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The Trader Joe’s Thread

I know we have threads dedicated to specific beauty brands but I didn’t really see one dedicated or updated for all things Trader Joe’s. It could be beauty, skincare, haircare, household or grocery items. Post your finds here so others could be on a lookout of what to find or is newly released at their local store. It could also be something you think people should try. Their beauty section is so underrated and most people don’t even know they have a beauty aisle.  Their candles and seasonal items are amazing and they always have unique snacks. 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread




Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread



Trader Joe’s haul 


Repeat purchases

- candy cane green tea

- cedar balsam candle 

- cedar balsam pinecones 

- spiced chai

- stroopwafel 


Have yet to try:


- exfoliating body scrub trio 

head to toe balm

- lavender salt scrub 

- vitamin E oil blend 

12 days of beauty


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread







Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

🥺 this thread makes me jealous that we dont have a trader Joe's in Canada. 

This all looks so good, enjoy💕

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Body balms and lip balms



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread


Yay it’s almost the holdays Two of my fave buys from their winter seasonal items are 



- cedar balsam candle 

- candy cane decaf green tea 


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

I picked these up today. The hand cream set has Avocado, Marula, and Coconut.1E369E05-D184-4D09-B324-E05A44D5A634.jpeg


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@faeriegirl @These are what my store had on Thursday 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Hopefully they have the advent calendar on my next trip @SportyGirly125 🤞

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread









Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125  Thanks for posting about these.  I missed out on them last year, but as soon as I saw your post, I ran down and got this.  Can't wait to try it all out.

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@ragdoll4mom they are a really great gift and they go fast. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@sonnydee  If interested, our store (san Jose Blvd) had quite a few left this morning.

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Thanks for the tag @ragdoll4mom will have to go in & check it out 🤗

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

I will have to look at mine close to me thank you @ragdoll4mom ! I always seem to miss these! 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Sunnysmom I was rushing when I tagged you.  Realized after seeing your reply that I tagged the wrong person.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@ragdoll4mom Lol well it was very helpful also as I am in SoCal and miss them so I just thought you’d seen earlier post. X 🤣🤗

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125, ooooouuuuhhh! 😃 I spy some of the new products in that advent calendar that I might just brave the lines for when they come out individually. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@itsfi I got 2 this year because I know how fast they sell out.  I have been stalking my local TJs once a week for the Xmas items.  They haven't received everything yet.  My store told me to keep checking back once a week for new items to show up.  They get their new shipments in on Thursday.  The spoiler pic is the one I took at the store.  You can see they had the hand cream trio from last year back again.  They will also have the macaron soaps,  the body balm trio, the candle tin trio, exfoliating body scrub trio and I got the peppermint hand soap.

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