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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

swatches of the holiday collection from Silverkis

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.17.47 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.17.54 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.18.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.18.08 AM.png

Re: Chanel Updates

Thx for posting @Mochapj .  Are you going to get any lippie?  I cant decide which one i want Smiley Sad and i cant hoard too much.

Re: Chanel Updates

@blackkitty2014 Nah, none for me, I hate Chanel lip products lol (too scented)


I’m actually thinking I might skip the holiday collection altogether this year; nothing about it is really calling to me ☹️

Re: Chanel Updates

Same here @Mochapj and I wish they would either change the scent, cut it by 100x or go fragrance free altogether.

Re: Chanel Updates

Lucky and smart @Mochapj .  Oddly I don’t mind scent of lips.  I’m sensitive also but maybe it’s a nostalgia thing for me from a hundred years ago and loving Chanel! Ugh. 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Mochapj Oh no! I normally hoard 1 holiday lippie each year Smiley Wink But they might get me extra gloss this year Smiley Wink

Thanks for posting @Mochapj.

Thanks for posting @Mochapj.

Chanel Updates

I received an email from Nordstrom yesterday using promo CHANEL, receive a sample of the Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum with any beauty purchase. I just made a purchase and it's a 5ml sample and if I did the math correctly that's about a $16-$18 GWP. There is 29.5 ml in the $110 bottle.

Chanel Updates

Sorry wallets! Chanel Holiday is available now on Chanel direct by looking up the individual products (e.g. lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow). I only see the lipsticks posted on Chanel's Canadian site.

Re: Chanel Updates

Okie gang, I order the quad and the highlighter. Don’t forget INTHEBAG code for overnight shipping. Not sure why they let me choose 2 samples but then add in 4 extra more. 🤩 I want one of the red gloss and one lipstick but I need to wait until next month to justify any more purchases 😂🤣. If you happen to get the lipsticks or the glass, please post 😘

@blackkitty, Those are great colors in your 2014 quad. I...

@blackkitty, Those are great colors in your 2014 quad. I looked through swatches of different Chanel quads and they all had great pigment! I'll be excited to get mine in🤗

Re: Chanel Updates

I have 2 lips, gloss and eye quad coming tomorrow so I’ll post  if you’d like to see lips @blackkitty2014 .  Anxious to see the highlighter as I waited on it until I see it. It looks very gold and I usually prefer their cooler ones. Will be good to see yours and anyone else’s too! They’ve had such strong holiday collections I hope this will be a continuing trend! 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom, did you get both glosses?  I'm not big in gloss but Chanel has such a pretty holiday glosses.  I passed them last year but i was thinking to get the red one this year. Yes please, pretty please post your lippies and glosses.  I still cant decide which lippie i should get. At this moment, i think it will be 827 - ROUGE MAGNIFIQUE or 837 - ROUGE SPECTACULAIRE or 847 - ROUGE MAJESTUEUX.  And yes, i'm very please seeing Chanel going strong with their qualities overall and i hope it stays that way (not liked some other brand, i'm look at you Tom Ford.  Ugh).

Re: Chanel Updates

Hi @blackkitty2014 🤗 I got one gloss 826 as I’m not huge gloss fan either but I do like theirs on top of some mattes etc so I figured who not. lol. Liked last year’s as well. I got lips in 847 and 857. So far... lol. Debating Lip 837 and also khaki liner but think I have one from them so may hold off on liner. lol. And praying ( sort of?!)  I don’t love highlighter as I have plenty! In the grand scheme of things not so much but still every bit helps when one gets a few pieces right?! ( how’s the rationalizing going so far 😳🤣). I’m staring at TF also by the by. Not thrilled. Oh well. From one “pie” it goes to another! Lol. 🙄I’ll def post tomorrow! You too and all! 💋

@blackkitty2014 Thank you for posting back so fast with y...

@blackkitty2014 Thank you for posting back so fast with your comments. That makes me feel better. Between the 2 sets of swatches posted, I definitely think I will love it.

Re: @blackkitty2014 Thank you for posting back so fast with y...

Chanel Reve d'Orient quad.PNG

@Luvstravel , splash from the past (image from Temptalia)... This is my first Chanel quad (holiday 2014).  Til this day, it's still my all time favorite gold eyeshadows (no PMG, no ND can compare).  Not too cool, not too warm.  It's just perfect. Smiley Wink

@blackkitty2014, I ordered the quad❣ I've only used Chane...

@blackkitty2014, I ordered the quad❣ I've only used Chanel loose face powder and a teint, so this is my first eyeshadow from them. The swatches looked gorgeous though and thanks for the promo code 🥰

Re: @blackkitty2014, I ordered the quad❣ I've only used Chane...

@Luvstravel i hope we love them.  I'm not big super big in Chanel but i get their holiday collection every year for the last 4 yrs(?) and no-regrets Smiley Wink

@blackkitty, I'm debating on the quad still. I feel like...

@blackkitty, I'm debating on the quad still. I feel like I could use it for eyeshadow and the two lights colors for highlighters, or maybe just the pink for sure as a highlighter!

RE: Chanel Updates

I come to post this but you are already ahead of me @TraceyEB. Look liked the entire collection is available on US site 😉 PS Quite a price hike for the lipstick $45 USD vs $38 USD

Re: RE: Chanel Updates

Maddening @blackkitty2014 but it did not stop me from grabbing the 2 deep reds, a gloss and shadow quad.  Lol. Been waiting on this little collection! Ugg. Oh well. Bye dear money! Maybe it’ll make up for my disappointment in the TF Soleil smoky quad. Smiley Sad @TraceyEB thank you for posting! 

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