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Anything of vitamins that help with fatigue,  dehydration,  or stress/ high BP?

Re: Suggestions

In addition to B Vitamins, Vitamin D is also a deficiency for a lot of people. Deficiency leads to a lot of other health issues so try to stay balanced. A really good quality Multi-Vitamin is a good place to start. I like LOVE Wellness multi and their other prebiotic and supplements are awesome too!

Re: Suggestions


- b vitamins are best here!  Liquid b vitamins will get into the system via the blood stream faster than anything else.  This isn’t the only solution - just an isolated vitamin that’s found in foods to help give energy!  The way you eat has to change to see a change in your health on a daily basis that stays this way!  


Yerba mate - it’s a little earthy, so i like to add lemon and a little bit of honey and some fresh mint or peppermint spirits - but go easy with this one - they’re really powerful!!!! Just one drop necessary!!!! No kidding!!!!!!



....WARNING: if you’re sensitive to caffeine - I’d stay away from this option, and opt for a green tea and a well balanced diet.  (you’ll know bc your heart will race - so stay away from all that does this - it’s too much stress on your heart)


....Same with the isolated b-vitamins or any vitamin/mineral/supplement:  when you’re using a concentrated, isolated vitamin/mineral/supplement - instead of the whole food form where the isolated vitamin comes from, listen to your body - its your best guide to what is healthy for us and what doesn’t make us feel good.  If something changes in the negative way, that doesn’t make you feel good or you have an adverse reaction to, stop using it!  And make sure you have allergy testing done - so you’ll know what your allergies are and find a doctor you can have a conversation with that actually speaks to you like a human being - they’ll have a conversation with you like this.  They’ll educate you and help you understand what it is you need or want to understand.


...and, know that the whole foods themselves (think: kale, cauliflower, tomato, strawberries - instead of compounds/vitamins/minerals/etc found in them, but the whole food (strawberry) itself) - comes created perfectly balanced from earth - and is created to give us all the nutrition we need for a healthy body and life.  So, that’s why the below is what’s best and will re-align the body, in the bodys natural time back to a state of health, instead of deficiency. 


....and, its always best to have a full scope allergy testing done - that tests environmental, foods, spices, etc - that is full-scope (you can find an in-expensive one on groupon) and then you can see for yourself and have a physical copy of what you’re allergies are so you know what foods and things to stay away from that will have a negative affect on your body.


....And, blood work - to know of underlying issues you make not know of - like sugar sensitivity and the like, that can greatly negatively affect your body’s health and energy levels - so you’re educated on what it is - and research this yourself - so you’re educated and can have a working conversation with your doctor about your tests and concerns - or an internist or natural medicine doctor who specializes in deficiencies and now, telemedicine for just about anything.  If something doesn’t sit right with you, consult a second opinion.



eating a well balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts/seeds, grains, and protein - and eating at specific intervals, every 2-3 hours, 5-6 small meals a day will help stablize the body and blood sugar.  This will clean your body and re-align it to its proper health and give you sustained energy all day long.


...What helps here is a love of cooking and, if not, eating healthy and loving your new state of health to come will help build this!

....the cookbook magazines that you find on the shelf now are the best go to and inspiration here!!!!   

...You’ll always have something delicious and new to try so you never get bored.



- and green juice!!!  one that has a mixture of lots of greens - the simplest and best is an equal mixture (meaning about the same size of each - cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, cilantro, with lemon and green apple


....the lemon is alkalizing to the body and the green apple is balanced tartness so its not too much sugar that can negatively affect the body and will help CLEANSE DETOX RE-ALKALIZE, re-energize, re-align the body to health instead of living in deficiency as the live foods and greens are filled with vitamins minerals micronutrients and phytonutrients to help take you from a state of poor health to a state of loving your health!  


....this is best first thing in the morning to get a jump start with energy and health!


... And, remember to clean and rinse your juicer daily - right after is best the practice. technology means self-cleaning juicer!  This is to come!



- 1 medium to large size cucumber 

- several celery stalks to match the size of the cucumber 

- 1 bunch of kale

- 1 bunch of spinach 

- 1 bunch cilantro 

- 1 lemon (peeled)

- 1 green apple 

....I drink this daily for my health and never looked back!!!!!  And, have never been happier!!!

....we added a juicer to our office and make morning juice for our small office daily!!!!!’s the best addition to my life!!!!!

..... I just love it, can’t rave about it enough!!!!!!!  Me too!



Tip: do a web search of “foods to help fight fatigue” and “food for energy” and you can learn all the foods that will help you rebalance this deficiency in your body and realign to a better state of health 



A little about us: we studied natural medicine ...loving to heal the body this way - physical therapy, aromatherapy, food as medicine, plant medicine, tinctures, tea apothecary, and the like.  We’re a group of friends setting out on adventure of life together to help change the world to a more healthier place!  ....were working on a go to educational resource for all under one umbrella, a couple of restaurants and social clubs, maybe a reality show, editorials in the healthy living world, and whatever else may come our way!!!  Cooking workshops, community events - whatever life brings us!



Re: Suggestions

This is a great question for your family doctor, or your health care team @emrose22 A doctor could get to the root of the issues and point you in the direction of the best vitamins for you. Dehydration is serious, so I think a professional is best. 🩵

Re: Suggestions

Hi! Really recommend getting a blood work up at your doc’s office to rule out any underlying health issues related to fatigue and of course to monitor your bp. B vitamins usually help with energy levels. Ashwaganda is awesome for energy and stress. If you currently take any prescription meds, run these past your doc first. Cutting down on added salt can help bp a LOT. And dehydration is best remedied with plain old water. Stay away from diuretics like coffee and soda that make you lose water.

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