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Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Holiday Greetings to the lovely people of BIC whichever holiday you celebrate! 


As many of you are aware, @TeamBIC has this naughty little habit of turning into a bunch of festive elves and spoiling a random number of active BIC community contributors with a surprise holiday treat come this time of year!  Yeah the imagery is there of TeamBIC in pointy green hats making the magic happen while sipping on hot cocoa.


I’m sure all of you are eager to see what they’ve been up to this season!  I know I am!  They never fail to impress me with their creative box designs (my inner cat loves the boxes as much as the contents) Of course the contents are always wonderful too;);)


This thread is for expressing your community excitement, making wild or educated sleuthed-out guesses as to what could be inside  and for sharing with the community, photos of any gifts you receive, and also for congratulating other community members on their awesome luck and for making BIC the beauty haven it is!   

And once people have had a chance to try out their…ahhhh thé suspense is too much!!!😝, this is a great place to both write and read the best quality product reviews!  It doesn’t get more honest than from the mouths of BIC members you talk to everyday and who know exactly what kind of information you like!  It’s also a great place to ask questions on any products members have received and know you’ll get a speedy response!


I look forward to seeing all the photos

posted as members receive and open boxes, sharing in the joy and witnessing how everyone’s surprises work for them!


Speaking of gratis that works for me, I have been wearing the Kilian Apple Brandy fragrance from last year all week!!!  A continuous thank you to @TeamBIC for every single time I smell like spicy mince meat tarts🥰🥰🥰🥧

Also, I heard someone say today they finished their holiday shopping.  Show of hands, who’s finished or, ahem… started their holiday shopping?  😆✋🏻 I started and am nowhere near finished status; as collected and organized as that would be.  



Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

So I blow dried my hair today and it took me back to the 80s 🤣 Don’t worry I fixed it. Also, side note I never blow dry my hair unless I am getting a haircut and my Uncle does it for me or I want to speed up the beach waves hair look (when I twist my hair in sections and spray Surf spray on). Most of the time I let my hair air dry. 98% of the time. 



Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

You have amazing hair @SportyGirly125 . You can style it anyway and it will always look beautiful 

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Your rocking alot of gorgeous volume and bounce in this @SportyGirly125🤩

But better to change it to something you like and are happy with 💖

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

@CynthieLu @Thank you. I fixed it. 



Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Gorgeous @SportyGirly125 😍

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Bam! @SportyGirly125 sincerely it really was lovely before but this is so much more you ❤️ extra awesome!

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

@CynthieLu @Thank you ☺️

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Your hair looks lovely, @SportyGirly125 ! 💖💖💖

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

@Titian06 Awww thanks.  It was so poofy and frizzy I had to fix it.

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

I would like to take the time to say thank you to @TeamBIC for this wonderful Gratis.  Winter

is hard season for hair so it’s the perfect season for this great gift. I can’t wait to try these products out and see how my hair looks after using them. I also excited to see the pictures of everyone hair Once everyone has tried the products and to see the results. Thank you once again to @TeamBIC and @drybar@JVN @K18 @Moroccanoil @Ouai 



Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Yay! Congratulations @melissapurple22! 🎉🎉

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

🎊  Congratulations @melissapurple22  😄 🥳 enjoy this gratis! 

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Congratulations, @melissapurple22 ! Enjoy! 💖💖💖

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!




Realistically, it takes me considerable time to work through hair products, thanks to being blessed with thin hair. My hair is also untreated, and has not been colored in many years, and receives minimal heat styling. Some of the products require a trial period, so please be patient as I want to be thorough.


OUAI Hydrating Scalp Serum for Healthy, Fuller Looking Hair 2 oz / 60 mL 


I have only used one scalp serum before, so I read through the directions and expected results, in addition to verified reviews carefully. The results reported on this were from a whopping 16-week study, so hang in there!


Scent: “Capetown,” which is a ‘calming and earthy fragrance of spearmint, ginger, basil and green fig.’ I could definitely note the spearmint, which was soft without leaning medicinal. Overall, it was fresh and herbaceous; I would love a body wash in this scent.


One of the reviewers stated she was “getting some gray hair” and “it looks  so much more healthy.” She also also noted that she did not notice any buildup even after three days without washing. I also have not noticed any buildup; however, I do have a few very unruly and frizzy grays that would benefit from appearing healthier.


I have tried it three times so far, and was pleased to find that whether applied when my hair was wet or dry, it did not weigh it down or make my roots appear greasy. I did experience a few closed pores, each one fairly large and resolving on their own after a couple of days. Not a huge deal, although a couple were noticeable near my hairline.


This one will take some time and I am in it for the long haul and will report back on any updates/changes.



Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil 


I am very familiar with this one, so much that I have been babying this mini I received nearly a year ago, for months. And then comes along its 10x bigger Mama 🙂


This scent is one of my absolute favorites for hair care; warm and spicy. The biggest challenge I find with using this is that it is a thicker oil, so it can quickly turn my thin hair greasy-looking. For that reason, I prefer to use it strictly as a treatment, rather than as a styling aid.


JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk 3 oz / 90 mL 


This is a brand I have have been interested in exploring, so I was elated to find this bottle in my gratis. I rarely try new hair products as it takes me sooooo long to get through them. I can’t tell you how fun it is to try something completely new, because you never know!


I first combed through a few reviews, to see if anything stood out, or others offered suggestions based on their hair type. Some of the things that stuck out to me:


Seems to help with frizz after heat styling

Hair dries faster

Made coarse hair super knotty

Rated 27/100 on the Yuka App


What I first noticed is the scent, which reminds me of being in a salon. My stylist years ago used Biolage, which I think is what I pick up - that scent - and it brings back some fun memories of that time in life. It is slippery, and after applying, leaves my hair with a slight ‘coated texture.’


I have tried it once so far, in conjunction with the Buttercup, and plan to try it again with the blow dry brush I normally use. One thing I did not notice was shine. After the Buttercup, my hair felt quite soft, but was noticeably frizzier than when I use my other styling products. Using a traditional blow dryer does typically make my hair appear frizzy though, so until I use it with the brush, I cannot say for sure what the source is.


K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Molecular Hair Repair Value Set – Full-Size Repair Mask & Free Travel Det... 


Peptide Prep Detox Shampoo


This detox shampoo has a very soft, subtle scent that is clean and not at all medicinal. I have used it once and plan to use it 1x week for my deep cleansing routine.  It felt gentle and did not leave my hair too ‘squeaky’ clean i.e. feeling like straw.


Leave-in Molecular Hair Mask


I am so, so excited to be trying this - I contemplated this set during the earlier sale but now am so thankful I did not pick it up!


Since my hair is untreated, uncolored, and very minimally styled, I am curious how this will perform. It seems to be geared toward those which extremely damaged and processed hair, so I will be paying close attention to those who might benefit more noticeably from this one.


The directions state to use it for the first 4-6 washes, and then every 3-4 washes as needed. I have used it once and my initial impression was that it did not weigh my hair down, and left it looking as usual, although perhaps a bit softer to the touch. At this rate, it should take 2-3 weeks of consistent use for any major changes to stand out. updates to come!


Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer 


I have never owned a bona fide heavy-hitting blow dryer like the Buttercup, so I was stunned to receive this beauty. The last blow dryer I purchased was over five years ago, and it was the most money I have spent on one, which is probably why it is still working. That being said, I do not use it very often as my hair ends up fairly frizzy and only a flat iron will calm it.


After two uses, I have noticed a few things that  stand out about the Buttercup. The biggest difference when compared to other styling tools I have used is surprising, and one I had not even considered when using other tools. After I finished drying with it, I noticed a total of three strands of hair on the counter top. When using my blow dry brush, a massive cleanup effort is required to remove numerous strands. It made me realize that perhaps, my brush is too harsh, and a contributing factor to my thinning hair.


The Buttercup is much quieter in comparison, something I also appreciate as there are usually others sleeping when I am styling my hair. It also felt cooler on the medium setting, which I think would be healthier for my hair than heat.


Oddly, I noticed more frizz with the diffuser than without, although it could be the JVN that I had applied rather than the diffuser tip. It appears that both tips are the same; I am guessing one is a backup.


Overall, in the long run, this might help my hair regain some fullness. In conjunction with the Ouai, I am hoping that in a few months, maybe by summertime, the breakage loss will be minimized and there will be more to style if I switch over to using the Buttercup solely. Project Sunshine Locks in effect!

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Thank you @eshoe for taking your time to share your detailed thoughts about the products in the gratis. So useful! I have to try them all because I just received them. I am so exited!

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

I really enjoyed reading your reviews, @eshoe !  I have the same type of hair as you:  fine, thin, untreated, minimal heat use.  The issues you found are pretty much the same as mine.  Although I forgot to mention how quiet the blow dryer is!  Great point!


The two nozzles are different widths at the slitted openings.  I had to hold them side by side to see the difference.

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

@eshoe  I enjoyed reading your notes and initial thoughts on these! The Moroccan Oil definitely smells wonderful!

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Thank you for sharing these super in depth reviews @eshoe !!! I definitely agree on the scent descriptor for the scalp serum!!! That’s the only thing I’ve tried so far ! 

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

Amazing reviews @eshoe thank you!

The two nozzles for the Buttercup are slightly different. I think the wider nozzle allows more air through for quicker drying and working on bigger sections, and the narrow nozzle is for more precise styling when you get out that brush and start making your hair do what you want it to 😋 

Re: Sephora Holiday Gratis 2022!!!

After sometime playing around with the new products I have some thoughts/opinions on them 🌻


K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Molecular Hair Repair Value Set – Full-Size Repair Mask & Free Travel Det... 


Shampoo: This shampoo lathers up very well, it defintley deep cleaned my hair and scalp while leaving it very soft and bouncey. It worked excellently with my K18. I'm very impressed and most likely as of now, will be repurchaseing.  No strong smell imo and i didn't lose any more hair colour to the wash than I usually do. I would only use this every other week so as not to strip my fine long hair.

**note I've been using k18 for 8 months prior to this, the shampoo you use -does- make a difference with this product**


K18 Mask: I already love k18. This mask brought my bleached, hilighted hair back to life.  I use this every few washes **not like at first when you use it every wash for a few weeks** for my long fine hair I use 6 pumps and let it process. I follow with a leave in conditioner most times, my hair is very dry and needs more moisture than the mask alone.

I have and will keep buying this mask ❤️ It's a winner for me..


JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk 3 oz / 90 mL 

I am so into this!

Wow okay. You guys.  I only use 1 pump of this and than blow dry my hair. My hair goes so soft and straight with this and The Butter Cup. It's unreal how well this works for my hair.  And it has style memory into the next day! I really want to see how this holds up to the humidity in the summer, but until wash day my hair has been looking soooo good. I just dry my hair with the wide nozzle. When it's just about dry I switch to the narrow nozzle and use it with my round brush, and my hair looks so good 🤩 This product is heat activated, so it's use with tools.

 I love it, I like it's pretty scent and it will last me forever with how little I need, I'm rebuying this as of now for sure!


Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil 


So I use 1 pump of this after I've finished heat styling my hair. 

It has a light scent,  almost almondy and it distributes very nicely when I run it through the ends of my hair. 

Its not to heavy, looks shiny and is in no way heavy or greasy after. Do I like it, yeah I do! Do I like it more than my current hair oil faves? (No.7 Olaplex and Verb Ghost Oil) I haven't decided.  I have to go back and forth between trying them to see how I feel 🤔 


Sorry about the novel! 📖 


I need more time with the Ouai Scalp Serum before writing anything about it 🌸




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