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Summer Resolutions

It's halfway through summer (technically), at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  NE U.S. is in a heat wave, so it's extra summery right now.  What are some things you want to do for the remainder of your summer?  I always try to do a few summery things like grab an ice cream cone at a park or at the beach, have a beach day, find the "song of the summer," see a few movies, binge something fun on TV/streaming, come up with a summer look or two.  Was curious about the rest of BIC, what are your summer rituals, songs, resolutions and/or bucket list items?


Summer To Dos:


Working out: trying to keep a consistent regime for the whole summer

Song: nothing has caught my ear, yet

Movie: ehhhh, 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sephoria: I need to know!!!!

Trip: probably not this year, but maybe some beach days 🤔

Summer Look: going to bronze up, for sure .  Just posted a new challenge

Cheek Challenge Summer 2024: Choose Your Own Adventure

And there's:
Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022/2023 Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge 


Ice Cream: There's  a Carvel is still opened nearby, so I will definitely made good on this ✔️✔️✔️


Courtesy GIPHY & FlydeweissCourtesy GIPHY & Flydeweiss

Re: Summer Resolutions

Oooh, this @danielledanielle!! This going to come in handy for me! Took me a bit to narrow down my summer resolutions to realistic ones - practical, doable, but also challenging. Here's my top 3:
1.  Water intake. I was doing well at the beginning of the year but this second quarter has gone from ebbs and flows to consistently falling short of my goal. So, yes, time to reset and get back on track! My goal is 8-10 (8oz) glasses of water per day, with 12+ glasses on day(s) I do a more intense (it's all relative, folks ) workout. I'm aiming to incorporate a habit stack (water + skincare routine) to help out with getting myself back on track with my water intake - I posted that to the Habit Stacking Thread 📚 and will be updating that post, maybe every 2-3 weeks, for accountability. 
2.  Workout more consistently. I feel you on that consistent regime, danielledanielle. I've put together a  schedule that I'm gonig to aim to do, and revisit every couple of weeks to see if it's working out for my working out. (pun, completely intended, lol
3.  Wake up & Wind down routines. These have been inconsistent so I want to do better with each - stretch more consistently in the morning and carve out a few minutes a couple nights per week to devote to journaling.
BIC Challenges
  • Continue to work on my panning goals and posting updates to the Pan It! - 2024 Challenge  - the accountability and support from that thread as I work through products has been wonderful. It's year 7 of the challenge and year 5 for me. Lots of lessons learned, good conversations and inspiration had, friends made along the way ... oh, and a few products panned, too! 


  • Keep up withCapsule Makeup Collection Challenge   ~ this is helping me to shop my stash, declutter and think through what an ideal makeup capsule looks like for me. It's a work in progress, but we're making strides. 


  • Blush is just something I've been slowly getting back into. I have mild rosacea and have always been a bit self conscious about that. It's gotten better (both the rosacea and my self consciousness ) so I'm reaching for my blushes a little more these days. The different blush techniques/methods mentioned on your Cheek Challenge Summer 2024: Choose Your Own Adventure caught my eye and I *think* I'll give that a go this summer, along with contouring a la jaaayp's contour guide (thanks again @jaaayp!)


  • Also catching my eye has been the feature and technique focus themes on the Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022  thread. I'm behind on many of those but looking ahead, the last two prompts for the month of June look very interesting - "Perfume perfect!" (June 16 - 22 and happy early birthday wishes to you @sister13 🎉 ‌) and "Feature focus - lashes!" (June 23 - 29) - I've given away most of my false lashes but I'm sure I have a few left in my stash that I can dig out and set aside. 
I have a few other projects and activities / events I'm interested in learning more about or aiming to put some attention to this summer, some beauty related, some not, including: 
📚  My goal this year has been to read one book a month and so far, I'm on track. Summer is a no buy / low buy season for me typically and this year is no exception. Reading for leisure will be one of my distractions so I've adjusted my reading goal for the summer - to two books per month - ideally, one physical book and one audio book. I've been posting to the BIC book club! and will continue to do so.
😎  Not sure what this summer will bring, but will aim for at least one summer Friday a month though and to the extent I'm able to make that happen will post to theHow are you spending your Summer Fridays? thread.
👩‍🍳I want to do some cooking this summer too, try my hand at some dishes I've love eating and want to try making from scratch - sundubu jigae (Korean soft tofu stew), pho - yes, for summer - weather tends to be fairly moderate, windy even, here in the city during the traditional summer months (things warm up and heat waves are more common in September and October, but with how the weather has been of late, that could change) so these two dishes are always well loved by me. But, if / when the warm weather strikes, there's 
🍦Love me some ice cream ... gelato ... sorbet ... soft serve. I don't think there are any new ice creameries to speak of in the city, but I'm always down for revisting old standbys, and discovering new standbys. 😋 Both my cooking and ice cream adventures may find their way to the What's on your plate? thread.
And, last but not least ... << drum roll, please 🥁 >>
❤️  SEPHORiA 2024 - When? Where? Can't wait to find out the deets for this year's event. Don't know if it will work out with my schedule but am excited to hear more about it. Ummmm, it can't just be me who'd love this, but any chance we can get a Sephora BIC emoji for use on the Forums, @TeamBIC? And maybe a SEPHORiA emoji, too? 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle Great thread idea! I can't stop thinking about Sephoria! For summer, I want to:


  • Enjoy as many beach days as possible
  • Camp for the first time with my SO
  • Declutter my room so we can paint
  • Read 📚 and drink more water
  • Go on a roadtrip with my SO

Re: Summer Resolutions

The beach days is a good one @Mellmars1185 , I always plan for one and I think I get it every other year


R/T Sephoria - In my mind, I'm like .. Let's goooooo 🤣, but yeah I need to know the when and where to make that happen.  Vegas would be crazy! Toronto would be cool, too... I've never been to the latter

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle Thank you! Toronto would be close to me which is convenient. I kinda want to travel though! Especially somewhere I have never been. Although I want to go back to NYC and explore more 🍎

Re: Summer Resolutions

Amazing prompt @danielledanielle 


Summer Resolutions

Memorable birthday for my sister turning 11

  • I usually write her a poem
  • Make a collage of memories


Makeup Summer Challenge



K- Kindness



P- Prioritize



Nature Adventures

Connect with nature

Daily walks



Embrace the sunshine (I live in a very cold state so summer sunshine is so important to connect with)





Explore creativity





Re: Summer Resolutions

Awwwww, I think that's a beautiful goal for your sis 🙌🏽 @peculiarzmakeup 


It's getting problematically hot in the NE, would love to send you some sun if I could

Re: Summer Resolutions

Aw thank you! Oh how I would love that I live in IL Windy City but it’s beautiful now except for the cicadas they scare me a little haha 🤣 @danielledanielle 

Re: Summer Resolutions

Halfway through the year..anyone have a to-do list or summer plans on the horizon

Re: Summer Resolutions



My end of summer resolution is hiking to Hanging Lake and a beach  trip in September.



Re: Summer Resolutions

Oooh, just looked at a pic.  I'm not much of a outdoorsman, but that should be a beautiful hike @CorgiMommy 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle  it is a true Colorado treasure

Re: Summer Resolutions

I hope you get to check off a few more of your summer to do's @danielledanielle 🌞 

Going for ice cream is classic summer, what flavor would you get? I went to a place that had fun flavors I had never heard of before like "Dough nut Grow up" and "Camp Fire Delight" 🍦 ( but I still went for my fav Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 🙂)

Re: Summer Resolutions

@CynthieLu , I've been enjoying their salted caramel cold brew 😋


I like "Dough Nut Grow up" name, that's clever.

Re: Summer Resolutions

Ooh that sounds yummy! @danielledanielle 🙂

Re: Summer Resolutions

Screenshot_20230807-192419_Chrome.jpgI'm loving your resolutions, @danielledanielle! Summer resolution for Sephoria virtual registration confirmed 🥳 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 , Sephoria Euphoria 🎉🎉

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle agreed! I hope the in-person attendees show online viewers their "swag bags" 💖 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 Woohoo! Let the countdown begin 💖

Re: Summer Resolutions

I missed out on the other option for online. Have you seen any of the treats for the paid virtual ticket holders, @Mellmars1185?

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 Sorry, no I have not. I don't think they are available for Canadians.

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