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Glossier / Into the Gloss

Since Glossier launched its Phase 2 set today, I thought it would be a good time to start a thread for the brand. Plus, I'm a bit obsessed with its products.


glossier solution.jpg

New product: Solution acid exfoiliator ($28) and Glossier-branded cotton rounds ($4). I mean, I buy my cotton rounds at the dollar store, but OK.


PROMOS: I have a referral link (you get 10% off, PM me for it).


FREE SHIPPING: Standard shipping is free when you order two or more items—including Canada!


SOLUTION: Use code "Solution" for free shipping when you buy Solution and cotton rounds.

CLOUD PAINT: Buy two Cloud Paint blushes, save $6.

WOWDER: Buy the powder and the brush, save $7. 

BODY HERO DUO: Buy Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, save $5.


Sometimes there are additional discounts and promos floating around IG. Tag me if you find one and I'll add it here.





Body Hero body wash and body cream:



 Wowder and brush:



Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I had to get my Boy Brow with the Phase 2 kit (you have them for kits but not solo??!!)

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Le sigh. Guess that mean's they're doing a brisk business, so that's good at least.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I posted in the "Trialing" thread, but will leave this here as well.


But I basically hate the Milky Jelly cleanser. It feels very heavy on my skin even after I rinse, and it has triggered my dermatitis. My skin is in bad shape after finishing the Tatcha oil cleanser and only using this for a month. I just don't feel clean after washing with it.


Bottle is nice. Fragrance free is nice. The actual cleanser is just not for me. Hopefully anyone else who ordered it is having a better time with it!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Boo-urns! Return that shiz! I like mine enough to keep it, but not to repurchase it. I always remove my makeup with a wipe before cleansing, but since this is marketed as a makeup melter, I tried it with a full face (and non-waterproof mascara). My face did not feel clean, and when I used a toner afterward, makeup was coming off on the cotton pad. So now I only use it when I haven't worn makeup. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

cross posting: 


for those who have shopped Glossier - were you able to stack the 20% off for new users + $5 off codes? Smiley Happythanks in advance!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Via @ZombieMetroAnt in the Deals thread, $5 off any order through 4/12 with code OHYAY.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Glossier just reached out to me regarding a purchase of the Skin Tint in light- they are refunding and shipping a new PST to me because of an error in the batch that causes the tint to darken over time. This has apparently also occurred with the medium. 


I haven't noticed it, but I've only had the PST a week. I do love it and am so impressed with the way they are handling this. I've spent $60 on foundations that darken over time without any apologizes, discounts or refunds from the company responsible. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

this is both unfortunate yet fantastic. they're obviously going about this the right way. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Odd question for anyone who uses the Glossier moisturizer...does it have a distinct smell? I have received two sample packets of it with previous orders and I *love* the way it makes my skin feel but it has a really off-putting odor. I thought it might be because it was a sample and was possibly old.  

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

I just put some from the FS tube on my hand, smeared it around, and sniffed it. It has a very light (to me) "skincare" smell ... almost like a very light sunscreen smell, but there's no SPF in this. But of course, YNMY (your nose may vary).

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Thanks for doing that! No, this was definitely a bad smell - almost like the product was past its prime. I definitely wished I had smelled it before I put it on my face because yuck. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Yuck indeed. I'd contact customer service (they've been good about getting back to me in the past). Maybe they'd send you another sample, if you're not totally turned off it now.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Oh that's a good idea. I honestly can't think that it was *supposed* to smell that way. Although, I've had two sample packets from two different orders and they both smelled like that. So I guess it's possible that it's just me.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@JenniferOhJenny I can't smell anything at all from my new tube, and I'm generally pretty sensitive to scents. Who knows though, it could be something in there that you're sensitive to. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@ShannonAlexis, thanks! That could be it; I didn't think about that. Kind of a bummer because I really liked the moisturizer but I couldn't deal with the smell - almost mildewy. 

Also, this will sound weird but I mean it in a sweet way - I was reading a review of a highlighter on the Ulta website and the reviewer talked about how much she loved it because when she put it on it made her face look like a beautiful glazed doughnut...and I thought that totally sounded like something you would say! ❤️

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@JenniferOhJenny No you are right. I would want to look like a glazed donut at all times. That sounds great. What highlighter was it?


I have some clean sample clamshells that came from Sephora. I could squeeze out some of my new product and mail it to you. That way you can sniff it and see if you like it. I don't want you to buy one and be repulsed by it haha.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Oh, you're so sweet! That's ok, though, I think I'm actually going to email their customer service & ask about it. Thank you!


I'm actually trying to find the review and now I can't! I thought it was Ulta but I was also looking at ColourPop highlighters so it might have been one of those. I'll let you know if I can find it!

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss



More swatches. 


Top lipstick: 1, 3, and 6 layers of Crush

Bottom lipstick: 1, 3, and 6 layers of Jam


Brow gels from top: Glossier in Blond, Glossier in Brown, and Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium.


Crush came a few days ago, along with the Milk Jelly cleanser. Thank you to everyone who used my referral link, because I got both products for only $1! 🙂 Heart


Cake wears similarly to Jam, but I like the color a bit more. You know me—I'm not one for subtle or sheer lip colors. I do wish these colors were more opaque. However, I guess they'll be good to put on when I'm going out and don't want to bother with reapplication. I might also recommend them to a friend who's getting married and isn't big into makeup, rather than have her worry about dry matte and smearing cream formulas.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Okay I REALLY love this concealer. 

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

Please, go on! I'm really interested in it but want to hear more details from other people before I pull the trigger.

Re: Glossier / Into the Gloss

@TopazBeth, the color wasn't as bad (dark) as I thought it would be. I agree with xmychanelscalpel it is really glossy and comfortable. In my opinion, it's more like a tinted eye balm than a concealer. It's a hydrating base for my Nars or UD concealer, as it doesn't offer enough coverage for my dark circles on its own. I wear it alone on gym days or little-to-no makeup days. My nose likes it! I get redness around the side that gets some dermatitis and it covers it without getting cakey or dry. 

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