gentler than many acid toners, and it is alcohol-free. I have another and will absolutely rebuy in the future.

Wella Fusionplex Shampoo: my current favorite shampoo, and perhaps my favorite of all-time. While I try a sample of others from time to time, nothing even comes close to this one for me. It cleans my hair well, and also manages to make it feel conditioned; my hair is immediately soft. I only need touch of conditioner on the ends after using this shampoo, and my hair comes out soft and fluffy with the least amount of frizz I've ever had. I've got another bottle this size *and* a liter (conditioner too!) in the closet. I love it that much!



Sheet masks, all good! This batch heralds the end of my stash of the bioBelle hydrogels, which was a sort of bittersweet finale...they were incredibly obnoxious in their slipperiness, but the serum was really nice. I've only got 9 more 2020 masks to go now, and then I'll finally be caught up to 2021! 👀



Re: Empties

@RGbrown, I had no idea Clarins made a blackberry lip oil Not sure why I didn't, but I'm going to have to pick that one up at some point. I've tried the raspberry one and the honey version. Both good.

Re: Empties


Perhaps it's at some other retailers as well, but it's not at Ulta (which is pretty much the only place I shop lol), so I grabbed it from their direct site. One of my sisters pointed it out to me there, otherwise I'm not sure I'd know it existed either 😅

Re: Empties

YTD 181





Huntington Home Pomander & Cypress candle: ALDI love! They had assorted 3pks of these tins during the holidays for $5. I picked up a few, then promptly forgot all about them lol. This one was right up my alley...citrus, woods, spice, nom nom nom, a fantastic holiday scent that I love year round 💕 The wick on this one was a bit off-center, and it left a little wax on the bottom due to that, but not much was left behind, and frankly, for the price, I'm unbothered by I can open the tin for a little sniff whenever I want (until my inner neat freak wins the battle against my inner hoarder and I finally toss it out 🤣)


Ulta Cozy Berry candle: some of Ulta's scents don't agree with me, but in general, most of their candles burn well and have a pretty decent throw. Worth $20? Nope, but get 'em on sale and they're a decent buy! This was a nice warm berry that I'd pick up again with a deal. 


Homeworx Jasmine & White Peach candle: really lovely soft peach scent when cold, but the throw was just average. Burned well, no tunneling, but I would have loved a bit more oomph when burning.


St Tropez exfoliating mitt: I love using this in conjunction a body scrub once or twice a week. This one has lasted me about a year or so now, I think, and has finally worn out. (I throw it in the washer with my towels once a month or so, then hang it back up to dry.) I have another on hand, and will keep buying as long as they keep making 'em!


Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum: just a basic staple for me, inasmuch as my skin loves pretty much any niacinamide I throw at it. Have more samples, and will absolutely keep using.


Lip Smacker Orange Crush balm: I hate hate hate orange soda, but this balm was a nice treat!


Ulta Shower Flower tablets (2 Citrus Splash, 1 Sweet Slumber): love these things!




Sheet masks, all good!


Re: Empties

MTD = 51 Since working through all my pre-2019 foils and deluxe samples, most of the products I use are primarily full size items. Yes!!! That also means I generally have fewer monthly empties in total (not including sheet masks). Here are May's empties:

Loves - all excellent formulae and resultsLoves - all excellent formulae and results


These are all loves. I would happily repurchase any and all of these, if I don't already have a backup in the house. Unfortunately for me, even if I wanted to repurchase it, the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silky Body Butter has been discontinued, which is so unfortunate. The pretty blurple hued, herbal-and-floral-scented, rich cream was so good for calming and moisturizing my dry skin. 
I have no idea how or why, but my skin really responds so well to the Laneige Radian-C Cream - my PIH dark spots and areas of discoloration continue to fade in color and my skin looks brighter.  I've picked up a couple of backups during the various May sales so my skin should be happy for a while. 
Blithe Patting Water Pack Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey is perfect for mornings when I'm running late - still happens even though my commute is now measured in steps and not miles. Ugh. The splash mask contains a heavily concentrated amount of acids so I don't use it often or too much. A capful diluted with a ton of water from the showerhead, and splashed onto my face for 30 seconds leaves me with soft, smooth, brightened skin.
Peace Out Acne Dots and Kao Megrthythm Gentle Steam Eye Masks are staples; the former is renowned for sucking out all the gunk and flattening zits in record time. It's been a must. The steam eye masks are a true gem: great for tired eyes, allergies, sinuses, migraines, insomnia or just to help unwind after a long day. There are other versions and brands out there but this is the one I keep coming back to over again. 
It was a good month for sheet masks, with most of the ones I used falling into the good or better range. These were the standouts from May. The gel-like serum in the Lapcos Nourishing Honey Mask and the milky-cream serum in  Innisfree Jeju Root Energy Mask were perfectly rich for my skin, infusing it with much needed hydration and moisture, leaving it bright and dewy. Etude House 0.2mm Air Therapy Masks are some of the most thin sheet masks I've ever used. I find the Tea Tree and Green Tea versions to be soothing, hydrating and refreshing. While I haven't tried all of the masks from this line, these two along with others are ones I could see myself using on a daily or near daily basis. Tea tree is a great ingredient for soothing the skin, but the scent can be too much for me at times, which in the past is what has kept me from picking up tea tree mask. One that I will not hesitate to pick up is the % Dr. Ceuracle Tea Tree Purifine Soothing Mask; in fact, this is currently my go-to tea tree mask. The best all around masks this month are Lovemore Herba Saussurea Involucrata Revival Mask Sheet and Leaders 17V PiBuWang Vegan Mask REST - each were hydrating, soothing, calming, brightening and nourishing. Each sounds like a jack of all trades. What differentiates them for me is that I find the Lovemore mask more moisturizing while the Leaders mask is more hydrating. Both have less than 20 ingredients.

These were all great; a few I would repurchase.These were all great; a few I would repurchase.


It's a really fine line between these masks and the ones in the excellent group. I would use these again and would buy a few of them at their regular price. The standouts in this group are the Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask, the Verso Deep Hydration Mask, and the Rilakkuma Under Eye Recovery Mask (works to brighten skin and has the cutest illustration).  Also worth noting are the Leaders Labotica Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissue. My skin doesn't really do well with cleansing tissues as a substitute for either a first or second cleanse. I used these tissues as sort of a pre-cleanse step to remove eye makeup, including waterproof mascara. They came in handy on nights when my eyes were tired and sensitive from staring far too long at a computer screen. The sheets are rather large for just eye makeup removal so I tear apart or cut them into smaller pieces, which is why it has taken me months to finish this pack.

Top 2 rows are "good" or "fine". Last 2 rows are "meh".Top 2 rows are "good" or "fine". Last 2 rows are "meh".


First two rows of products are what I would consider "good" or "fine"; that is, I'd happily use them, but they're not on my "must have" list and I wouldn't feel compelled to seek them out, short of a sale. NEST Fragrances Bamboo & Jasmine Lip Balm SPF15 grew on me and I was happy about that because the scent is very relaxing. Bawdy Beauty Butt Masks are fun to use though they are rather cold on the tushie; these also make great gifts and are sure to get a reaction! lol. 
The products on the bottom two rows are "meh" - they're not irritating and they don't make me breakout, but they're also not standouts compared to similar products. The Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Peeling Foot Mask was the biggest disappointment of the group - the big peel I was looking for just turned out to be some flaking of dead skin at my heels.There are definitely more effective foot peels out there. 


Re: Empties


YTD 169


Notes in the spoiler!




BBW Aromatherapy Body Lotion (Energy, Orange + Ginger): lovely scent, lovely lotion. I vaguely dislike the glass bottles though, as they're hard to clean out.

Urban Skin Rx Retinol Rapid Repair & Dark Spot Treatment: while this has an ingredient or two I wish it didn't (peppermint extract...why??), this is an otherwise lovely formulation packed with enough good to outweigh the bad, IMHO: niacinamide, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, azelaic acid, jojoba, squalane, vitamin e, and of course, retinol. I picked up several sets with minis after xmas and will happily use up every last bit.

OGX Argan Oil Dry Shampoo: I liked this enough that I went to make sure I had it on my Ulta loves list...only to find out Ulta doesn't carry it anymore 😕 Light scent, not stiff or gritty, and did a pretty decent job at tackling oil. 

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser: one of my all time favorite cleansers. This is great at getting my oily face clean without stripping it. The scent takes a bit of getting used to, but it's not terrible, just a weird sort of herbal-ish scent that I've grown to not-hate lol.

Clarins Lotus Oil: This is a great oil for my oily skin; it really gives my moisturizer a boost without being too heavy or greasy, and I swear it even helps keep hormonal breakouts at bay. Pricy, but worth every penny. I have a full size ready to go!

Burt's Bees Ginger Lime Lip Balm: a mild scent somewhere between earthy and spicy that I liked quite a bit.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner: perfectly lovely alcohol-free toner that I use in the mornings, or on days I'm skipping the acid toner. I likely won't buy it, but appreciate any and all samples I get, and have a couple more lined up for use.

Essie Smooth-e Base Coat: I'm a diehard Butter Nail Foundation fan for a ridge-filling base coat, but this was a nice alternative, a runner-up that's a little easier to find (and much cheaper as well). I got this one in a GWP, but I'd consider buying if I ever needed something quick and easy to grab.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Lotion: I have to say I really like this! Lightweight but plenty moisturizing, no scent. CeraVe trumps it based on price, but I'll happily use any samples, and would even consider buying with a good deal.

Scent Organix I Am Radiant (Lily of the Valley & Jasmine): Not bad for a floral (from someone who generally dislikes florals lol). A light and fresh scent, it made a lovely pillow mist. 

Paula's Choice Resist Daily Pore Refining Treatment 2% BHA: my daily BHA, I can't ever imagine a time I'll be without this. Watery texture that soaks in immediately and does a great job of keeping pores clear. I use the 4% and even 9% occasionally as well, but as long as I'm good with this most every day, I don't need the stronger ones very often.

Wella FusionPlex Conditioner: this has become my favorite conditioner; it tames frizz without weighing my hair down, and just always makes it look great with minimal fuss. 



Sheet masks, all perfectly lovely and will be sorely missed



Re: Empties

@RGbrown, you're selling me on that Essie base coat and Clarins oil. Not that I need to pick up anything, but I am adding them to the list.

Re: Empties


The Clarins oil is soooooo good. Having oily and acne-prone skin, I'm not opposed to oils at all, but I have to be careful about what I use...many are too heavy for me. This one has been in my routine for 3ish years now, maybe longer, and I have no intention of ever running out! I'll alternate it with samples or whatever other oils I have on hand just to stretch the bottle out longer, but it's definitely a true love. An underrated product from a brand that's frequently overlooked, IMHO.


The Essie was good! I've got a bottle and a half of Butter in my stash now, so I'm set for a while, but I could see myself picking it up again at some point. One coat was generally good enough to cover most of my ridges, and adding two layers of polish on top generally took care of the rest. Not 100% always, but a much better success ratio than some of the others I have tried.

Re: Empties

@RGbrown, agree with you - Clarins is underrated and overlooked. My skin leans  oily when the weather warms up, which here could start late next month. I’ve also been noticing that the T-zone is looking a little shinier of late, so that Lotus oil could come in handy soon. Will take look at what Clarins goodies I have in my foils and DS bins. 

Re: Empties

Last half of my April empties:

First 5 items are LOVES and have been or will be repurchased. All other items are LIKES, some which will be repurchased, if I don't already have a backup.First 5 items are LOVES and have been or will be repurchased. All other items are LIKES, some which will be repurchased, if I don't already have a backup.


Except for the nail art pens which leaked all over my fingers and are NO's, everything else is fine. For the most part, there are just other similar products I like more.Except for the nail art pens which leaked all over my fingers and are NO's, everything else is fine. For the most part, there are just other similar products I like more.

This batch includes 25 empties and 2 declutters. Total April empties = 69.

Re: Empties

Latest batch o' trash! 🗑


YTD 152


Notes in the spoiler!




EVA NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo: light scent that borders somewhere between perfumey and fresh that I found quite lovely. Works decently well, a bit of buildup but not too much, and the white stuff shakes out pretty easily. It's not crunchy or gritty or sticky. While it's not necessarily on the top of my list, it is one I would buy again with a deal if needed, as I go through a good bit of dry shampoo and won't spend $20+ per can on my faves every single time.

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: I found this ok, but I really prefer the PTR Pumpkin mask when I want to exfoliate. This is just a chemical exfoliator, whereas PTR also has scrubby grains in it...I don't use an exfoliating mask often, and I really enjoy a scrub from time to time. REN is a nice mask if you don't want physical exfoliation, it's just not my preference.

Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask: true love! It's a bit on the ridiculously expensive end of the scale, but I like to buy minis from time to time (and then hoard them lol...I've got quite a few more of these to use up before they dry out!). This is the perfect mud mask for's not drying, but it does a fantastic job at soaking up excess oil and smoothing out a bit of texture while it's at it. It's magic 💕

Ulta SPF 30 Lip Balm (Punchy Pomegranate): perfectly lovely SPF that isn't gritty or grainy like some I've tried, and just feels like a regular balm. Pomegranate is my favorite scent, so of course it has been discontinued and is sold out, but of course I have some backups in my drawer. Hoarding life FTW! 😂

System Professional Hydrate Shampoo: this gives me a really nice deep clean without making my hair too dry or frizzy. Lovely product that I would absolutely use again if I came across more.

DHC Face Wash Powder: I tried a sample of the Clinique cleansing powder at one point a year or two back, and became enchanted with the concept. The Clinique is kinda crazy in price to me though, so I grabbed this one to try, and hoo boy, I am hooked! My skin was not only clean, but soft, not overly stripped, and the powder format is fantastic in a lot of ways...great for traveling, and it's lighter/cheaper to transport in bulk vs a liquid cleanser. I can't remember exactly when I opened it, but I think I got about a year out of it, with roughly every-other-day usage? It doesn't take much at all, so it lasts foreeeeever. I want to try a few other brands of powders before settling on a favorite, but as it is right now, I would absolutely buy this again in a heartbeat!

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Cream: I tried my first sample of this back in 2017 or so, I think, and have pined after it for years, unwilling to pay full price. I finally lucked up and found it at TJM sometime pre-pandemic, late 2019 IIRC, and I have really liked having it. It was too heavy for my oily skin in the summer, unfortunately, but it made a really nice fall/winter eye cream when my skin is closer to normal. Thick and rich, lots of moisture, and helped keep some of my finer lines at bay. Over last summer/fall, I discovered the Kate Somerville Retinol Eye Cream, and feel it did a better job at erasing a few more lines, so I won't be looking out for a deal on this Algenist again, but this is a lovely option for those who don't need or want retinol in their eye cream. 

Bare Republic Mineral Whipped Mousse SPF30: Interesting texture, a thick, whipped mousse, that spread pretty easily but with a bit of white cast that took some work to rub in. The nozzle was extremely hard to press though; it took a lot of pressure, and if you've gotten sunscreen on your hand, you can almost forget about getting anything else out. Not looking to rebuy.

BBW True Blue Spa Super Rich Foot Cream: true love! I discovered this had been discontinued last year and went on a panic-induced foot cream buying frenzy before finishing this one off. Turns out that was unnecessary, as BBW has come out with foot creams in their Aromatherapy line now, and the formula is nearly identical (praise be!!). I'm still waiting on a scent that makes me 100% happy, but I'm hopeful they'll add more in the future, and in the mean time, I've got one more tube of this TBS version to finish off, plus some other foot creams from my spending spree lol.

Ulta cotton balls: just a basic staple. This bag was extra nice, as all of the balls were much denser than normal; I could split them in half and still have a pretty much full size cotton ball, and it lasted me twice as long that way. Seems to be a one off deal though, as the other bag I bought at the same time isn't like this. 




I've talked about the Yuni and bioBelle recently, so I'll skip those.

The TonyMoly mask was fine; not outstanding, but provided decent moisture, which is about all I look for in a sheet mask. The scent is light, though a touch sharp, almost like it has some alcohol in it (but there is no alcohol in the ingredients list IIRC).

The Patchology foot peel gives nice results, and 19 days start to finish is about average for me...I could speed it along by being more diligent about soaking my feet and scrubbing the loose stuff off, but I never remember to do that. My only complaint is the size of the booties; my feet aren't that wide overall per se, but I do have bunions that make my feet pretty wide at the base of my toes, and these booties were too narrow for me...I split both of them before I finished soaking, and wound up having to put ziploc bags over my feet to contain the serum. 



Re: Empties

@RGbrown, I don't think I've tried the DHC Face Wash Powder. My skin does respond well to those types of cleansers and I tend to reach for them more in the warmer months. Will add it to my list of things to try. B&BW True Blue Spa line had some fantastic products! I have a stash of body care products to get through but it's very good to know the products in their Aromatherapy line are a near dupe for the TBS body care items. 

Re: Empties


I can't speak for the rest of the Aromatherapy lineup, but I was thrilled when I compared the new AT foot cream to the old TBS foot cream and saw the ingredient lists were nearly identical ❤️ A few things moved around in order, but overall, they are extremely close in formulation!


I am now totally hooked on powder cleansers! I've got a couple of samples of Dermalogica Microfoliant lined up to try next, and then I'm going to buy either My Clarins or Good Molecules for the next one. I think I'll keep some sort of powder in rotation from here on out 💕

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Powder cleansers are fabulous @RGbrown💖 Huge yes to having them on rotation; your skin will thank you! I reach for them fairly often as part of my morning cleansing routine in the spring and summer months.  Dermalogica Microdailyfoliant was my intro into powder cleansers. Lots of good ones out there to choose from. They last forever too! 

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Love this thread! How fun! Can't wait to start posting my empties!! Good idea! ❤😁

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Ahhhh, today's chatter here reminded me that I took some pics several days ago that I haven't posted yet!


YTD 137


Notes in the spoilers!




Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask: I am having a very hard time remembering how I liked this. Must not have been terribly impressive?

Duke Cannon Cold Shower: Yard work weather is upon us, and these are fantastic for cooling off after a sweaty day of cutting the grass or other outdoor activities. I have a stash, and Ulta sells singles for 75 cents...fantastic filler when you need something small to round out free shipping or gwp thresholds!

Scent Organix Rise and Shine (Tangerine & Hibiscus): I got a 4pk sampler of this brand in a gwp, and have been pleased with all of them so far. They are simple scents, not especially complex or fancy, but they smell nice, true to the listed two notes. This was a lovely citrus with just a touch of floral, and it made a fabulous pillow spray for me.

Sephora Bamboo Exfoliating Wipes (gratis): these are the old exfoliating wipes, the scratchy as all get out ones that could maybe even remove skin if you weren't gentle enough, yikes! I kept these out in my mini fridge in the basement, handy for cleaning up after yard work and such; the scratchy side was perhaps too harsh for my face, but I loved the feeling on my arms and legs. Kinda sad they aren't available anymore, but on the other hand, I have a bazillion other wipes, and likely wouldn't have repurchased because of that anyways.

Hempz Butter Me Up! Salted Toffee Hand & Foot Creme: BBW has discontinued my favorite foot cream, and I went on a buying spree of others to try and replace it. This was OK, but nowhere near as rich and thick as the BBW; I find it closer to a lotion than what I'd call a true cream, and it seems to disappear fairly quickly. Might be ok if you're putting sandals on immediately, but I prefer something that really hangs around for a while, as I lotion up my feet right before bed. The scent is passable...some days I like it fine, but some days I find it either too sweet or even a touch burnt, but all in all, it wasn't horrible. I bought 2 or 3 at once without trying it first, so I have more to use up, but even if it were still available, this wouldn't be a repurchase for me personally. 

Sexy Hair Curling Creme: I was pleasantly surprised by this! My other favorite hair cream is Bumble Don't Blow It, and this gave me a touch more hold and definition, while also feeling like nothing, no crunch or stiffness. I've got a bazillion other samples of stuff, and a full size tube of Bumble to go through, but I can absolutely see myself buying this in the future.

Whatever Wherever Leave In Conditioner: As packaged, I found this too thick for a spray bottle; it came out in clumps and spurts, but as I made some space, adding a little water helped tremendously. Overall it was a nice product, though I had to be careful of going too heavy near my roots/bangs, as it could weigh them down and make them look greasy. I'm happy to have tried it, but am not looking to purchase any time soon.

Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum: I swear, my samples of this multiply lol. My skin seems to like niacinamide, and I'm happy to use all of these I can get my hands on, so I'll keep using them as I get them. Would buy with a smoking hot deal, but I've got multiple niacinamide serums and essences in my stash, so that likely won't need to happen any time soon.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: nothing fancy, just a solid choice for a basic moisturizer, and my face loves it. Have more, and will buy as needed.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate: somewhere between a serum and a moisturizer, this isn't quite strong enough on its own, even for my oily skin, but I can mix in a couple of drops of oil to make it the perfect lightweight daytime moisturizer for me. Would use again.

Lano Minty Foot & Leg Balm: I went back and forth on my feelings for this nearly every time I used it. It is, of course, rich with lanolin, and I found it to be a weird texture, a kind of balmy ointment that I could rub in easily for a few brief seconds before it became this stiff coating on my feet that was uncomfortable to rub further, almost like trying to massage damp skin without any sort of slip agent. I enjoy a nightly mini foot massage, but that wasn't really possible with this, sadly. The mint wasn't very prominent either, which made me sad. did a fantastic job of helping keep my feet soft, so it miiight show up in my stash again at some point in the future, even if the texture isn't my favorite.  




Phyto Phytophanere Hair & Nails Supplement: I've been taking these for well over a year now, and haven't really noticed a difference in my hair. My nails are better, but I honestly attribute that to regular cuticle oil usage, not these. This was my last bottle from some previous really nice deals, and I'm not looking to rebuy.

NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil: meh. This one is made with a mineral oil base, and I found it to be very oily/heavy. I've got no issue with mineral oil in general, but it's more of a barrier oil and doesn't really soak in well. NCLA now advertises they are mineral oil-free, and I suspect I got this in a sub box as a way of them dumping old stock to make room for their new formulation (I got it in either Boxy or Allure last year or so). If I ever get a bottle of their new formula, I'd give it a whirl, but I'm also perfectly happy with my homemade jojoba/vitamin E mix, so I'm not looking to buy cuticle oil anytime soon.

Becca Skin Love Glow Elixir: I really liked this in my morning routine on days I wore makeup, but that took a nosedive with COVID, and it has changed color and scent, so it's time to toss it. With the impending demise of the brand, I'm sad to see this go, but I'm not looking to stock up on something that I may not finish before it goes bad.

Yuni Shower Sheet: eh, the more I use these, the less thrilled I am with them. It's a citrus-herbal scent, and while I like it, it doesn't always agree with my chemistry. I'll use up what I have, but won't be looking to buy.

Kiehl's Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream: just ok. It's got a floral scent, that while light, I didn't really appreciate. Perfectly fine for my oily skin, not too heavy, but not impressive enough to buy.

Fizz & Bubble Lip Scrub (Watermelon): I used to like these fine, but then Sara Happ spoiled me lol. I find these to be a tub of just packed sugar, barely held together with just a hint of slip ingredients. It's like barely damp sand...I have a hard time getting it to stay on my lips while I'm scrubbing unless I go overboard with balm first to help it stick. I much prefer SH now, which has a good base of oil/slippery ingredients to help the scrub glide while also holding it in place, and SH leaves my lips much softer.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream: I found a second one in my stash while assessing what all I had left in the way of eye creams. I love this stuff, but can't really use it, sadly, as it makes my eyes water.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: also made my eyes water. I have not figured out exactly what the root of the problem is, but my eyes just seem to be finicky little beasts.

Tarte Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost: it's so hard to tell from a tiny packet with only a couple of days of usage, but I thiiiink this broke out my jawline a bit. Even if it wasn't the culprit, it was fine but nothing special, and I'm just as happy with CeraVe at a fraction of the price. 



Sheet masks. I adore the top three, and would buy more if I could. The Freeman one was nicely hydrating, but had a bit of a floral scent that turned me off. The bioBelle gel masks are slippery suckers, and am starting to get low-key annoyed that I bought a 12pk without ever having tried one first, but it's still a nice mask, even if I have to keep sliding it back up into place lol. 

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