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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

Wow you made it through the YTTP cleanser, @CookieGirl1! You also must be like me, burning candles 24/7☺️

Re: Empties - V2

@eshoe it took me awhile to make it through the cleanser (any cleanser, really) because I do like to rotate through my cleansers all the time so I have, like, three in my shower. Therefore, don't ask me why I have a couple of backups of this one but I really like it, LOL. And as far as the candles? Yep. 24/7 😜

Re: Empties - V2

I'm impressed you made it through a bite mask!! @CookieGirl1 those candles!!! 

Re: Empties - V2

Empties and a few expired products.63D2BB05-0143-4BE6-9B1C-7ACC70DCADFC.jpeg

 Grandelash mascara, TIL bakuchiol, and CT wonderglow were Nopes. B&B Sunday shampoo and DE c tango are likes but won’t repurchase.00DFB0A4-5044-4D2E-96A0-ACAB08D4C50B.jpeg

 All of these are loves and would definitely repurchase.02442C7D-DEBB-4B12-8B8B-D96499D57642.jpeg

 These expired before I could finish so I probably won’t repurchase.

Re: Empties - V2

If you try the new Herbivore I hope to hear about it, @faeriegirl . It’s one I would make an exception for on a no buy, and most definitely as a needed restock if it performs as well as the original!

Re: Empties - V2

This is a great collection of empties, @faeriegirl!

Re: Empties - V2

Love your empties! Sorry some of the products were no gos for you @faeriegirl 

Re: Empties - V2

This year has taught me to simplify my routine greatly so I have been focused on using up all my full-size products, which takes time! 


Regular restocks/HG: Briogeo, Belif cleanser, Tatcha sunscreen

Skinfix (better handcreams out there)
The Ordinary (I think my skin responds better to the Inkey List and TO products tend to break me out. I had really great results with this product but I don’t think I will repurchase in favor of The Inkey List product instead)
Green Tea Mask (These were gifted me as a 10 pack and they’re nice but I wouldn’t repurchase on my own, I prefer Sephora’s Green Tea mask)

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum I'm so very proud of you!!

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster Thank you!!!!!

Re: Empties - V2

I haven't been on here... since the start of the pandemic back in March. I've been taking pictures of my empties over the year, but I haven't had the energy to post. My lack of energy continues because I don't have the energy to write reviews. Here are my empties since March. Feel free to ask questions, it might take me a couple of days to reply.

I cannot find my pictures from April to June. That portion of the year was mostly a blur. 🙂 


July (first pic) August (2nd, 3rd, 4th) September (last pic)




Re: Empties - V2

@dziggi good job!!

Re: Empties - V2

October was a slower unmotivated trash month 😔 25 empties YTD 649








 empties not great enough to repurchase ⬆️


⬆️ didn't work for me


 destash 🗑

Re: Empties - V2

That's not ONLY 25 empties, @lmaster --it's still a lot!  Great job 🙂

Re: Empties - V2

Thank you @CookieGirl1 I really had been slacking with sheet masks last month,,I did use wash offs quite a bit though 

Re: Empties - V2

That is still a ton of empties, be proud @lmaster!

Re: Empties - V2

@ShortErica awwww!!! Thank you!!

Re: Empties - V2

2020- 160/100

Royal Jelly Face Mask
Sephora S Clean Lip Oil
Bioderma Sebium H20.

Lush Honey Shower Gel
Tarte Clay Mask
Dr. Jart Ceramidin Intense Moisture Mask


Perricone MD Re:Firm Treatment
Sephora Grapefruit Wipes
Tarte Gel Mask
Ole Henriksen 3 in 1 Cleasning Gelee
Oozoo Aurora Bear


Origins Dragon Fruit Mask

Oct No.jpgOct Ok.jpgOct Yes.jpg

Re: Empties - V2

@Samtian super impressed you finished one of the SC lip oils.  Lip products always seem to take me forever. 

Re: Empties - V2

@missjeanie Thank you! It seems like it took me forever, but I used it daily at work, like every two hours over a 12 hour shift. 

Re: Empties - V2

@Samtian  i love Lush i'd be curious to know some of your favorite products from there i'm always looking for good recommendations so i can try new products there. 

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