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Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

When I was growing up I lived in a house with all girls except of course my father.   So between my mother and four of us sisters (There is actually seven of us, We just didnt all live together at the same time ) we Had a lot of girls who love their beauty products. I had two of my sisters who in insisted on using top-of-the-line shampoo, But my parents We're frugal especially my stepdad and he did not like to buy us  expensive shampoo. But every once in a while he would splurge. This is while we are in high school. Come to find out years later he told us a little secret, The expensive shampoos my sisters begged for we're not quite that expensive. He filled them up with cheap alternatives like generics and Suave. But hey our hair was shiny and beautiful. So from this experience I've learned a few things on how to be cheap with beauty, 

1) There is usually a cheaper alternative to your shampoo you do not really need to buy expensive shampoo. ( And by the way only 2% of the ingredients in shampoo actually enter the hair.) 

2) If you use face wipes cut them into half, quarters or thirds and it makes them last a lot longer

3) Doing at home pedicures and manicures every once a while saves a lot of money. 

4) I always opt for a haircut that doesn't need to be maintained often. The salon it really adds up. 


So I was wondering if anybody could share with me some awesome money-saving tips they have learned over the years to save a buck On beauty. 

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Short stuff-  I've noticed it's not always cheaper to buy the mini version of a product... Always compare before buying.   Now sure why companies do this.

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

You're right, they aren't.  They tend to cost more due to packaging, a smaller bottle isn't much cheaper than a larger one.  When I'm trying a product, I prefer minis, but if it's something I love, I'm getting the economy-jumbo-last-me-10-years size.  I

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

While I've not entirely perfected the system, I do have a couple things:


Ebates/Mr. Rebates-  I alternate between whichever one has the better cash back for what I'm buying, and if they're both low, I try to wait and see if it goes up.  


I work at a salon, so I get my hair and nails done for free.  I can't do the gels they offer, unfortunately, but I still do my own, as I don't want to pay for something I'm perfectly capable of doing.


I take advantage of sales and promos like no one's business!  Every few months, Ulta has their liter sale.  I only buy shampoo and conditioner then, as layering it with my employee discount takes my $50 of conditioner to about $15.  I try to buy as much as I can at work, just because I can layer the sales with my discount, so I save a lot more.  I also suggest layering the rewards points with the 20% off coupons, you'll get a great bang for your points that way.  


Always use a promo code-  Not always a good idea with Sephora, as we're only alloted so many per year, but it doesn't hurt to check!  


Set Splitting-  Example:  When UD's Vault of liners came out last fall, there were a ton I wanted, but couldn't justify the whole thing on my own.  I ended up splitting it with another BT user, and it was great!  We used the 20% off plus cash back and saved around 66% per pencil!  


I try to stock up during the friends and family sales, as careful planning means I don't have to pay full price!  Particularly with Sephora and individual brands, this is the best in my opinion.  Sometimes things come up between sales, but I always try to wait.  


Try in minis, buy in bulk-When I'm trying a new product, I always opt for the mini, in case I really hate it.  If I return it, the company is out less money, and if I love it, I can save the mini for travel.  


Recycle your containers-  With the UD setting sprays, you can buy a larger one, and refill a smaller one with it.  It's cheaper than constantly buying minis, better for the environment, and again makes travel easier.  

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Are we really only allowed to use a certain number of promo codes per year? I know most of them are one-time uses only, but I thought we could use one every order. If so, how many can we use a year?

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

I don't have the exact number, but I've seen it on BT before.  If I find out, I will let you know.

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

i have gel overlay on my nails but i only get them filled every 8-10 weeks...i get bored super quick and change the polish on top at least once a week.  When i change the polish i use a fiberized ridge filler base coat.  It has drastically extended the time i can go between fills!

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

what a great topic! all of your reasons are wonderful, and yes with those face mask's sue a thin layer! you can get about two masks with every "one mask" package + the mask isn't supposed to be thick and heavy like that anyway its only absorbing the layer of product touching your skin the other layers are just sitting there for the haircut  I have a layer bob that grows out beautifully and im growing my hair out anyway so ayay no haircut for the next two years (except for split ends) <3 what a great post <3

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Learn CVS programs/coupons/rolling extrabucks/sales/online coupons etc. You can end up with free products, cutting the purchase amount in half etc.

And other stores' rewards program/coupons/sales etc.

Also look for coupons/deals/etc. anywhere online to use when shopping online.


I normally will also do my own nails.


Tear a face treatment pad in half, depending on what type it is.


Ask companies directly for samples - I have an tote bag filled with samples from foils to deluxe sizes - most companies will send.


Instead of buying a hair refresher spray, get a cheap spray bottle and mix water and leave in conditioner, it works the same.


Running low on foundation/moisturizer etc ? Ask a beauty counter for a sample of what you normally use - they will be happy to supply.



Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

I love coupons!

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

My mom actually taught me all of this too!


1) We always bought cheap shampoo but splurged on conditioner because that is what helps out our hair more.


2) We also cut our face wipes as well. Even with the Shiseido Facial cottons, I cut those in half to stretch it as well. I use the half cut ones on my eyes remove my eye makeup.


3) We do at home mani and pedis. We got "real" manis and pedis 4 times a year (once a season).


4) My sisters and I all have long hair which doesn't need to get cut that often. And when we did, my mom would cut it for us. Plus we always made DIY hair masks that leave it all shiny and strong.


Plus- Vaseline/Olive Oil is amazing. I use it on my cuticles, on my knees, elbows, and heels, I also use it to smooth my hair, as a lip balm, and even to help remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup.


My mom also taught me a trick to get some more mascara out of a drying tube, stick it in warm water to warm it up. (Only do this for one or two days otherwise you may risk infection).


Also DIY facials and dry cleaning too!!

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

I use Vaseline as an eye makeup remover too! Lasts forever.


The only other trick I can think of now is instead of buying Wrinkle release, just hang your clothes in your bathroom when you shower, and the steam will release the wrinkles. 

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Most clothes that are "dry clean only" aren't actually "dry clean only" - they're just in need of careful cleaning. I also feel like the term "dry cleaning" gives the impression that it's a dry process, which seems gentler, which it is neither - it's solvents in a washing-machine-like process. There are a bunch of articles available online about which of your "dry clean only" clothes actually need to be dry cleaned. 

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

Honestly, I would have been mad had my parents revealed something like that to me - it's better to say no and explain why (and put your foot down if necessary) than it is to let someone think they're getting what they asked for - wouldn't it have been nice to have the option to earn your own money, buy the product, and see if it actually made a difference for you? It would have been a good lesson for you to learn as a teen, so that you had that skill built-in as an adult. 

Some money saving tips:

Read the ingredients list on your high-end products and the cheaper alternatives - you'd be surprised where you find bad ingredients in high end products and more natural or better ingredients in mid-range and drugstore products. 
Watch your sales cycles for a year or two, you'll learn when the best time to buy the certain products you like is. Once you figure it out, buy enough to last you until the next sale cycle (some products go on sale a couple of times a year, some once a year, some almost never and if you find them on sale you should grab what you can afford to grab.) I rarely buy non-color cosmetics and beauty stuff on sale. I never buy nail polish at full price. 

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

It doesn't matter how cute my haircut is, bangs annoy me and I always end up putting them up in a ponytail anyways, so I end up just getting a layered cut once a year for $10 or something. I also don't buy conditioner since I've got a BAZILLION hair oil.


While my skin do get dry sometimes and I am tempted by the fancy high-end body butter/cream with exotic extracts, I recognize the fact that I don't need them since any thick cream will do and I wear perfume anyways, so I stock up when BBW have really good coupons.


And I keep a beauty calendar and don't buy unless there's a good promo/GWP. And right now I'm on Ebates, Swagbucks and Bing to help me get "free money". =D

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

I try my hardest not to buy beauty products unless there is a gwp, I just love free stuff and love trying new samples. 

Re: Beauty cheap stakes. Stretching a dollar.

If I can buy the same thing at retail somewhere else, that Sephora sells, and the other stores has a gwp I will use, I'll purchase it at the other store or wait for a gwp that is usable to me.

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