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General Skincare Questions

I have no clue on how to create a good skincare routine! With so many options it’s overwhelming. Should I follow a basic couple steps or a 12 step routine?


What should and should not be used together?

What are the best products that YOU have found helpful or a routine order that has worked?


I want to start using retinol but no idea where to put it in, how often, etc. PLEASE HELP 

Re: General Skincare Questions

Retinol is kind of a tricky one because it can't be mixed with A LOT of products. 

I never put it on in the morning because the sun doesn't react well with it. Glycolic acid and retinol are a no together - same with salicylic acid. 

I've had A LOT of luck with The Ordinary - the company is really good on social media about answering regime questions and the website has awesome tools to show you how to layer each product. I prefer buying products in store after research online and that's where Sephora comes in 😂

I use a salicylic face wash and glycolic toner in the morning, followed by hyaluronic acid, The Ordinary skin barrier serum, and spf moisturizer. 

At night, I use a squalene cleanser, rosewater toner, hyaluronic acid, barrier serum, retinol and collagen serum, and moisturizer. 

Re: General Skincare Questions

Hi @princess98sarah that's a big question and the answer depends on a few things, 

Your budget, your skin care needs and goals. The amount of time you have to commit to a daily routine etc..

It's there anything you're not liking about your current routine?

What's your age, young skin and older skin tolerate things differently.

Re: General Skincare Questions

I’m quite young (25) and not sure if retinol is meant for older ages? I don’t really have a budget unless it’s over a thousand and i have a lot of time. 


I typically use basic cerave cleanser, dermalogica products, daily exfoliants, glycolic cleanser, rice toner, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen. I’m so confused on so many things! 

If glycolic cleanser should be used daily, paired with other cleansers, can be used on body? Seen people putting them on body and armpits?


The difference between HA and SA, what shouldn’t be paired with vitamin C. What on earth tretinoin is and how to pair it? Proper skincare order. I try to create routines and just end up breaking out bc I have no idea what is good or how to skincare lol! 


I just want to see what your guy’s routine looks like, any special product recommendations that have helped, your order, when to use certain products etc!

Re: General Skincare Questions

@princess98sarah @I have combo skin more on the dry side and apply retinol after my toner and essence. You can use retinol if you are 25 (especially if you see fine lines and wrinkles forming). I didn’t start using retinol till my late 30s but everyone is different. 

If glycolic cleanser should be used daily

This depends on your skin tolerance. I don’t use it everyday because I have sensitive skin. I wouldn’t use it on your body unless it is meant for the body. 


The difference between HA (plumps up the skin and hydrates it) and SA (for people that are acne prone)


usually you wouldn’t use a retinol and vitamin c serum at the same time. You can use the c serum in the morning and retinol at night (start retinol off slowly then gradually, once every couple days then more as your skin starts tolerating it). 

skincare order

go from thin to thicker consistency 

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