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Glossier / Into the Gloss

Since Glossier launched its Phase 2 set today, I thought it would be a good time to start a thread for the brand. Plus, I'm a bit obsessed with its products.


glossier solution.jpg

New product: Solution acid exfoiliator ($28) and Glossier-branded cotton rounds ($4). I mean, I buy my cotton rounds at the dollar store, but OK.


PROMOS: I have a referral link (you get 10% off, PM me for it).


FREE SHIPPING: Standard shipping is free when you order two or more items—including Canada!


SOLUTION: Use code "Solution" for free shipping when you buy Solution and cotton rounds.

CLOUD PAINT: Buy two Cloud Paint blushes, save $6.

WOWDER: Buy the powder and the brush, save $7. 

BODY HERO DUO: Buy Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, save $5.


Sometimes there are additional discounts and promos floating around IG. Tag me if you find one and I'll add it here.





Body Hero body wash and body cream:



 Wowder and brush:



Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Love your order. The Priming Moisturizer is the only moisturizer I've ever bought twice. I love that it immediately sinks in and doesn't feel sticky or heavy. And I don't mind that it doesn't have SPF, as I wear a separate one anyway that is higher than one included in a moisturizer probably would be.


Milky Jelly is the only thing I haven't tried yet (I wish I'd gotten a sample of that instead of the moisturizer in my past few orders). But I'm on a cleanser no-buy until I use up my backlog.


I wear Balm Dotcom at night, but I like your idea of using it on rubbed-raw feet.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

should  be on a cleanser no buy....but curiosity and cats and all that. I need a daytime cleanser and I'm looking into buying the new mini luna, and thought the jelly cleanser might pair well with that.


The Balm works really well to prevent toe blisters! I used to carry around a mini vaseline tub, but the BDC is so much more portable. 


I regret not getting the Skin Tint. But I just bought the Bare Minerals complexion rescue. I'm trying to stop buying base products. It's hard. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

This is probably a dumb question but when do you put a separate sunscreen on?  If you put it on top of the moisturizer does it negate the way the moisturizer makes your skin look/feel? That's what's keeping me from buying the Glossier one.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I put on moisturizer, then sunscreen. I use Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protecting Lotion, which has a very thin consistency, so it doesn't affect my moisturizer at all.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thank you!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Maybe I'm blind but where the heck do you add the promo code??

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I went to take a screenshot for you, but the promo box has disappeared for me as well. BUT it's there when I click through with the email they sent. I think it's because its a special email that I had opted in for that had the promo code. I can forward you the email if you want, you should be able to use the code then!


And I'm no longer sure I used TK's code properly. I added the stuff to my cart, added the promo, and then went back to a PM where she had sent me the link. But I had to use my 2nd I think it just gave me the 20% off for first time customers? 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Ehh, too lazy. $5 isn't that big a deal haha. But thank you Shannon, you're a sweetheart

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

On my screen there's a box right above the subtotal once you add something to your bag

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Hm, I don't see one. Does it maybe not let you combine the referral discount and the code? 😞

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

If you look in the Deals thread there is a post from GPL that says you have to add things to your cart, use the code, and then click on the referral link (I think, at least). Hope that helps!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Oh, maybe not - I didn't have a referral discount so I just used the code.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

ALSO 2 deeper shades of skin tint have been added. Those are new right?

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

They're new-ish. They weren't there when the line first launched, which I thought was pretty disappointing, but they've been added in the last few months (maybe last fall?).

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I love the skin tint, the cleanser, and the balm dot com! Any thoughts on Boy Brow? It seems like a lot of BTers use it & like it. I've never used anything on my eyebrows before so it makes me a little nervous. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I currently own it in brown and just ordered the blond shade. I've been testing different ways to wear it, and for the past few days I've actually been layering it with Benefit's Gimme Brow. The Gimme Brow seems to act more like a brow gel, but the Boy Brow adds color.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks! Do you feel like the brown is too dark for you? I think my eyebrows are a little lighter than yours & I was leaning toward the brown. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

The brown was a better match for me when I was still coloring my hair. But now I'm letting it grow out, and my natural color is lighter. I posted swatches comparing it to Benefit's Gimme Brow below. The brown Boy Brow is quite dark.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Is the Brown very dark, and if not, is it rather sheer? I see people with practically black eyebrows wearing brown instead of black..


I really like the idea of a sheer matte lip product. Has this ever been done before? I guess it would be like the lip stains after a very pigmented lipstick wears off? I wonder whether it would be drying to the lips..


So many questions 😛

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

The brown Boy Brow is quite dark, which is why I chose blond this time. (If that's horribly off, I figure I can always try out the exchange/return program for the first time).





Boy Brow in brown on left, Benefit's Gimme Brow in light-medium.


I'm totally intrigued by these lipsticks, but I've made myself only order one (Jam) so I can try the formula. If that works out, Crush and Like are on my wish list.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Wow, that is really dark - thanks for the swatches. Ooh, can you let us know if you like the lipstick? They look really pretty on the models but I'm on the fence.

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