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Sephoria NYC 2023

Now that the word is officially out….who will be attending Sephoria NYC 2023 on September 29-30, 2023?


I won’t be able to attend in person this year (I plan to attend virtually) but I know other members who are already planning and going.  If I had to choose a session it would be session 3 with Patrick Ta and Natasha Denona. 

Please share your excitement and even photos and experience here if you do go. 














Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@sister13   What are you talking about?  I have photo evidence you were there!!!  



 You don’t remember hanging out in the hotel lobby with me and wondering why everyone was staring?  Obviously cause we looked so good;) 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface  Wait, what?! I don’t remember these fabulous ladies! I LOVE this. We should totally do this again this year 😂

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface This is awesome!!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface @sister13 


 oh yes, you were definitely there roomie!! 💕

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

AAAHHHHH, I WAS SO INCREDIBLY HONORED TO BE THERE IN PAPER FACE FORM and I could definitely feel the love across the continents in Barcelona! @heartsmyface 


Yet, I dearly missed my makeup loving friends! I am going to hug you all SO HARD in NYC!  Apologies in advance! 💗💗💗💗💗

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface Omg....I love this!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

I’m going to attend the Friday session if anyone wants to meet up:) I would love to see ya’ll:) booking my hotel now and getting my flight after I purchase my gold tickets!:) 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

What session are you attending on Friday??  I'll be at CT's master class!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@sister13 Thanks for the tag! I’ll likely be attending the 11am-2pm session on Friday because that’s the only one I can make before my flight that night! If anyone else will be around for that one please feel free to message me!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@lnum Still debating which sessions but that Friday morning one is one I will absolutely be attending! See you there!!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Mcakes Woohoo! See you there!!

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

B and I want to go so bad - juat need to figure out if we can take time off work and school  ... and hopefully we can all get tickets🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @sister13 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Tamara76  if we don’t get all the desired tickets we will find fun another way;) 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@heartsmyface That's what I'm kind of thinking, too!


Hotel and Flight are booked🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@Tamara76  Yay!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you again!  (And for it, for once, not being in the middle of a travel marathon).  

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Saaame! My mini is coming, too! We are all going to have so much fun🩷

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Fingers and toes crossed for you and B, Tam!! And for tickets not being an issue!  @Tamara76 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@sister13  😂’tickets not being an issue’.  I’m bracing for it.  But it WILL happen!   

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

Thanks for helping me manage expectations, but I’m coming regardless and I agree, we will hang out and have fun no matter what! @heartsmyface 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@sister13 Any hiccups will be worth it.  They always have been.  ha, now to a serious inquiry- how many cases of  coffee crisp and wonderbars am I packing? 

Re: Sephoria NYC 2023

@sister13  What day do you think you will attend? Can’t wait to see the info for master classes come out so I can make up my mind. I just made my lodging arrangements and will book my flight tix soon 👌🏻

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