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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom It all matters!  Makeup is such a fun hobby/distraction when we're busy and crazed in the rest of life.  Sometimes just focusing on something a little more creative, like a finish or shade, is so refreshing!

Sound like I need one of each.  Then, I can just go from there.

My issue is that I'm obsessed with these Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipsticks too.  Oh well.

At least my meteorites are covered!


Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisaHa sounds good! I don't know how I feel about the new Shiseido ones! I want more depth in colors tho they feel amazing! What ones do u love?! Or oops is that on another title chat?! Forgive if so! 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom I really love Sweet Desire, one of the lighter ones.  I adore the two reds I have (Bloodstone and Real Ruby) as well but I've been wearing SD every day.  It has a lovely finish.  It seemed early in the year that the highlighter releases where the must haves; now it's just one beautiful lipstick after another....

Re: Chanel Updates

@lipstick4soul Interesting to hear and disappointing.  I wore one of the shades but over lip gloss so it wasn't a true test.  Oh well.

On the phone with Burberry and they have no information...

Re: Chanel Updates

Swatches of all the inks (and tentation at the far right).  I was at Nordstrom today.  Sorry I don't have the shade names...I had a hovering saleslady who wasn't happy with what I was doing (so I moved fast, out of there).


chanel 1.jpgchanel 2.jpg

Re: Chanel Updates

woww pretty 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa - do these remind you of the new YSL's??

Re: Chanel Updates

Yes, they do!  But these have more shine. @niki172

Good catch!

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa - the colors are oh so lovely, but I'm wondering if they're necessary? I hear Kimberly C. in my head saying "you know you have those colors." It's like Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter sometimes - you see a product and it goes off inside your head like being near a horcrux   - she's burrowed into my brain LOL.

Really like the 1st, 2nd, and 5th swatch though.

Re: Chanel Updates

@niki172 You have the colors but not the finish.  I'm viewing this year's holiday offerings as art.  If they bring some unique, new or just stunning element to the mix then they're mine.  If not, nope.

Chanel has visibly upped their game.  So if you're going to plunge, I'd do it with Chanel or the YSL.  But no, you don't "need" them.  At all.  Not a bit.

Re: Chanel Updates

I have 2 of the YSL's, but I'm curious about the finish @meganlisa - if you get any of these will you be doing a YT video? Swatch #5 may be interesting enough and not close to the other YSL's that I just purchased. Then again I haven't purchased any of the new Shisedo lippies...

That's a good way to think about the holiday sets. I'm surprised how much I've paired my list down from the bender I went on last year.

Re: Chanel Updates

@niki172 I'm skipping the Chanel.  I've done so much damage the past few weeks I need to say no sometimes.  

This year I feel like I really know what I I'm trying to mostly stick to it.  I'm going to try and do the Shiseido and Laura M videos today.  Keep you posted!

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks @meganlisa - I'm really interested in the Shiseido especially, but I'm thinking about waiting to purchase any of the colors until the 20% off sale - a few items are on that list 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

@niki172 I'm waiting before I dive in deeper too.  I've bought more than enough lately and haven't had time to enjoy what I already have.

The Shiseido are so worth it!

Re: Chanel Updates

Pretty! I'm loving the berry shade second from the right. I live by a Nordstrom and am considering walking over right now! 


Also, thanks for providing the swatches! I always wondered how salespeople felt about people swatching on their arms. You'd think by now, they know the pics are going online and probably selling the products for them!

Re: Chanel Updates

One of my local stores has a Chanel counter that is militant about not getting germs in their products.  I respect their diligence and even appreciate it.  But I always feel like I need to get my swatches quickly before I get in trouble.  

Totally agree.  People can look at these and see the quality....which makes you/us more likely to buy.  That color you like seems to be one that people are gravitating towards.

I also tried the No 5 L'Eau and it's really lovely.  Not what I expect.  Mixing citrus with No 5...?  But it actually is lovely.  If you go, I'd try that too!

Re: Chanel Updates

I agree that new #5 is very well done @meganlisa. I didn't realize citrus was added. Maybe that was the note that smelled like pez candy to me. I didn't get any citrus but a new fruity/sweet note that I figured was to cater to the younger generation that likes that. <holds back and waves cane to emphasize the point>


by your numbering, I think the one I ordered (libere) is the swatch I said I liked. Yay!

Re: Chanel Updates

@lipstick4soul I'm pretty sure my numbering is right.  We shall see (or I'll mess everyone up).

I actually really like the new #5 version.  When I read the description I thought no way.  But on, it was a lighter fresher Chanel #5.  It does have that Pez candy thing going on!

We can hobble on canes together!

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa Gorgeous!! Any ideas on the coral shade third from the left? 142 Creative or 146 Seduisant perhaps?

Re: Chanel Updates

Ok, I went to the Nordstrom site and got the order (I'm about 95% sure I'm right...and the first one is missing).

So, numbered from how Nordstrom has them...

Mine are in this order (5 on the bottom); 6, 8, 4, 3, 2, 7).

So the one you're looking at, I think, is 146 Seduisant

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa You're awesome! Thanks a bunch!

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