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Glossier / Into the Gloss

Since Glossier launched its Phase 2 set today, I thought it would be a good time to start a thread for the brand. Plus, I'm a bit obsessed with its products.


glossier solution.jpg

New product: Solution acid exfoiliator ($28) and Glossier-branded cotton rounds ($4). I mean, I buy my cotton rounds at the dollar store, but OK.


PROMOS: I have a referral link (you get 10% off, PM me for it).


FREE SHIPPING: Standard shipping is free when you order two or more items—including Canada!


SOLUTION: Use code "Solution" for free shipping when you buy Solution and cotton rounds.

CLOUD PAINT: Buy two Cloud Paint blushes, save $6.

WOWDER: Buy the powder and the brush, save $7. 

BODY HERO DUO: Buy Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, save $5.


Sometimes there are additional discounts and promos floating around IG. Tag me if you find one and I'll add it here.





Body Hero body wash and body cream:



 Wowder and brush:



Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Ooh, good to know, @eshoe.  You're, like, the lip balm queen so I definitely trust your opinion.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Ha ha @CookieGirl1 they are my weakness for sure!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

My small Glossier Play order arrived! I bought a Vinylic Lip in Disco and 2 Color Slide eyeliners in Stable Relationship (mossy green) and Nectar (mustard yellow). 


Each product’s in a box; inside each box is a sealed metallic pouch containing the product.Each product’s in a box; inside each box is a sealed metallic pouch containing the product.

I like the green eyeliner a lot. It’s creamy and smooth, and the color appears well on my skin tone. The yellow eyeliner has problems: it’s too dry and hard to produce a smooth even line on my lids. The tip broke off while I swatched my hand. 😡 These eyeliners don’t come with sharpeners (Glossier wants you to buy theirs, of course). Good think all the Pat McGrath eye and lip liner pencils come with sharpeners: I’ve got plenty of those to use. 😂 The yellow eyeliner did sharpen well, but of course that didn’t fix its issues. 


Boo hiss!Boo hiss!Swatches of both eyeliners.Swatches of both eyeliners.

The lipstick is a liquid semi-glossy satin. It’s in a tube with a button on the bottom; you click the button to saturate the fuzzy applicator tip with product. The formula is kinda weird. Here’s how it looks if you accidentally dispense too much of it (which is very easy to do): 


It’s easy to dispense too much product.It’s easy to dispense too much product.

These photos are tonight’s second attempt with this lipstick. My first attempt was applied over lip balm, making this lipstick too patchy and slippery to get anywhere near an even coat. Second attempt was on nearly bare lips (balm had 30 minutes to absorb, and I wiped off anything remaining on my lips) and the lipstick behaved better. It does a really nice sheer layer with one coat. 3 coats gave me opaque coverage. 


Also wearing both my Glossier Play Color Slide eyeliners.Also wearing both my Glossier Play Color Slide eyeliners.

The applicator makes it hard to get a nice crisp outline. If that’s what you want, I highly recommend using a lip liner first. Disco hasn’t bled or feathered on me yet, even as I sit here drinking a glass of water. It does transfer onto to the glass and leave sheer bands on my lips, but pressing/rubbing my lips together easily redistributes color for a more opaque look.


It’s shiny but not super glossy—not Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer glossy—and I can definitely feel it on my lips. A sheer coat’s stickier than I’d like, but 3 coats are only a tad sticky. This stuff will gum up along the innermost sides of your lips if you smack them together a lot within the first 10 minutes of application. A wet cotton swab fixes that. Oh, and it has a smell-taste (heh, “smaste”) at first... kinda like a cross between faint rose and chewable flavored vitamin C tablet. It dissipates after a while. 


Not sure I’ll buy another of these lipsticks. Don’t really need more of the eyeliners, plus I don’t wanna chance getting another shade that’s as problematic as Nectar. Totally happy with the other eyeliner, though. 

RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Nectar is definitely on my list, @WinglessOne. It looks amazing on you!

Re: RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks @darlyndar ! If you get Nectar, I hope yours is better (softer and creamier) than mine! 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@WinglessOne Somehow, I missed your review a few weeks ago, but thanks for sharing your thoughts! I knew I probably wouldn't be a fan of that lipstick, and your review confirms it. 


I did need to buy some new cleanser, and I thought I'd throw in one of the eyeliners in my cart, too. I got a boring brown-black color, but it seems to work pretty well. That's a bummer about the yellow one, though.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@txcatx  Good to know another liner shade works well! The green one seems to hold up well to watery eyes (I’ve tightlined with it a few times), so I might order the brown-black one. 🙂 And yeah, I definitely won’t get another of the lipsticks. I don’t hate the one I have, but it’s not one I’ll reach for often. 

RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks for posting! Such a shame about the yellow liner. The color looks fantastic on you though!

Re: RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks @JenL87 ! I’ve been using the green liner a lot. I’m in love with it. 💚 I found another yellow eyeliner (ColourPop) that works much better. 🙂 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@WinglessOne You picked out fantastic colors all around! It’s a shame about the yellow eyeliner; you could have a lot of fun with it if it behaved properly. The lipstick applicator reminds me of a Play-Doh press I had as a kid; you put a ball of dough in the slot, pressed down, and it came out in different shapes (spaghetti, stars, cloud, etc.). It’s an odd delivery system, but the color is lovely on you. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks @tastelikewater ! You’re the second person who’s mentioned the Play-Doh spaghetti similarity, and now I think of that whenever I see the tube. 😄 I’m going to try another brand’s yellow eyeliner soon; I hope it’s as pigmented as Glossier’s but better performing. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

So, Glossier just released Glossier Play, a very un-Glossier line of products, including a pot of glitter. What do y'all think? Anyone going to give these products a try?





RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

The only stuff I’m kind of excited about are the eyeliners. I’m going to stop by the store to try those next time I’m in Chinatown...

RE: Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@txcatx I just watched the Jamie Paige review of the line and some of the eyeliner colors look beautiful! I think it’s so fun that Glossier is offering something so alternative to their regular line.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks for sharing, so far I have enjoyed all glossier products I purchased (the cherry balm dotcom being the exception, since it oddly dried out my lips. The vanilla one felt fine, so maybe it was the pigment used). Nothing from this new launch seems like my cup of tea, but I'd be interested to see what people have to say about the new products.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@txcatx  I’m ordering one of their vinyl lip sticks to try. I hope these are less sticky than their clear gloss, which isn’t bad at all but also not “non-sticky” like they claim. Not sure how I’ll feel about the applicator, but I’ll find out soon! 😄


I wish they’d show swatches of each shade. Maybe they will in the future. I know there’s a video at the bottom of the product page, but shade names aren’t shown per shade shown so it’s kind of annoying. I’d like to see how each shade looks as 1, 2, and 3 layers, since these are supposedly buildable. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@WinglessOne I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the vinyl lipstick! I'm on a no-buy since I'm going on a big trip next month, so I'm going to live vicariously through those who do try these new products out. 

I was really disappointed to hear that the glitter isn't...

I was really disappointed to hear that the glitter isn't biodegradable. That seems out of step with their vibe.

RE: Glossier / Into the Gloss

👁 Who’s tried Lash Slick? I don’t need a new mascara yet, but...

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I haven't bought anything from Glossier yet...YET. 😄

I have my eyes on a few things though, so I'll be watching this thread!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss



Lidstar. I kinda really want Herb, Moon, and Fawn.

(Model is wearing Herb in picture) ... but I'm on a no-buy, whelp. 

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