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The Trader Joe’s Thread

I know we have threads dedicated to specific beauty brands but I didn’t really see one dedicated or updated for all things Trader Joe’s. It could be beauty, skincare, haircare, household or grocery items. Post your finds here so others could be on a lookout of what to find or is newly released at their local store. It could also be something you think people should try. Their beauty section is so underrated and most people don’t even know they have a beauty aisle.  Their candles and seasonal items are amazing and they always have unique snacks. 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Those are interesting; I never would have put rice cakes and dark chocolate together, although I like both.  What do you think of them @SportyGirly125 ?

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Ispend2much6 I picked these up today and they actually were not bad. Great if you have a craving for sweets. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Ispend2much6 I haven't tried it yet.  That isn't my picture.  I got it from Instagram.

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Whoa those sound awesome!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

These look absolutely delicious @SportyGirly125

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 omg I tried these this week and they are amazing! They are so roomie and I totally didn’t eat the entire bag in one day haha 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 You're awesome.  I had no idea that these existed but I HAVE to go get a package of these for my mom who loves 🍉.

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@CookieGirl1 they have all their summer products out and some of them are selling out quick. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 yeah, I'm gonna need to head down there in the next day or two.  Did you buy the watermelon chocolate goodies?

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@CookieGirl1 I got a bunch of the seasonal items including the chocolate watermelon sticks.  If you tried the orange chocolate sticks these are the same thing. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

The Ube Mochi mix and Ube ice cream sold out so quick at my TJ's.  They limit the mochi mix from 2 to 1 per customer now.  They are so popular in my Asian neighborhood that they sold out in less than 7 minutes on Monday, yesterday was 15 minutes and today was 2 hours.  I was lucky to get one this morning. 







Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

That’s crazy 😜  

I can understand, they look pretty yummy, I almost bought the strawberry cookies but I wasn’t quite sure if the cream in the middle would make them too sweet. 


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Trader Joe's seasonal watermelon skincare products are back! They've go OOS pretty quickly.

TJ watermelon.jpg


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@itsfi Ooh, thanks for posting!  That spray is seriously SOOOO good!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@itsfi Mine had them still.  I think they started carrying them last week. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

This looks yummy 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Canadian here! 🇨🇦


Have been to Trader Joe's a couple of times, and I'm in love. I've actually asked them when they'll open up in Canada. 😂

As a Canadian, their prices are great even with currency conversion (our groceries tend to be more expensive). 


Prices aside, some of their products can't be replicated anywhere. Here are my fave, not so fave, and next up to try items:


*Great* 👍


Everything but the Bagel Seasoning- A true fan favourite, this is great on top of egg and avocado toast. I add chili flakes, black pepper, and lemon juice.

Kalamata Olive Hummus- I live in the GTA where we have plenty of hummus, but this is by far the best! Such a unique and delicious taste. Slightly tart from the kalamata olives.

Breadsticks- They make a mean breadstick which go perfectly with the hummus. 

Multi-purpose Cleaner in Cedarwood & Sage- The all purpose-cleaner is biodegradable, smells great, and is actually a strong household cleaner. I prefer it over Meyer’s and anything you can get at Whole Foods.


*Not so Great* 👎


Peanuts on a Date Bar- These taste terrible, I don’t care how healthy they are.

Stuffed Pastas- They’re $5 but don’t cook well- they stay chewy on the inside. Wal-Mart makes better stuffed pastas which you can get for a cheaper price (even in Canada).


*Want to try next* 🤞


After the pandemic is over and I can go to the States, I want to try rissoni as well as the skincare products. Anyone have some recommendations for me?

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



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