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Sephoria NYC 2023

Now that the word is officially out….who will be attending Sephoria NYC 2023 on September 29-30, 2023?


I won’t be able to attend in person this year (I plan to attend virtually) but I know other members who are already planning and going.  If I had to choose a session it would be session 3 with Patrick Ta and Natasha Denona. 

Please share your excitement and even photos and experience here if you do go. 














Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Does anyone know when they're going to ship the swag bags to session 1 and 2 ticket holders?  I received a response to my refund email, but haven't heard back from the swag bag team.  The two separate emails Sephora sent out were a little unclear as to whether we'd be receiving both a refund and a swag bag, but based on their responses on instagram my understanding is we will get the refund and the swag bag. 


I'm trying to figure out how disappointed I am so I can adjust my retail therapy accordingly.  😄

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Me at Sephoria virtually on Friday













Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@SportyGirly125  Hey I also got a photo in front of the heart hands!!’ It’s like we were there together!!   


Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface ❤️ Yay!!!!! So cool. 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Love the NYC graphics; such great touches to add to the virtual experience @SportyGirly125.

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi Thank you 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

What a fun way to be able to join in on the fun without the hassle of travel! I might have to try this next year @SportyGirly125 , would you do the Virtual Sephora again? 
can’t wait to see what the gifts are for collecting the lipsticks! 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@bakeamuffin @I actually couldn’t make it in person this year. Friday was my last day at my job which I signed a contract for 3 months in advance that I would agree to stay till that time (they are moving things to a different state. I got laid off). Saturday and Sunday were a full 8 hour back to back session days in the studio for my Pilates teacher training certification course. 

This year was different than prior years for the virtual event. It was fun to explore all the places they had. It was also stressful because it was on a Friday work day trying to collect the NFT and the lipsticks. I didn’t know how long it would take. Someone told me it took them 3 hours to collect 40. In the end it took me 45 minutes. 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

I’m so sorry about your job situation, it sounds like you found something so amazing to get in to, especially with all of the amazing work you put into your fitness over the years, this new path will be so perfect for you! 

The potential for a time limit and not knowing how long it would take would have me stressed too, I’m glad that I’m the end it worked out for you but gosh Friday and the whole weekend sounds busy for you! I hope this week will be filled with positive transition for you @SportyGirly125 !🩷

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@bakeamuffin @Thank you 💕

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

I just got home and am about to detox in the sauna but while it heats up, here’s a couple photos 







Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface So many great photos!! I love that you were able to get some fruit in! 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Truly adorable pics @heartsmyface ! Glad you guys all had a blast and were safe amid the floods! You guys needed an ark! 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Sunnysmom A canoe would have done the trick!  honestly I’m selfishly glad the first day was cancelled, cause it was hard enough condensing everything into the luggage as it was.  I can’t imagine what kinda luggage weight an extra day of trick or treating would have caused.  

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Your photos look awesome @heartsmyface ! 💗

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@faeriegirl  Aw thank you!  It was hard not to take great photos!  All the brands did awesome with their houses!  





Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

I absolutely love your photos, @heartsmyface! Stay warm and dry at home now!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@curlychiquita  Aw thanks!  Ha, I’m sick!!  I got travel plagued. 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

I hope you're feeling better, @heartsmyface! 💓

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

You’re sick @heartsmyface?!!! What?! How?!!


I’m sorry. Feel better. Sending some chicken (gluten free) noodle soup your way! 


Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@itsfi  It might have something to do with getting soaked, the lack of sleep, the questionable diet, touching everything, hugging everyone and the alcohol blitz at the end.  Maaaybe.  😆

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