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The Biotherm Thread!

I recently fell in love with Biotherm, and thought I'd share the love with BT! 


What do you love?

What could be better?

What's next on your shopping list?



My most recent Biotherm haul (L to R): the Purefect Skin 2 in 1 Pore Mask, Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelee, Spray Solaire Clear Body Spary SPF45, Aquasource Dry Skin cream. 


Re: The Biotherm Thread!


Re: The Biotherm Thread!

I have tried their Biosource balm-to-oil deep cleanser and it's fantastic. I remove every bit of makeup on your skin, purify it and it's non-drying. I have combo/acne prone skin and this was perfect. It helped with my dry patches and with keeping my skin breakout free. 

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@Mexinina You've piqued my interest in the balm-to-oil! I find my cleansers have a tough time completely removing makeup. I also have combo skin, so I'm glad to hear it worked well for you. Finding something that thoroughly cleans my face and is non-drying is a struggle! 😛 I definitely want to give this a try.

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

I have a bottle of their Micellar water in my bathroom right now that I use to cleanup makeup mistakes or use on swatches. I used to use it quite a bit more on my face/eyes until I started using the Garnier one.


I have been using the Biovergetures Stretch Mark and Reduction Cream Gel for years on my stretch marks for weight gain/loss and growth in height in my teen years. upload_4099968468775085116.jpg

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@virgo87 have you found the Biovergetures working well on your stretch marks? I have them on my inner thighs from a growth spurt when I was about 10 and nothing I've used on them seems to make any difference.

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@Asche That is where some of my stretch marks are too and it has helped so much. It has helped fade them so much. I have found it also helps any new stretch marks from being purple/blue/red. 

It is pricey but it is not something I am willing to be without ever.

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@virgo87 Thanks for letting me know! 🙂 I'm going to pick it up next time I'm shopping at SDM and give it a try. Now is the time considering bikini weather is on the way!

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@AscheNo problem. Let me know how you like it.

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

I've never ventured into their lines but would like to. My local shoppers drug mart carries quite a bit and I like buying there in store but have no idea where to start.  I'd love to see some suggestions for combination skin with large pores and textures?  I was tempted to buy random items with the spend your points event yesterday but had no idea what to even look at lol

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@missjeanie I have combo skin with relatively large pores, and I would highly recommend the Purfect Skin 2 in 1 Pore Mask (in the photo above).It is amazing! You only have to leave it on for a minute. My skin looks fantastic afterwards, and is so soft and smooth. My pores are also pretty non-existent afterwards. It's probably the most effective mask I've ever used in that I can actually see results after washing it off.


I bought all my Biotherm stuff at SDM. 😛 I love earning those optimum points! 

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@Asche That sounds amazing, I was actually looking for a mask yesterday too!  One of the few things that I don't own a ridiculous amount of!

I tend to be in SDM once every couple of weeks so I'll pick it up on my next trip for sure!  Optimum points are fantastic, I wish my SDM carried more of the "beauty boutique" brands so that I could get more of staples from them for the rewards program alone!

Re: The Biotherm Thread!

@missjeanie I really hope you love it!


I just realized you're the same person who helped convince me to buy MMM Beach Walk in the Spring Sale thread, haha. We're enabling one another. 😛 

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