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"Comments" instead of "reply"

I have to say that I don't like the new "Comments" feature instead of the old "Reply".  The comments are hidden so you actually have to seek it out. Switch it back!

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

It seems to only be on that one post.  What's going on?  This is the glitchiest site I've ever used.


For those who are wondering what I'm talking about, it's on the "WHAT IS THE BEST ACNE SPOT TREATMENT AND FACE MASK THAT FIGHTS ACNE AT SEPHORA?" post.

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

It's not just that post.  Once a week or so a post like that will show up.  It's bizarre.

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

I agree! I don't know how the site decides whether to post something as a question or a conversation (which I think is the difference in how the replies are shown) but I hate the way "comments" work! 

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

I agree I don't know why they don't put the old format back like on the old boards why fix it, it wasn't broken.

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

I think I see, if you go to make a new post at the top of the BT page in the box that says "Ask A Question or Search Conversations" it offers you a choice to make a Discussion or a Question. That must be the thing that changes it.


Edit: Yep, I made a test question and that's how it showed up.

Re: "Comments" instead of "reply"

Thanks for taking the time to sleuth it out!  I still don't like it though!

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