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Got 2x points instead of 3x



I spent $146 thinking I'd get 3x points (438) but I only got 2x points (292). I thought the promo was VIBs get I missing something?



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Re: Got 2x points instead of 3x

Did you check to see if your transaction was rewarded for the price of the item(s) and then a second transaction showed the splurge reward with twice the points? Sephora breaks up the extra points as a separate transaction. Unlike Ulta which gives you one lump sum of points.

Re: Got 2x points instead of 3x

Ah yes -  I understand now! Thank you so much for clarifying LCResz! Smiley Happy

RE: Got 2x points instead of 3x

This just happened to me too. I'm supposed to get 3x the points but I only got 1x the points! I've sent a 'Report Bug' email to Customer Service already and am waiting to hear back.

Re: RE: Got 2x points instead of 3x

Good to know! I'm still waiting to hear back as well.

Re: RE: Got 2x points instead of 3x

Hi @AmyLon@MissCassandra, as @LCResz mentioned, you receive the normal amount of points for your initial purchase (as you usually would), and then the update is added to your Beauty Bank after. Be sure to check your Beauty Bank summary. For example, if you placed a $25 order, you would get 25 points for the order and then an additional 75 points would be added after for the 4x the points.


I also recommend logging out and logging back into your account. If you still don't see the points, please send me a PM so I can look into this for you. Thanks!



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