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Why can't I get a decent size sample? Very disappointed...

I am quite mad about todays visit to my Sephora store.  Just in 2013 I have spent almost $1500 on your products, so I expect that when I go into the store and want to sample a $65 primer before I buy it, I would be given more than 2 measly pumps of product!!  All the sample did was coat the inside of the container, there is absolutely NO WAY I can get any actual use out of it!!!  I was planning on spending upwards of $350 at the VIB sale, but am having second thoughts now since I am unable to actually try the product beforehand... very disappointed in the cast member at the Kenwood Mall location in Cincinnati.  BTW, I dropped nearly $100 at the store today, so it was not like I was being a mooch-I only asked for one other sample, and on that one she gave me about 5 pumps--not enough to give it a decent try.  I may start spending my hard earned dollars elsewhere!

Re: Why can't I get a decent size sample? Very disappointed...

Hi Incinci,


I am truly sorry to hear about the sample that was provided at your local Sephora Store. I will send you a message right now. Thank  you.

<3 Melissa
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