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Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Good Morning!


In an effort to keep our boards a positive environment and continue to remain the fun loving product-obsessed community we are, I want to send a reminder to please, play nice with one another!


Everyone was new to Beauty Talk at one point or another and we ask that you please do not take it upon yourselves to "educate" or "moderate" our new friends with guidelines outside of what we already have posted. (regarding posts, board rules, etc.)  This is what us mods are here for! Smiley Wink 


We're happy to participate, chat about product and help out when needed, but keep in mind that every post that comes through IS indeed seen by us and we will take the appropriate action. You can absolutely message us or flag anything as "abusive" if you feel it truly necessary.


Please refrain from any insulting, negative or bullying comments (this includes PM's) to other users, moderators or admins, whether they are new or seasoned. This is NOT tolerated and should it continue we will have to reconsider allowing any of the TSB threads to be posted or even individual participation/memberships in Beauty Talk. We would truly hate to do this so please- embrace your fellow BT'ers and share your passion for product with each other! Smiley Happy Please keep in mind this is not a new rule, nor is it being changed for anyone new to the boards- but is the same reminder we post every few months.


Beauty Talk Guidelines> Terms of Use>

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I'm someone who is very opinionated. I rarely post anymore because it seems like everyone's feelings are like eggshells. If you voice a different opinion or say you don't like something you get a wave of people who jump on you as if you meant it as a personal attack. I don't care when people argue with me but the mentality reminds me of high school. Were something is brought up and you say "I don't like it" and all of a sudden everyone bursts into tears. I know I don't always word my things in a politically correct manor (that's just not how I am) but I expect adults, especially people who are older than me, to be able to take it. No one should be offended by anything anyone says on the internet. Especially people you don't even know. If everyone grew a thicker skin it would save so much time. Being always positive is boring and lacks diversity but you can't have freedom of opinion when everything turns into a high school bathroom brawl. It feels like the mods are guidance counselors that are making us go to those silly "everyone get along" seminars and it's kind of sad it's come to this. I'm sure they didn't think their job would involve babysitting. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Overall I agree with what you posted. I respectfully disagree with some of it though. I think, at least for me, BT was a kind of escape from daily stressors where I can read about tips and other interesting, sometimes random, topics. As of late it has become rather frustrating to see what is being posted on BT. I don't think it's reasonable to think that everyone should grow "thicker skin". I do, however, think that there needs to be a certain level of respect and maturity when it comes to public forums especially since everyone ideally is entitled to their own opinion. I say ideally because of the posts and comments that have been removed in the past on BT. Also, no matter how thick your skin is if you're passionate about a topic the liklihood you'll take offense to an opposing view is much higher. 


I will say when I first read the mods post I did feel like she was a babysitter lol... especially while reading "play nice with one another." 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I think the thicker skin really is the answer. Generally we aren't talking about religion, politics, or morality (things that everyone has strong views on). We are talking makeup and such, though a lot of people are really into it I don't think the topics and insults I see on this forum are ones that cut deep at all (at best a paper cut). Are there really things like Pink vs Red lipstick that people have such strong opinions on that if someone says they really hate red lipstick the person who likes red lipstick will

-Get angry 

-Throw some pillows 

-Cry and ruin their mascara

-Question if they should wear red lipstick at all

-Call all their friends and tell them how someone just bashed red lipstick

-Get all their friends to say how much they hate pink

-Start a positive forum for their views on red lipstick 


All because of someone they don't know over the internet. That's giving the other person way too much power and control over your life to let it negatively get at you to that degree.  I think that's just an important life lesson not necessarily strictly an internet one. 


I'm really not trying to be sarcastic but this is kind of how I view a lot of these things (at least in my head anyways). I don't know to me it's just silly. If there's something negative and I don't want to get involved in it I just skip it after reading over it. It doesn't really bother me what others are doing. If I am involved in it I'll continue to post as long as it interests me and then when I'm done I leave it. I don't take any of this stuff with me. In fact I don't even know who I've gotten into conflicts with or if they were even considered conflicts. I'm not sure if that's thick skin or memory loss but whatever it is it works. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I see what you're saying and can agree some things people, myself included, get upset over are silly. The thing with BT is that it's not just about something as trivial as pink or red lipstick that causes hurt feelings.  There are lots of various topics and comments going on. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I was just using the lipstick as an example of how things spiral out of control because people can't chill. I really hope there hasn't been a fight over that. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Also, in response to the entirety of everything:





*Skips merrily, dropping grapes along the way*

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

In the spirit of Futurama and BT...



Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

It's gonna be fun on a bun! (a glittery bun)


Now I want glittery buns. *pouts*

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Okay, I don't have a glittery bun to share, BUT I do have a burger cake! Dis iz jus as gud!




^I had dis cake made fer muh husband's birfday. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I just had to note, this cake is 100% brilliance!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

It was the most delicious cake I've ever had! I demanded low-cal/low-fat orange creamsicle flavor!!!! She even gave me "french fries"!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

OMG that sounds so dreamy, your husband is lucky!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community


So I edited this for safety. But this is a thing. Because I Google Imaged: Glitter Butt.


Thanks, Internet, I think I should go to bed now.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Me wants to eat zee cake....


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

*shows up just in time to throw the sparkles*



Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

oh...mah...gawd...becky...look at that...bun.


That's amazing! 

Peepants and burgercakes and glittery mustaches...Could this day POSSIBLY get any better?


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community



Is your day better NOW?!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

*explodes in a puff of glitter*

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

The more buns the merrier! 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Guys, you made me ink! xD

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