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Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨



Members of Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community are probably familiar with Gallery – the Community platform where you can post beauty photos and get inspiration from other members’ photos as well. Recently, we teased that some exciting changes were coming, and now we’re announcing that the platform makeover is finally LIVE with one major update: Gallery now includes videos! 🎉🤩🎥


To see the new Gallery yourself, visit the Gallery home page from your favorite device:


  • On the Sephora app, toggle to the “Community” tab in the bottom navigation bar and click “Gallery” at the top of the page
  • On your favorite web browser, visit


We can’t wait for you to poke around the new Gallery experience! Here are five things you might see when you check it out, starting at the top of the page and working downward:


  1. MY GALLERY: In the top right corner, you will find a link to My Gallery – this is a compilation of all your approved Gallery content. Never uploaded to Gallery before? We can’t wait for you to post your first photo or video: you’ll see it here when you do. 🙏💙




  1. HI, ARE YOU NEW HERE?: The first time you visit the new Gallery, you’ll notice a grey banner at the top of the page that reads: “Hi! Are you new here?” From this section, you can click to learn more about getting started in the BIC – helpful for all the newcomers and fresh faces in Community. 😊 If you’re a Community regular, you can tap “Got it” and move on.




  1. TRENDING: The new Trending section allows you to view select featured Gallery photos and videos – and you might notice the content change slightly depending on the season! Scroll through dozens of high-quality images and video clips and click through to see what products people are tagging via the Shop This Post feature to start building your own basket. Think of the Trending section as a Gallery highlight reel.





  1. EXPLORE: In the middle of the page is the main event: the Explore section. Here you’ll find all approved Gallery content – photos, videos, content uploaded from, content pulled in from social media using the mention of @sephora – all in one place!





  1. UPLOAD TO GALLERY: Have a selfie, “SHELFie,” swatches, or other cool product photo you want to share? Or maybe you shot a short video showing off a beauty technique or routine? If you wish to post your own images or videos, click “Upload to Gallery.” From there, you’ll be able to upload your content via a method of your choice, add a caption, tag product(s) you used, and disclose if you received something in exchange for your post (e.g., free product, payment, or a sweepstakes entry). 📸 For our frequent Gallery contributors, we have good news: if you’re using the web version of Gallery, you can now upload multiple pieces of content at once!






Lastly, we’re answering some questions that might come up related to this new Gallery makeover – FAQ-style!


What happened to my old Gallery posts?

Rest assured that the Gallery photos you have uploaded throughout your time in Community are not disappearing! Some older posts are temporarily not visible while our tech partners work their migration magic behind the scenes, know that all the beautiful photos that lived in Gallery before this re-introduction of the platform will soon be visible again (there’s a lot of them! 😉). Stay tuned – when the time comes, you will be able to access content you’ve posted via My Gallery (see #1 above).


Is there a benefit to posting content in Gallery?

Posting to Gallery helps other shoppers see product “in real life” – since they get to see it captured by real people just like you! 🙌 Additionally, contributing to Gallery is one way in which you can earn new ranks in the Beauty Insider Community; for more information on your Community rank, check out this post: Demystifying the Community Rank System 


I just uploaded content to Gallery but I’m not seeing it in My Gallery or the Explore section – what happened?

Keep it mind that all Gallery content goes through moderation to help keep the platform fun and appropriate for all! Once your content has been submitted, it may take up to 72 hours to get approved and appear in Gallery – we promise it’s worth the wait. 😉


I see some of the posts in Gallery have a badge that says “Incentivized” – what does that mean?

The “Incentivized” badge indicates that the content creator received something in exchange for the post (like free product, payment, or a sweepstakes entry, for example). This badge appears when a member selects this box when uploading to Gallery:




How do I report inappropriate Gallery content?

Click into a piece of content, then open the menu on the right side and select “Report.” You will then see instructions on how to report the image or video via email. Thank you for keeping Gallery safe!





Wait … I’m not seeing the new Gallery experience on the Sephora app!

Please double-check to see if you are using the latest version of the Sephora iOS or Android app – if not, we encourage you to update the app to see the latest version of the Community Gallery. 😃


[EDIT 9/15/2023]: Can I use filters on the content I upload to Gallery?

Your fellow Sephora shoppers want to see what products look like on real people like you, so we encourage posting unfiltered photos/videos to let you and your favorite products shine!


Fun fact: did you know Gallery was once called “Beauty Board”? Some of our long-term BIC besties might remember that name. 🧡 Comment below and let us know your favorite part of the new Gallery – we can’t wait to see what photos and videos you share (and what products you tag)!

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Where do I find pictures I've uploaded to other community members' posts? Thank you for hosting a wonderful experience, @TeamBIC 😊

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @missaa8! 👋😊 You might be referring to photos you upload to other Community members' posts here in the Forum; the Forum is actually a completely different platform from Gallery! You can access Gallery by visiting this link:

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

I appreciate your help, @GeorginaBT 😍✌️💕 

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@TeamBIC I was browsing through my gallery pics and noticed that some pics were duplicated even though I might have deleted the duplicated ones in the past. 



Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Thanks for continuing to poke around Gallery and let us know about the issues you see, @SportyGirly125! It really is helpful for our tech partners - we've passed this along! 🙏

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @TeamBIC @GeorginaBT 

I have been uploading pics to the gallery on and off since the update and anything I've uploaded since before the update I can't see right now in "My Gallery" or in my profile. The last photo it shows me is one I did during the last week of July. I can't tell if they are uploading and just not visible to me or if they are uploading at all. I'm sure I had pics uploaded in there since the update that I could view, but they have disappeared, to me at least. ( I checked desktop on my android and in my Sephora App, they both show no new photos since before the update)


Thank you for all the hard work and all the help with app stuff 🙏

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Same @TeamBIC , uploaded 5(?) pics via mobile on chrome/Android.  Always states it goes through, but nada 

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Uh oh! 😮 Thanks for letting us know @danielledanielle - noted this is happening to you as well. 

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @CynthieLu! Thanks for trying and testing out the Gallery. 😊 We're sharing your feedback with our tech partners; it'll be very helpful for them as they investigate similar issues we've been seeing too! 

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Thank you @GeorginaBT and the tech partners for all the hard work on the new updates 🙏

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@TeamBIC @The gallery option is great! But I'm having trouble visiting profiles to follow people. I tap the name of the profile to see more of their posts and nothing happens. Is this a temporary error?

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @sumlem - thanks for your patience on a response here! 😊 Yes, we are seeing some issues where clicking on a person's username in Gallery is not taking you to their profile to see more of their photos. Appreciate you flagging that you see them as well; we're working with our tech partners on a fix as we speak!

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@TeamBIC Hooray for videos! I tested this feature out last Wednesday using the option to upload a video from Instagram, but still don't see it posted so I assume it was rejected idk... I tried re-submitting it today with a much shorter caption (3 words) hoping that that would help, fewer sentences to approve maybe? I still think it would be easier to receive a rejection email/notification with a reason so it's easier to figure out what's wrong and how to change it so it gets approved. Anyways, I felt that tagging products was easier than before, as the loading time for it to search for products was a bit quicker. 👏 However, I noticed that when I tried to find a particular product, searching the product's name would bring the item up, but not necessarily by searching the brand name. I'm not sure why sometimes the brand name isn't associated with the product when trying to tag it.

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @Guessgal! Thanks for testing out the new Gallery. 😊 Just took a look and it seems your video was rejected due to copyrighted audio. Would you like to try uploading the same video without any music? 


Really appreciate your feedback about moderation and product tagging - it's super helpful as we continue to make improvements in the platform!

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@GeorginaBT Thanks for letting me know so quickly! I stripped the music and tried submitting again, hopefully third time’s a charm! 🤗💕

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@TeamBIC  The new gallery looks great. I uploaded a new photo on Friday and the experience was so easy and pleasant. There is only one glitch I had, today I noticed that photo is  loaded under a different user name in the gallery, I took a screen shot: 



Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@Missnur Oh it's good to see that you saw it! I also noticed the different username when I was scrolling on Gallery and was going to message you about it!

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@Missnur Stunning as always - forever associating hot pink with you. 😍💗 We're working with our vendor partners to look into this username issue as we speak; how very odd! Thanks for your patience on a fix, and thanks for testing out the new Gallery! 🙏

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

@GeorginaBT  Hi! ☺️

Have you had any updates on the gallery glitch I’m experiencing? I tried uploading again this weekend and everything seemed fine but as of today still no new photo in my gallery. 

Re: Re-introducing Community Gallery! ✨

Hi @Missnur! So sorry you're still experiencing this issue - our tech partners have pulled in more resources to look into this one. 😥 Miss seeing your fabulous photos! I hope to share some good news very soon. 

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