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Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you to @RAWRitsRED for suggesting that there should be a thread for this. I have changed the title so that we can post any virtual masterclasses on here so people can register. 





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Sharing for all of the BICers of the North again.  ❤️  @l8totheparty @missjeanie @ather @heartsmyface @SportyGirly125 

Also up on the Sephora page (RSVP soon)  -  Dr. Dennis Gross 2/10, Kate Somerville 2/11, The Seven Virtues 2/12, Nudestix 2/18 and The Inkey List 2/25+2/26.  

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

If anyone in the US is curious of what you get. I attended every single class. The only one I didn’t get was the Charlotte Tilbury one because I didn’t do the survey in time but others have posted it down below. 





Glow RecipeGlow Recipe


Quai and Charlotte TilburyQuai and Charlotte Tilbury









Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

These are amazing!! Thank you for posting, @SportyGirly125!!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Oh thx for posting @SportyGirly125. I’m sure ppl will be curious and this will give them an idea. Looks liked I missed a whole lots of virtual classes. The bags and the samples are super cute 🥰 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you so much Sephora Canada, Events at Sephora and @GlowRecipe and Tatcha for the lovely gratis samples for signing up and attending the digital events. I've enjoyed the MasterClasses so much and this is just a lovely surprise on top. 



So excited to try the Niacinamide drops and the Toner!! So many other faves!!



So excited to try the rice cleanser!!


Thank you!!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@haleyvvvv Niiiice!  I'm waiting for mine that's coming from attending the Rare Beauty class.  Very excited :).

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@CookieGirl1 Oooh that's exciting!! Fingers crossed it arrives soon!!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@haleyvvvv - Isn't it great all the samples the companies and Sephora send for attending these events?  I've been able to try so many products that I otherwise probably wouldn't have (or it would have been many months from now).  My favorite so far has been the Tatcha Rice Wash.  I'm definitely getting a full size when I'm finished with the sample! 😍

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Titian06 it is so great!! And also, like while there may have been samples at in store events, its so great for those of us who live in a smaller city or far away from a sephora to get to attend things like this. I kinda hope they stay doing these instead of mostly in store events going forward.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@haleyvvvvI received this gift also and was really surprised by the generosity! I haven't had the opportunity to try the Glow Recipe products yet, but they've been on my list and the gift had a nice range of the products, so I'm sure I will fall in love with a bunch of these products and pick some up during the next sale!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@myxducky I know, I was maybe like thinking it would be a DS of the glow drops, but this was so very generous. I hope the products work for you (the sleeping mask is such a fave)!!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I'm so surprised that Glow Recipe included samples of nearly their full line.  

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I am new to this and dont know how we will know when events are going to happen so that I can sign up 

 Also where and how do I sign up? Im lost lol...

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I usually keep the Sephora events pages open and check back every couple of days to see if there is anything new!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@dnice1974 @Above is the link for Sephora events. The other events we post here could be from the brand direct or on Eventbrite. You just have to check the post on where exactly to sign up. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

EDIT: I think all spaces are filled now. Leaving this here in case someone tries to sign up and actually gets in. 


Sign up at By Terry /events/eye-love-you-masterclass/ 

The email says 200 slots max, but By Terry's site says 300 slots. 🤷‍♀️ 



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@WinglessOne I tried to sign up and got to the page. It wouldn’t let me enter anything from there 😞

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@SportyGirly125 They must be booked up, then. Sorry! 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@WinglessOne I was on my phone trying to sign up when I tagged you.  Now on desktop it says fully booked.  Next time...


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

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