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Weekly Make-up Rotation

Has anyone been successful with a Weekly Make-up Rotation? If you haven't heard of this idea... it helps avoid using the same make-up products each and every day, without giving the rest of your makeup stash a chance! This is a great way to "shop your stash" and rediscover great products (you DID buy each products for a reason, right?! Smiley Wink) I love the idea of this because it helps get you out of your comfort zone and switch up your look each week. I know my makeup looks pretty much the same everyday for work... I always just reach for my NAKED palette. So, I'm up for the challenge!


Basically, you choose your makeup for the week (face, eyes, lips, etc) and switch it up with different products the next week, and continue each week after that! Of course it's okay to repeat some products - for example, I only use one foundation... so I will repeat that product each week. I thought this would be perfect to start early during the week so that we can really get a chance to complete it!


I've tried this before, but sometimes I'd be running late for work and end up reaching for my "comfort" products! I'm determined to stick to this! Smiley Happy


Here is what I chose for this upcoming week:




1. SEPHORA Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Medium 25 and Tan 26.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light Medium.

3. NARS Blush in Orgasm (I can't even REMEMBER the last time I used this!).

4. UDPP.

5. Inglot neutral eye shadow palette.

6. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink (I had trouble with this one last time. When I was in a hurry, my liquid pen liner was so much faster to apply than gel liner!)

7. Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara (I will be tossing this one out after this week! Project 10 Pan! Too bad I LOVE this mascara).

8. EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit.

9. NYX Lip Liner in Nude Pink.

10. MAC Wonder Woman Lip Stick in Marquise D' (haven't used this in awhile and I LOVEE it!).

11. Smashbox Lip Gloss in Brown Sugar.


I am SO SO excited for this rotation! I keep all the products in one place (make-up bag) to remember what I've chosen.


Once we're done, ladies, we get to put everything back and shop our stash for the following week! Smiley Happy Can't wait to see your lists! Also, fill me in if you have been able to keep up with it =)



Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

I feel I do use my products mostly equal...there are some comfort ones I go to allthe time.  I only have one BB cream, and one tinted moist. so they r safe...but my eyeshadow palettes need to be used with equal amonts of love.  I am tending to go with naked palette since its so nuetral and easy to splash something on quickly.  My lipglosses also need to be used evenly, as I tend to just go for the tinted sugar, and I am collecting mascaras for some reason.  I really want to buy the They're Real mascara, but I promised myself I'd wait until some of them were gone.   

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

This week's look consists of my trusty MUFE HD foundation and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Plus LORAC concealer duo,

Givenchy Mister Mat Primer.


For the newly rotated in items:  UD shadow in Vapor, UD Naked Palette (I didn't use this one last week, I was using an old MAC pick 4 palette, forget which colors are in there, something grey-ish and something lilac-ish), Stila Waterproof Glitter liner in Flash, UD 24/7 Shadow pencil in Barracuda.


Project 10 pan items: MAC Little Minx shadow, Too Faced Pink Leopard Love Bronzer, Shu Uemura Lash Primer (unless it's used up, I had a hard time getting any out last time), Sephora Lash Booster, Benefit They're Real Mascara (if I can find it), MAC Wuss lipstick.

This isn't as hard as 10 pan because the palettes at least give me a little bit of variety to choose from.

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@prettyinpa I have such a hard time enjoying my Too Faced Shadow Insurance... every time I use it, SOOOOOOOO much liquid comes out. It's kind of gross! I have to squeeze out a ton until I reach a decent consistency. have you experienced that at all?

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@katie723-  When I bought the Shadow Insurance, the SA showed me how sometimes when the tube is opened, it comes out a bit thinner at first, she said to put the lid back on and shake the tube and kind of massage the area where the primer is to mix it in the tube. I have very occasionally had that thinness upon opening and it I follow her directions, when I reopen the tube the consistency is fine. Usually happens if I have left the tube sitting at home while I am travelling and return to find it doing that thinness business. Nuisance, but it doesn't happen too often to me.


Hope this clears up your tube's problem.

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

thanks for the tip! i'll add it to next week's makeup rotation and follow your advice Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

I just got back from 5 days away from home for work, and I have been wearing the same makeup for all 5 days and BOY am I tired of that look!


I will compile a whole new look (Make Up For Ever HD foundation and Too Faced Shadow Insurance will be used each day because I only own those products in those categories. I threw out all my old foundations that were dried up or I was sick of and were near expiration dates, so I only have the MUFE left) and post what products are being used. I am in Project 10 pan, but I can sort of work around it.


Great question, I just love posts that work to get me out of my makeup rut! Between questions like this and maltipoo's new looks, I have much to look forward to!

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

i would love to join in, but i can't seem to ever get myself out of bed early enough to put on any makeup!  how do you guys do it? 


in any event, the products i would pick for this week...

Mac Tinted Moisturizer

Clinique High Impact Mascara (i think it expires soon)

Too Faced Bronzed & Beautiful french riviera kit

Clinique lid smoothie in cashew later

UD Naked palette (one of the dark shades as liner)


i feel pretty excited about these picks, but i really think i'll just sleep in till the very last minute...

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@jxw200 it is very easy to just sleep in as long as possible, isn't it? Smiley Happy i would totally do that, too! unfortunately, i feel like i really need to conceal and put on foundation before i go to work since i have dark acne scars on my face from adult acne.


my makeup routine only takes 15-20 minutes every morning, so it's not TOO much to ask for! Smiley Happy plus, my powder foundation is really simple and easy... i just take a large face brush and pat it all over my face, dab on some concealer and my face looks flawless Smiley Happy


a pen liquid liner is SUPER easy and only takes seconds to apply... i'd recommend a product like Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. it's just like drawing with a sharpie, i love it!





An easy eye liner and a pigmented lip gloss are quick and easy products that take minimal effort in the morning Smiley Happy


Good Luck! Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

I have days where I do tend to sleep in a bit longer.  Then my day ends up being a lazy day lol.  I get up early and get to campus early just so I don't have to park all the way in Egypt (which is more like off campus in book).  So I usually have time to put on some makeup.  After doing my makeup, I feel like I can take on the day.  Including my evil biology class lol.


This morning, I did use the products for my week routine.  With the Woodstock eyeshadow, I used it in the inner corners of my eyelids and then applied Chase from the Anniversary palette in the outer 2/3 of the lids and outer V.  Also used Vanilla as a highlight.  So far so good lol.

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@kimmi1115 your stories make me miss living on campus during undergrad! i think i only wore eye liner, mascara and lip gloss when i lived on campus. now i feel like i wear a lot more because 1) i now have things to conceal and 2) i have learned so much about different products and fell in love with makeup =) I'm glad you're makeup rotation is going well! your eye look sounds pretty! what does woodstock look like? i don't have that. i want to see if i have something similar so i can try it out w/ Chase! =) I've been using my products, except today i didn't have time to put on eye shadow so i totally skipped that step!


@jxw200 you're so funny Smiley Happy I'm pretty sure I only wore chapstick in middle school! i hate it when my eyes get itchy (or when something gets in my contact, erg!) and i'm wearing eye shadow! i'm either like, "OH NO! I just smeared my eye shadow!" or "umm... now how am I supposed to rub my eye..." and then end up rubbing it awkwardly.

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

Here's a pic of Woodstock from Google.






It's fun to use with neutral colors for a nice pink pop.  It looks similar to Junkshow from the Anniversary palette, but I think Woodstock has a bit more of a vibrant pop to it.  At least that's how it look in the lighting in my bedroom lol. 

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@kimmi1115, ohhh! thats the pink shade in the Roller Girl Palette, right?? Thanks for letting me know! I heard its a really pretty shade on most skin types! Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@katie723  It sure is!  I think that's the only shade they sell as a single from the Rollergirl palette.  I can't recall the names of the neutrals in that palette. 



Overall, I have stuck with my weekly products.  However, since I got my new mascara, it was time to let the dried up/almost gone one go.  May it rest in peace lol.  I also added my new lipliner to my makeup bag. 

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@kimmi1115, RIP mascara! haha Smiley Happy was that mascara part of your Project 10 Pan? i'll be tossing out my mini BADgal lash after this weekend, so im excited to cross ONE thing off my Project 10 Pan!


oh how fun, what kind of new lip liner did you get? i just started getting into lip liners two months ago and i love them! Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@katie723  It was the main mascara I use.  I have a mini Urban Decay curling mascara that I use from time to time. 


This was my first lip liner.  After seeing it on the QVC smashbox special, I knew I wanted to try it.  It's Smashbox's The Nude Lip Liner.  So far, I am very impressed with it!




Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@kimmi1115 oh! i have a mini UD one too! i've used it once since i got it (from the bridal kit) and it's not so bad! Smiley Happy enjoy your Smashbox lip liner! i will definitely have to check it out at the store next time! I won't be able to purchase it due to my no-buy, but at least I have something to look forward to swatching! Smiley Happy




as for next week's rotation, here are my products:




1. SEPHORA Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Med 25 and Tan 36 (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light Medium (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

3. E.l.f. Blush in Tickled Pink (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

4. UDPP (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

5. UD Show Pony Palette - will be mostly using Smog and Toasted as my lid color. Toasted is in the NAKED palette, but I have a larger dent in this palette.

6. UD NAKED Palette - will be using Naked in my crease and Sin as an inner corner highlight (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

7. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

8. Maybelline One by One Mascara - will be tossing this one out after this week! Yay, Project 10 Pan!

9. EOS Lip Balm in Melon (I think that's what the flavor is).

10. NYX Lip Liner in Nude Pink.

11. Benefit Lip Stick in Skinny Dip.

12. Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bamboo Pink (fixed in my routine - Project 10 Pan).

13. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion in SPF 60.


Have you ladies been able to keep up with the rotation? Any positive or negative feedback regarding the rotation system?

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@katie723  That is a beautiful purple in the Show Pony Palette!  I've only seen that palette on ebay.  Are the ELF products as good as people say they are?  I've heard great things about them, but I am quite surprised.  I saw some of the products when I was randomly browsing the Dollar Tree the other day.




I survived week one and successfully used my UD Woodstock single in some way each day, which led to quite a variety of looks.  Here's what I'll try to work with for week 2:





  • Sample of Smashbox Halo in Light  -there is a lot more than you think in that sample!  Hopefully I can finish it off this week.
  • Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light  -still want to get more of it used before trying Benefit's.  This one is really good for blemishes, but not so much undereye area.
  • TheBalm Balm Shelter TM in Light/Medium  -Threw this in just in case I do finish off my Smashbox sample.
  • Bare Escentuals Blush in Beauty
  • Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder



  • UDPP
  • Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Truth  -this one hasn't been used much recently, especially since I got the UD Anniversary palette.  This week will be dedicated only to the colors in it.  Since TN's weather can vary, I think I can still get by with the bright greens.  Fall doesn't officially start till later this week anyway lol.
  • Rimmel Eyeliner in Ivy  -it's slowly vanishing lol.  Leftover from Senior prom.
  • Sephora Nano Eyeliner in 08 Iced Brownie and 20 Wild Spirit
  • Buxum Lash Mascara  -got it last week, but not sure how I feel about it.  It doesn't give my lashes the "fluffy" look like UD Big Fatty did.  I may end up taking it back Friday.  I'll give it a couple of more tries before deciding though.
  • Urban Decay mini Curling mascara  -just in case I decide to return the Buxom one.
  • Flirt! Clear Deal brow gel



  • Smashbox Nude Lip Liner in Fair  (it has more pink to it than the light one)
  • Lip Primer from Sally's Beauty Supply
  • Estee Lauder mini lip gloss in Nude Rose 
  • Victoria's Secret lipstick in Pulse  -gonna try to get the last bright colors in before Fall arrives lol
  • Urban Decay mini Lip Junkie in Midnight Cowboy



  • Kat Von D Saint Rollerball



I hope more people join in this at least one time.  It's interesting to see if you can last a whole week with certain products, kinda like the Survivor reality game show, but with makeup lol.

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@kimmi1115 I was really intimidated by the purple and the blue when I first got the palette, but they are totally wearable!! I don't use too many colors, but I know for sure that I'll throw on the purple shade when I'm watching the Lakers Smiley Wink no joke!! Smiley Happy Btw, I'm going to try the Buxom mascara (I got a mini one in a VIB gift box recently) tomorrow and I hope it works out?! I'm sorry you didn't like it that much! The brush looks very unique... not sure if that's a good thing or not! I found out this morning (unfortunately) that my Maybelline One by One was dried out and clumpy =(


I lovee E.l.f. products!! Their blushes have great pigmentation... I've had mine for the last year and a half and I haven't even hit pan! They are $3, too Smiley Happy What else have I tried... their mineral eye shadow primer, which I believe is $1 and has the same consistency of UDPP. I haven't noticed if it is better or worse than UDPP, but I still like it! Their brushes are amazing, particularly the studio line, which I think are $3. The studio blush brush is my favorite brush to use with my MAC blush and I use the Duo Fiber / Stippling brush to create a flawless glow with the E.l.f. blush. Their basic eye brushes are great, particularly their lid and crease brush. The only one I didn't like was the basic Face brush ONLY because it had a red tint on the brush hairs which would bleed when I washed it... so it just creeped me out to think of what it was doing to my face! I heard wonderful things about their mineral lip sticks... so I look forward to trying them when I allow myself to buy them Smiley Happy I can't believe you saw E.l.f. products at the Dollar Tree! My Dollar Tree needs to start carrying them!!


I admire your openness to brighter, bolder colors! Smiley Happy Great idea for getting them in as much as you can before the Fall season! It has been super hot here lately in Orange County... I just want to pull out my sweaters and boots already!


I agree this feels like a survival reality... er, makeup challenge! Smiley Happy I hope people join in, too!


...did I just write a novel?!

Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

@katie723   A year and a half use from a $3 blush?!  That's amazing!  I may have to give a couple of their products a try.  If I end up not liking it, I won't be out too much.  I've seen some of the products at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Kmart.  I don't think I've seen them at Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS. 


Bold colors are such fun to play with!  I've posted some of the colorful looks I've done on the forum before.  The pictures should be in my photo album on here on my profile if you'd like to see them.  There's no need to fear the brights once you learn to work with them. 




@prettyinpa  I agree that the weekly rotation is easier than a 10 pan.  I like having the variety from a palette, whether it's a smaller palette (like my Kat Von D one) or larger (anniversary palette). 




Re: Weekly Make-up Rotation

I will be posting my new rotation tonight.


I was quite unsuccessful with the eye shadows this past week simply because I was only able to wear it like twice? I always wake up too late to think about eye shadow. I didn't use my Clinique lip gloss too much in the morning because my lip stick is glossy enough! Everything else was good Smiley Happy


@kimmi1115, I've only seen E.l.f. at Target here in Orange County. And I love your eye looks! =) I admire your creativity AND I already told you you've got amazing eye lashes!! I'm jealous! Smiley Happy I'll definitely incorporate more colors into my looks when I know I'm just going out with friends and not heading into the office! Smiley Happy

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