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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

Lucky for me, I don't look great in blues or silvers, so I may be able to go on a no buy this summer!  Their spring colors were too easy to splurge on!  🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks for sharing blushnglow

Now we are talking Chanel baby! Can't wait for summer ❤️

Re: Chanel Updates

Truly the pleasure is all mine 🙂  Always fun to chat with other Chanel lovers....

I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on the upcoming launches....muhahha

Re: Chanel Updates

Yay, gather here, calling all Chanel lovers. I'm probably the worst with Chanel. Due to the 'Tom Ford Updates' thread I have gotten started on TF too, but my heart lies with Chanel...

Re: Chanel Updates

I was at the Chanel counter myself yesterday.  I really wanted to go home with some new releases, but had to settle with the Soleil Tan de Chanel which is a new product for me.  I've been wearing the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid (BBish cream) which I've really been liking and I use the No 40 powder as a bronzer.  One thing I love about the counter mgr for Chanel is she always loads me up with deluxe samples.  Yesterday she gave me 7!

Re: Chanel Updates

Wow, 7 samples? Nice! 

Re: Chanel Updates

Yes, pics! Chanel pics always come out gorgeous...their packaging is top notch.

Re: Chanel Updates

oooo please post pics of your haul, including samples (those are the best part!)

Re: Chanel Updates

I have Soleil Tan de Chanel-I love it! Hope you enjoy. I'm going to Chanel for the Nordstrom Beauty Trend show and hoping for goodies there, my SA is also very generous. 

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