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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life Smiley Happy Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

@Titian06 - I am so sorry you and Isabella are going through this! Smiley Sad  There is nothing worse than the feeling of complete helplessness when a pet is ill or hurting.  I hope the vet is able to get back to you and provide you both with some relief soon - I'll be thinking positive thoughts for both of you.   Heart 

Re: Pet Paradise

@Titian06 Sorry to see that you are going through tough times right now. I had a cat who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was roughly 5 years old and we had no choice but to put him down because he was in so much pain. He spent all day in one spot beside the couch and while he didn't meow, he did not move from that spot for a good two days. He refused to eat or drink water and would use the bathroom in that same spot. It sounds like your baby is in better condition, though, so I will send you good vibes in hopes that she gets better and hopefully your vet can give you some options. Best wishes!

Re: Pet Paradise

Oh I'm so sorry @Titian06 . I don't know anything about medical conditions but I do know it is so heartbreaking and deviststimg when your best little furry friend is suffering. I'll keep you and Isabella in my thoughts and prayers <3 sending you lots of Hugs

Re: Pet Paradise


Love seeing everyone's furbabies!!


Here are mine. Initially we only went in to adopt one cat. I was set on Rosie (marble rye) and DH was set on Sambuca (burnt loaf). They're littermates and happened to be the two in the litter closest to each other, and we were eventually convinced to adopt two cats rather than just one so it worked out perfect that we brought both home.




Rosie (Roro, or "The Terror")



Sambuca (Fattie, or "Poo Dangler"--long story)


We named her Sambuca but have never called her that; only the vet does. She's called Sammie in the house Smiley Happy


We've had them since they were 10 weeks old (rescue run by a coworker as a hobby) and they're turning 4 this October. This was when they were probably 12 weeks old... I think Sammie would completely fill this bed now if we still had it:



Re: Pet Paradise

yes, tons of cute photos.  Those eyes! 

Re: Pet Paradise

Cuteness overload!! @k617.

Re: Pet Paradise

Omg, they both have the prettiest eyes.


Re: Pet Paradise

@k617 - I have totally and completely melted!  What sweethearts!  Gush, gush...

Re: Pet Paradise

@k617,  I love your kitties! These are awesome photos.  You should be a cat photographer!

Marble Rye and Burnt Loaf are the funniest nick names!

The eyes on these cats!  Wow!  

And the kitten/baby photo!

 Sammie and Rosie are just darling! Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

I think getting two together is the best! Mine are litter mates as well and it's sweet how bonded they are. I just felt like I could never have separated them and it really didn't prevent them from bonding intensely with me either (which I read could be a thing but totally wasn't an issue). Your kitties are soooo cute! 

Re: Pet Paradise

OMG Sammie reminds me of Toothelss! So black with gorgeous green eyes. Im in loooooove

Re: Pet Paradise

Lol I thought about Toothless too!

Re: Pet Paradise

Perfect observation @Maria88.  One of my favorite movies too!

Re: Pet Paradise

Hahah @Maria88 DH and I call her Toothless too from time to time!

Re: Pet Paradise

@k617 They are both so beautiful!! Glad you adopted them together, they seem to love each other a lot. Black cats are least likely to be adopted so I'm thrilled Sammie found a good home with a kitty friend. Give them some pets for me!

Re: Pet Paradise

Will pass along the pets @samls324!

Re: Pet Paradise

Gorgeous girls! I love all cats, but I have a special place in my heart for green-eyed black cats ❤️

Re: Pet Paradise

@JayAitchGee Black cats are the most underrated cats ever! It makes me happy whenever I see a black cat in a happy home! <3

Re: Pet Paradise

Oh my goodness @k617 - describing them as "adorable" would be an understatement!  They are so's so great that both were adopted together.  Heart

Re: Pet Paradise

I agree with @ZombieMetroAnt.  I'm glad you adopted both Rosie and Sammie together.  You and they will be very happy!  I posted a picture of my two cats much earlier in the thread.  The cats are half litter mates (same father, different mothers).  Prior to them, I had two cats as well (3 years apart in age).  With those two, I realized I would never not have two cats again.  After both of them passed away (a year apart), I had the opportunity to adopt the half litter mates, I jumped at the chance.

Re: Pet Paradise

Thanks @ZombieMetroAnt @HelloCoffee @starrysilver @virgo87 Smiley Very Happy


Adopting them together was the right decision. They're super close and I think they're more well behaved (even though Rosie is still a troublemaker) because they have each other. We often find them in the same place, doing the same thing, in the same position.


Exhibit A: the top right photo is of them together. The black shadow is not a shadow at all--that's Sammie.



We also find Sammie in weird, derpy positions like these:



While Rosie is more proper, but behind that cute face is a force of terror, planning her next mischief:



Rosie likes to get stuck in plastic bags. She will often step through both handles, and drag the bag around. Weirdo.