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All Things Dior

Please correct me if I'm wrong - I don't see a Dior Thread?!




Holiday 2016 - Now available online at Neiman Marcus and from Dior Direct (thanks @purly and @veronika23!):


original (5).png


original (1).png


original (2).png







Spring 2017 Preview (thank you @TriesToBoClassy & @KMariel!)


original (4).png


original (11).jpg



New book out now (thank you @lipstick4soul😞




History of Dior makeup in context of art and fashion. 12 chapters each featuring a different color, with campaign photography and design from legends like guy bourdin and serge lutens.

Re: All Things Dior

@Sunnysmom, thank you for the tag and swatches. I live vicariously through those who have or will purchase it. Science this time has helped me to pass - the Nude liquid highlighter is very pretty but similar to what I have, including other Dior highlighters.

Re: All Things Dior

That’s great @itsfi ! 

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks for the swatches and science experiment, @Sunnysmom ! 🤩  I'm working on a cart for one more purchase.  The nude shade is a serious contender...even more so after your swatch. 😍

Re: All Things Dior

I can see why @Titian06 ! Why is filling a cart so satisfying even if we don’t follow through on all of it! 😆

Re: All Things Dior

@Sunnysmom @blackkitty2014 @itsfi @danielledanielle - Darn the luck!  I forgot to remove the Dior Forever Glow Maximizer Longwear Liquid Highlighter 017 Nude from my basket when I checked out the other day. 🤣

Re: All Things Dior

@Sunnysmom @blackkitty2014 @danielledanielle @itsfi 


I posted in the April haul's thread, but I wanted to share with the scientific team...


Dior Forever Glow Maximizer Longwear Liquid Highlighter 017 Nude 



Below the swatch is another swatch that I gently blended out with my finger.


Under blue-leaning LED light.


Outdoors direct sunlight. 


Re: All Things Dior

I came here looking for the Nude swatch I remembered seeing when you first posted this @Titian06 

It really is pretty 😍😍 I low-key stalk the Dior thread.. 😅😅


Re: All Things Dior

Fine with me, @CynthieLu !  I'm low key on some other threads too.

Re: All Things Dior

Beautiful swatches @Titian06 , it looks so good on you

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks, @danielledanielle ! 💖💖💖  I'm wearing it today.  It's not shiny like I thought it would be.  I love it! 🥰

Re: All Things Dior

Just beautiful @Titian06 ! Thanks for showing us! Can you mix it with something? Could be a good look for a faux tan this summer too! 🤓

Re: All Things Dior

Nice idea, @Sunnysmom ! 🙂

Re: All Things Dior

Thx you @Titian06 @for the beautiful swatches. I kicked myself for not picking it up during the sale. Put it back to my wish list. I like your Gucci lipstick too 🥰🌹

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks, @blackkitty2014 !  It is bronzier than I expected, but I really like it!  I've been wanting that lipstick shade for quite some time.

Re: All Things Dior

My deepest sympathy for your accident @Titian06 🤣😅

Re: All Things Dior

What a beautiful mistake @Titian06 🥰 Hope you love it. 😍 

Re: All Things Dior

I just hate when that happens @Titian06 ! 😆 Enjoy it! 😊

Re: All Things Dior

Nude Glow is a beauty. Now I’m debating. Thx for the beautiful swatches and for taking one for the team @Sunnysmom 🌹❤️🥰

Re: All Things Dior

You’d like it @blackkitty2014 ! Go team! 

Re: All Things Dior

Will def do it @Titian06 ! Would’ve tagged you below too but I just caught this! 🤗😘 My store was sooo crowded it was almost impossible to look at stuff. Wild times wild times! 

Re: All Things Dior

AHHHHH NOOO, 🫣 @Sunnysmom