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Hey yโ€™all! So Iโ€™ve been struggling with my brows for so long I need help! You know how they say eyebrows are sisters not twins? Mine are like half sisters, that grew up in different countries. My right one is like a straight line thatโ€™s just ever so slightly curved throughout. Lefties is like a COMPLETE straight line with a few extra hairs on top that make up the โ€œarchโ€. So think rainbow compared to table with a rock sitting on the end. Any advice on how I can possible make them the same shape? Iโ€™ve literally thought of shaving them off completely and hoping they grow back better.. 3D4B82A0-D2E7-4BC1-9FFC-6BE03CC8E2AA.jpeg



Re: EYEBROWS?? Help!

My brows are sparse. There also slightly different. Sounds crazy, but if you like the drawn on look I would remove hair just so when you draw it it looks similar. Ones more arch the other isbmore straight. I pluck the arch one slightly more on the top and he other under the arch to even it out.


Yah...shaving them and hoping they grow  ack different won't help. Unless your brows were really full and you overplucked and there isn't damage to the hair folicle


Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROWยฎ Waterproof, Smudge Proof Brow Pomade Dark Brown






Re: EYEBROWS?? Help!

@beautifullexi  Girl, iโ€™m In the same boat. I just accept the fact that Iโ€™m a mismatched eyebrow queen and use my nifty Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer 3-in-1 Triangle Tip Medium Brown

to even things out. That brow pencil is my ride or die. I never leave my house without my brows! 

Re: EYEBROWS?? Help!

Somebody gifted me that once and I loved it! I just never bought it because itโ€™s expensive but it might be worth it at this point..

Re: EYEBROWS?? Help!

I lost mine after using it once.... 


Refuse to buy another one in case I lose it.

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