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The Besame Cosmetics Thread

besame logo.JPG

A brand dedicated to news and reviews on products from Besame Cosmetics!


Coming soon:

Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon x Besame

besame x mermaid lagoon.jpg

50's inspired - looks like a clear lip balm or opalescent topper? And perhaps another red balm. Potentially two seashell compacts (one gold, one pearl). And one colourful palette. 


Sneak Peek:

besame x mermaid lagoon 1.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 2.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 3.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 4.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 5.JPG


Previously released:

Snow White 

Agent Carter

Marvel Infinity War


Besame Lipsticks - swatches


An older thread where some posters have very helpfully posted swatches and comparisons of different products:



Snow White x Disney collection 



Details of the Collection:

besame x snow white 1.JPGbesame x snow white 2.JPGbesame x snow white 3.JPGbesame x snow white 4.JPG


Other photos of the collection:

Trendmood1 Post Sept 21/17Trendmood1 Post Sept 21/17

Thanks to @Randell for sharing pictures from the Besame Bugle of the collection!

besame bugle snow white.JPGbesame bugle snow white 2.JPG

besame snow white lipsticks.JPGsnow white collection besame.JPG

And more posts/images can be found in this thread:



The Snow White Story Book Palette 



snow white storybook palette.JPG

Besame Snow White storybook palette.JPG






Agent Carter




A tease of information from HelloGiggles article on the collection:

"At Disney’s D23 fan expo, we chatted with Loni Clark, Bésame’s Marketing Director about the upcoming collection. She says we can expect lipsticks, powder, cosmetic bags, eyeshadows, and the brand’s existing 1940s perfume, which is the same fragrance she wore in the show. The collection will launch in November."

besame x agent carter.JPG


Sweet Dreams lipstick (Red Velvet 1946)
Invisible Dusting Powder
Passport eyeshadow palette


Infinity War 

besame x infinity war.JPG


Infinity Stones Rollerball Lip Glosses 
REALITY - a bright red with a red apple flavor
SOUL - a vibrant orange with a mandarin orange flavor
MIND - a sunshine yellow with a juicy peach flavor
TIME - a galactic green with a grapefruit flavor
SPACE - an energized blue with a juicy plum flavor
POWER - a deep purple with a violet flavor

Infinity Stones Eye Shadows 
REALITY - a fiery red
SOUL - a coppery orange
MIND - a gauntlet-like gold
TIME - a galactic green
SPACE - an energized blue
POWER - a deep purplebesame x infinity war shadow swatches.jpg






Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Anyone else pre-order the palette and still waiting on a shipping confirmation?

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

veronika23 wrote:

Anyone else pre-order the palette and still waiting on a shipping confirmation?

I preordered, i received my palette a while back. I also got the mirror.


RE: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I received this email from Besame it looks so nice

Re: RE: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

As per @ClassicallyFab post in indie brands here's some info on the mirror:

"The Fairest” Vanity Mirror – A Baroque, gold-plated hand-mirror which tells every woman what she wants to hear: “You are the fairest of them all.” Cast metal with deluxe gold-plating and ruby-red enamel detailing. 10.5 tall by 4.5 wide in attractive gift box"


Good to know it's metal and not plastic.

RE: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Re: RE: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Thanks @shimmerbait!  I just got that email too!  I think it will be a pass for me. I'm happy with the palette! 🙂

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Besame just sent out this announcement - looks like the collection won't be released until November now 😕


I also noticed they didn't mention Sephora in the list of where it will be available - perhaps that's just referring to the full collection:

  • Besame online
  • Besame Boutiques
  • Box Lunch locations
  • Shop Disney website
  • Modcloth website


besame x snow white.JPG

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

It's here! I absolutely love it, it is beautifully designed and the shadows look nicer in person than the pictures. I can definitely see an infinite amount of looks with the shades. It is a tad smaller than I expected but that's perfectly fine and not a big deal. The newspaper sheet was such a nice touch, I'm definitely keeping it.



























Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

OMG!  This is so beautiful!  @darkiceis


I am so happy that I now have until November to decide! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Wow that is amazing packaging. Very well thought out!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

WOW! Thanks for the pics @darkiceis!!!  Mine hasn't shipped out yet...


@ZombieMetroAntI think this was just a pre-sale. You should get another shot if you change your mind!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@veronika23 Hopefully it will ship soon.  Did you get an email about the hand mirror going on presale tomorrow?


@ZombieMetroAnt  V is right, it will be back in Nov so you have time to decide.  I honestly do feel that the palette is a bit overpriced but of well, what are we going to do? 😄

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@darkiceis   Hope so. I sent them an email asking if there was delays for Canadian orders. I did thanks 🙂  I really only wanted the palette though. Expensive but with the artistic aspect of it you still think it was a bit high?  I mean I don't think I've seen something detailed like this before.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@veronika23 (just saw this)


The outside packaging is nicely detailed. Inside underneath the palette is empty. It makes me feel like it's wasted space (I get that the space is there because it is to create the thickness for the book.) I feel like that there should have been something extra included like a pull out part that has some sort of pressed finishing powder with a puff. They could have done away with the extra space and just made the book not as thick. I don't know if i'm making any sense here, it's kind of hard to explain.  It leaves me wanting more.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@darkiceis  thanks!  I think I know what you mean. I can't wait to get mine. Still hasn't shipped. I don't get it.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@veronika23 Darn, thats taking forever to ship 😞

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@darkiceis  I know. They said it would ship last week but still nothing.... I feel like I have so much stuff that's either delayed or never showed up 😞

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!  Heart Wow @darkiceis, just breathe-takingly gorgeous Heart Thank you so much for the pretty pics!


Drat!  Now I'm second guessing my decision of not purchasing...

Image result for seven dwarfs gif

This is gorgeous! oh My GOD!

This is gorgeous! oh My GOD!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Some pics I posted in the Disney thread @lachaton mentioned:



Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I'm interested to see what colors those 7 dwarfs lippies are they are so cute! I like the bigger set but I already have two of the colors so I think I'll be passing on that. 

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