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Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Has anyone experience excessive shedding of hair after Olaplex 3 treatment??

I thought it was a coincidence the 1st time, but it happened after the 2nd and 3rd tx.

I used it weekly x 3, and the hair loss after the 3rd treatment is noticeable.

I will not use it again (and only used about 2/3 of 1 bottle).

No hair scalp itch or redness, to suggest an allergic reaction. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I believe it has also made my hair fall out. I have never noticed clumps of hair fall out in the shower until I started using olaplex. Did you stop using 3 and continue using the shampoo and conditioner? 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I am horrified. I just bought this last May after the pandemic started because I was worried about stress hair loss. Then, I lost a ton of hair. I didn't make any connection... until today. I got home, put the Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector in and left it for 30 minutes because the instructions say, "or as long as you need." When I went to rinse it out, I got a full handful of hair and my scalp felt irritated. I was shocked but figured maybe my pores were ready to shed and Olaplex just hurried up the process? Then, after letting my hair air dry, I reached up to run my hands through my hair and another full handful came out. I thought I should check for more info online... and found a ton of posts about hair loss with Olaplex 3 and had a full panic attack. This is why the reviews on Sephora are so frustrating to me and I rarely shop here now- 50%+ of reviews are "received a free product." I used to learn so much from reviews from regular people who knew their stuff and now none of this information is attached to the actual product info... why am I just seeing this now???? So upsetting.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Same thing happened to me! I started using olaplex once every other week or so since September. 2 weeks ago my hair started falling out like crazy every time I wash or brush it. I got blood work done just in case and everything came back normal. I’ve been using the same shampoo since I was a child and I haven’t switched any other products so I’m positive it’s the olaplex

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

can anyone provide updates as to whether or not their hair returned to normal state after stopping use? 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I would like to know to. I have had major loss of hair since using this product. I’ve just stopped but worried if my hair will ever recover😭

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

@elisfl Any update, has your hair improved? I’m really worried about permanent hair loss. I’ve been using olaplex 3 and 4 for a few months, it somewhat helped me with issues I was having before but then I noticed more and more shedding over time. When I used it again a few days ago the shedding was ridiculous while I was blow drying. I can see my scalp now on the crown of my head. Aaagh I am worried it’s going to keep getting worse! Any suggestions from anyone?

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

My hair is finally feeling like it’s recovering. I don’t notice the shedding or breakage anymore. Not using anything than shampoo have always used (davines and unite). Stopped using after January 28, cut many inches off early February. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

What kind of Davines shampoo?

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Davines Momo. I’ve used for years so my hair is used to it. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Yes! Started using the product mid November. I have lost a lot of hair and had major breakage as well as it felling like straw. Devastating. Has anyone recovered from this - without additional products.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

calia! Use their purifying shampoo and conditioner! It saved my hair after Olaplex destroyed it!  

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?


I used olaplex for 2 weeks in April 2020 when I noticed it has changed structure of my hair so I stopped. My hair was frizzy, dry and unmanageable. 

First picture - March 26th 2020 (before olaplex) 

Second picture - November 7th 2020 (after olaplex), half a year after I have already stopped using the product. 


Today is - February 1st 2021 and my hair still looks like on the second picture😥

I have tried absolutely everything to fix the damage olaplex did to my hair.  It’s been almost a year...


I am severely loosing my hair for 10 months and I don’t know how to stop it..


I am not interested to argue or try to convince anyone who thinks this could not be done by olaplex because I am sure it is. 
I am here because I need advice on how to fix this mess. So please let me know what helped your hair after olaplex damage. Has anyone’s hair gotten better? How long? I just want my hair to be like before...


 I did hormone testing, vitamin testing and other blood work and everything is perfectly fine with my health. I take all my vitamins as usual, I started to use protein free shampoo and masks, I don’t use any heat on my hair, not even hot shower...  




Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I was going to buy tgis product tonight but after what i read no way no more i will wait my hair to growth and cut every 3 month .and to help you like my sister told me sge said just use a good cheap shampoo it does the job and even better so i will keep my cheap shampoo beacause they really work .what is not working is the bleaching we do in our hair have a nice haire cut you look beautifull with short hair.and good luck sorry for my english french quebecoise here lo


Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Exact same situation with me. Multiple times. I cut it and start again. start using it and it all breaks off at the ends and looks ratty. I’m happy I finally figured out what has been causing all my breakage. All meds come back normal and it has been happening for a year every time I start using it regularly. I think cutting it is the only thing you can do and never use it again. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I used the entire Olaplex system 3-4-5–6 for a few weeks on my highlighted hair and my hair is definitely dryer and now breaking. The product is BAD. You’re not imagining it. I’m planning to sleep with olive oil on my hair overnight every time before I’m gonna wash my hair. This has really worked in the past when my hair has been damaged and dry/breaking. Good luck ladies! Sorry we’re all going through this. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

This is happening to me too! I swear it’s the olaplex.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I had the exact experience with my hair and also have no interest in anyone telling me it isn’t the Olaplex. I tested my hair: I dampened my hair and towel dried. On one side of my head I applied Olaplex 3 and the other side I applied conditioner. After letting it sit for 10 min, I light pulled on the ends of my hair. On the conditioner side, I had minimal breakage and shedding.  On the Olaplex side, my fingers were full of snapped off split ends. All that I can see the Olaplex is doing is snapping off the already-split ends.  On thicker hair, it would make sense that hair would look healthier without the split ends.  On fine thin hair like mine, it results in looking like a chemical haircut.  

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I have noticed thankfully early on my hair dislikes Lots of Protein.

I use the New TIGI line of shampoo & Confitioner also added oil after the shower with a leave in conditioner.

I highly recommend the Joico Kpak mask it is very good.

Your hair will get healthier.

I personally take a multivitamin & drink lots of water.

 I sincerely hope you are able to get some relief with one or all of my recommendations.

sending hugs darling 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I am extremely devastated. I know how you feel. My shampoo is the only thing I’ve changed in about two months and since I started using olapex 3 my hair is shedding more and more. I finally realized it had to be the shampoo last week. I kept breaking my head thinking what I did to cause this and the only thing I’ve changed is my shampoo. I used it as directed on the bottle. I have never had so much shedding it’s so heart wrenching to see how much my hair falls everytime I wash my hair. I have read other reviews and a lot of people even after stopping the shampoo their hair has not returned to normal. I am scared that there is no reversing this 😢

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Same!My hair is terrible and i'm loosing it!It was long,thick and strong.Now it is like straw,thin,unmanagleable,so stiff and crunchy, has no body, volume, does not stretch, like plastic fishing line!I used no.2 four times in one year.For one year I didn't know, what is the problem. I did blood tests, everything it's fine.I used last olaplex in 2020 august.After then everything became clear!I searched for it: olaplex and hair loss.And many woman has a same problem.It is not coincidence!

Since i tried everything,but nothing helps.I'm hydrating and hydrating, but nothing changes!

And also my new hair is so dry!!!Why????I didn't use it on the scalp,but the hair roots were burning and itchy!It was olaplex!!!!!!!

What did this product with our hair ???!!!

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

After months of hair loss- I’m talking HANDFULS of hair after showering- I really started to panic and started researching hair loss & diet, loss & hormones, loss & aging.... all but loss and shampoo ! WHO KNEW it could be the shampoo and conditioner I had been using for over a year! My hair felt silky after showering but not so much after styling. I attributed it to possibly being the blow drier or flatiron. Which btw I’ve always used in the past and my hair never felt THIS bad or fell out like this either.  Well I somehow stumbled across this thread in my research as soon as I typed in what shampoo/conditioner I use. OLAPLEX! I am shocked and saddened that all this loss is most likely from this product. I was a hairstylist for over 17 years and still would have never guessed this loss was from the OLAPLEX. I use 1 & 2 in all my color formulas for clients and no problems there -maybe because that’s only used at the time of color and not daily. I literally have half my hair left. Maybe even less. It is going straight to the trash. I will be saving this thread to keep an eye out for possible future lawsuits. I remember the Wen situation and also about the Monet hair loss. I am devastated and can only hope my hair grows back to its former thicker self.  People, please read through these comments and know there has GOT TO be a link between all this hair loss and OLAPLEX. 😢

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