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Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Has anyone experience excessive shedding of hair after Olaplex 3 treatment??

I thought it was a coincidence the 1st time, but it happened after the 2nd and 3rd tx.

I used it weekly x 3, and the hair loss after the 3rd treatment is noticeable.

I will not use it again (and only used about 2/3 of 1 bottle).

No hair scalp itch or redness, to suggest an allergic reaction. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?


Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

We have worked so hard to get my daughter’s hair to grow out and had made so much progress. We used Olaplex#0 and #3 and her ends broke off about 3 inches.  We are just sick. 3 years of work gone


Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Same here. Lost all of my hair especially above my ears

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I have the same problem I have half my hair left. I used the step 1 through 7 but it really got worse when I got the 4 and 5 and washed my hair with it for like 8 days. I notice my hair was shedding a lot but my mom had not seen me in those 8 days and when she did she said “why has your hair gotten so thin”.  This  is crazy now it’s going to take about 3 years to grow it back to the way it was. it’s also breaking off in the middle and it still hasn’t stopped falling out. I too got blood work done at my dr. Office and am fine. please somebody help, how do I get it to stop falling out!

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Oils, make you own homemade rosemary, avocado seed, or castor oils for hair loss.  Apply 3 times a week  any of this oils  over night and wash it next day... Shampoos that really worked for me Herbal Essences Bourbon Manuka Honey Rejuvenating, and Dr Hempster anti hair loss Shampoo.. I hope this will help 😊

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Oil. Not hot oil treatments, Rosehip oil on the scalp and roots, and Aragan oil from there down. Clip it up for a couple of hours. Wash with a different shampoo and with a different moisturizing conditioner from mid shaft down. I did this 2 times and it was significantly better. 

What the other poster is eluding to, is she thinks maybe you could have a thyroid problem. It could be, but if you’ve already had blood work done and that was on there, you’re probably okay. Sometimes it really is hair treatments and hair care. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hi All! I too had noticed a TON of shedding and thinning of my hair while I used the Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner. (#4 & #5). This shedding - which for me, a little is not unusual - but I was having EXCESSIVE amounts of shedding & hair loss. I used both the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner together. I purchased them both through Sephora and at first had thought that it had made my hair so soft, so I repurchased the Shampoo for an upcoming vacation, but because of all the shedding it caused me to worry that something was wrong. A few days later when I washed my hair it felt like melty straw! Even with copious amounts of conditioner.
I’ve read some posts that have said “You must not be Shampooing correctly, or this is impossible!” I can promise you that, since the first time I used Olaplex products I’ve been following the directions to a “T”! (My Sister is an excellent Hairstylist & has always taught me to “READ & FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BOTTLE!”) I even took the time to check out the videos too. So I can promise you, it IS possible, and very true. When I let my hair Air Dry, I used NO HEAT - AT ALL! When my hair still came out all fuzzy, straw-like and was I was STILL shedding like my cat in the Spring, It was then that I decided I was done with Olaplex & it was time for a change. 
That day I switched to Shiseido Urban Moisture (in the Orange Bottle) and my shedding stopped within two Shampoos, and all has been well since! I must say, I’m very happy with the Shiseido line!

Here’s some background about myself:

I have naturally curly hair that is VERY Thick; my hair is NOT treated (at least not for the past 15+years, and it’s grown out and been cut off several times since then) and I rarely use a hot iron or blow dryer on it; I wash it only once a week, Twice if it’s really necessary, but that’s highly unusual. 

I do take Warfarin/Coumadin, which is a blood thinner, because of my Heart Condition, but so far that hasn’t changed my hair type too much. It’s still VERY, VERY thick! Like, so thick, you could sew clothing with one strand of my hair because it’s about the same thickness as string! That’s how thick it is! LoL. 

I hope this has helped you! Please feel free to message me if you need more information or if you have any questions! I wish you the best of luck & the happiest of hair days!


 -  -   -   -   -  -  -  

My Suggestion- Switch and get a deep healing mask pronto.

I do have some other questions:

- What type of hair do you have?

- Where are you experiencing most of your shedding/hair loss? Front/Back/Sides of head?

- Are you having any other health issues? Heart palpitations, unsteadiness, fainting, etc?


If you’d rather answer these questions in private, please feel free to click on my name and send me a message, I’d be happy to help in any way I can. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@beautyrockette- WOW, I don't currently have any Olapex, in any number, but I have fine hair, so thank you so much for all that detail. I will steer clear of it. Just because it's my nature, "a little leaven spoils the lump." But seriously great detail in there and I read all of it! Right on! "Need the info..." as they say! 😱😊


@VaestherThank you for starting the conversation and for the pictures. I am so sorry that happened to you!

I hope things have improved! 😵🙏🙏🙏


Both of you, and all on the string, and all here, have an enjoyable holiday!

Best wishes,





Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

So I have thick hair, it’s long I get it bleached and dyed red. Have been for four years. Don’t bleach all of it constantly just the roots when I bring it up every few dyes.


anyways I started olaplex 1-2 months ago I wash my hair with the olaplex shampoo and condition once a week. Sometimes twice. And I use the #3 maybe every 2-3 weeks. 

I have noticed my hair shedding tremendously. With thick hair I’m use to shedding but it’s been excessive for about 3-4 weeks now and the only

different product lately is olaplex. It’s hard not to think that’s what’s causing it but I’m finally out of the small bottles I bought and im gonna try something else to see if it stops or not.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hey! I just read your post, I purchased olaplex on amazon, I’ve been using for a month now and noticed excessive shedding. I am going to stop using this product. Can I ask where you purchased Olaplex?

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I was wondering this same question; are the olaplex that we've used "counterfit"? I know that Bed Head and other high end brands that are sold in grocery stores are supposedly compromised in some way and should only be sold at hair salons. could this be the case for this as well? How would we know? 

I asked my friend who is a hair stylist (before i saw this thread.) about buying this product from Sephora, and whether it was an approved place and she said she wasn't sure. Anytime I get a product that says "sold and distrubuted by salons only"( or something to that effect) and i bought somewhere else I feel a little confused.  This could be IN PART whats going on here. Thoughts?

RE: Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

That’s strange. I bought my Olaplex products on amazon and nothing weird has happened to me (yet, at least). Although you should almost always buy from an authorized retailer because amazon could contain counterfeit products. Maybe I just got lucky but I don’t know.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

So I noticed that with the conditioner too. I only had 1 bottle and I only used it once a week as a mask because it was so pricey. Each time, I noticed more hairs falling out when I was rinsing the conditioner off but didn't see the same thing when I used my normal conditioner. I've since finished the bottle now so definitely won't be repurchasing! 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hey! I’m in the same boat 😞 can I ask where you purchased olaplex? cause I’m thinking amazon may have given me a bad product.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Please, never buy hair products from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart online or places like that. You just never really know what the sellers put in the haircare containers. They may cut the product with something to stretch it so they have more to sell or they might fill the containers with a product that looks, feels and smells like the original but is definitely not. Those products are then tainted/impure and may ruin your hair.

Only buy your hair products from a salon. It may cost a little more but it is worth it for the piece of mind it gives you knowing you bought an original, unadulterated product. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I also experience hair loss after using Olaplex.  While being confined to the house the last two months (Corona virus) I decided my hair should be treated.  Im natural and haven't done anything to my hair except keep it in twist for too long.  After using it, my hair started shedding a lot.  First I thought, because it was in twist it's just natural shed.  Then I noticed that I had short hairs that was unusual.  For three weeks my hair has continue to shed.  (I've washed it once with just conditioner but didn't stop the shedding). I noticed that I have a lot more short hairs which looks like frizz.  I used Aphogee last night to combat  thes shedding and notice the difference immediately.  Will not be trying Olaplex again.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

One of the major side effects that have been noted in folks recovered from COVID-19 is hair loss. I wouldnt chalk this up to any topical products, rather - the major stress your body was under as a result of covid. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Twist = 1 twists. Twists= more than 1....I think you mean you kept your hair in TWISTS, not twist. I don't think there is anything in the product that causes hair loss. If that's the case, I would definitely reach out to the manufacturer with my concerns.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

YES it does cause severe breakage. And i bought mine straight from olaplex. It is the product. I've never had problems with my hair and then I started the shampoo and conditioner and it fried my hair off mid range and underneath .Broke off 6 to 8 inches from scalp all the way around my head. And all underneath broke off at about 6 inches from scalp. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I actually did that, and was told No. 3 couldn’t possibly do that. Sometimes it is a hair care product. A lot of women swore by Deva Curl and now most are complaining about hair loss, breakage and dryness. 

It very well could be some(Olaplex users) are loaded with protein and need moisture, while the others(Deva Curl users) are loaded with moisture and need more protein. 

If the only thing someone has changed is a certain product, chances are that certain product is the culprit. May not be what they need for their hair, or it could be an allergy. 

With that being said, everyone is different and has different hair care needs. You cannot definitively say that Olaplex isn’t their problem. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Check out the ingredient list for Olaplex #3. You can very definitively say Olaplex isnt protein, because the ingredient list literally doesn't contain any... 

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