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Dry under eyes

I have a very dry under eyes area + dark spots + fine lines.


Currently, I am wearing this products for the eyes area:



BELIF - Moisturizing Eye Bomb


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Ginger


LAURA MERCIER - Translucent Loose Setting Powder - Translucent




 After the application, my skin get creased, more fine lines are visible, and it is darker, it is a disaster! I try to get 6-7hrs sleep, drinking 2lts water, and seriously, I do not know what I have to do to improve this.


Can someone share their experience and recommend a product to  relieve it?

Re: Dry under eyes

Try out the Shaba eye serum from Drunken Elephant, I've used a lot of eye creams and serums and this one is the only one that lightened my dark circles. In regards to the concealer it might not be the products but the method. Prior to applying concealer apply a corrector, depending on your skin tone you can choose a pink or orange one. After that you can apply your concealer and your under eyes wont have the grey shadow and then set it with a translucent powder. I use the Kat Von D concealer and the Huda Beauty setting powder. Hope this was helpful!

Re: Dry under eyes

Thank you! I will try with the corrector technique before applying the concealer. 

Re: Dry under eyes

@Daygonz KORA Organics Noni Glow Radiant Eye Oil .34 oz / 10 mLwI’ll change your life. I promise! It will plump those fine lines and hydrate your undereyes like you’ve never seen before.


i also recommend Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Finishing Powder Dim Lightto set them. Translucent powder, when applied with a brush, only makes them look dryer, in my opinion. Using a damp sponge with Hourglass softens and brings them forward since it has a glowy finish. It makes them look more youthful. Next time, try a damp sponge as opposed to a brush with your Laura mercier. You will see a difference. And never, ever bake. 

Re: Dry under eyes

Nice tip! Thank you, I will give a try. 

RE: Dry under eyes

Hi! I have the same problem and I’m still experimenting with some things. I tried a sample of the belif eye bomb. It’s actually the first higher end eye cream I ever used. The sample was not enough to really know what the long term results are, but it really moisturized but I also experienced creasing still. I switched to the Olehenricksen Banana Bright Eye Cream. I got a mini sized one so it will last me a lot longer than the belif. So far I’ve used that morning and night for 4 days. Again, it does take longer than 4 days to see true results but I will say that overall my undereye area has been a little less puffy upon waking up. Hasn’t done much for the lines yet but I do like how it feels on my under eyes a little better than the belif. As far as brightening, I think people are under the impression that the banana coloring is what brightens. That might have something to do with it, but when you put it on your under eyes and pat it in, that color goes away and it doesn’t immediately brighten like a brightening color correcting makeup item. It soaks in really well. Overall I really like this eye cream because I feel like with continued use I’ll end up seeing the results I want. I really do. I don’t know if it helps with concealer application/appearance because after the eye cream soaks in I use Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer before I put on makeup. I swear by this, because it’s very light, velvety once it hits your skin and really easy to apply. I don’t feel like I’m pulling on my skin when I’m rubbing it in like a lot of primers. THIS primer is what really helps with concealer for me. Also, it does smooth out the lines a little. Nothing crazy, but enough to make a difference. I can wear this after my eye cream and then not apply any makeup at all, and it still makes my under eyes look a lot better. Smoother and more awake. Also as it dries or soaks in, you feel a really nice cooling sensation which is an added bonus. Overall my concealer does look better but it’s not perfect. My eye bags are large and puffy with my lines located right under my bottom lashes and that area is harder to apply any cream or treatment to because it’s so close to the eye. My left eye is significantly puffier and darker than my right. Always has been, no matter what. No idea why. But even that left eye looks a little better lately. If you must set your under eyes with powder, BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh loose powder works the best for me. It’s made of 50% water believe it or not. It actually feels like you are putting something cold and wet on your face but it’s not wet. It’s a very fine and soft cold powder and the finish is beautiful. It doesn’t look powdery at all like a lot of powder and it doesn’t dry me out even more. I will say though, this works best if I don’t use it over my fine lines under my bottom lashes. It’s hard to not accidentally go up that high with it, but if you use a beauty blender and do it slowly you can be more accurate. It does settle into the lines if I do apply it on them but if I don’t apply it there, it really sets my concealer wonderfully. Doesn’t look dry at all. It truly is a hydrating powder! Everyone is different. Even though you and I have similar descriptions of our under eyes, these may or may not work for you but using these products, I’ve seen improvement. Hope that is helpful!! Good luck 💖

Re: RE: Dry under eyes

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Definitely, I’ll try the banana cream.

RE: Dry under eyes

Too faced new full coverage concealer for my under eyes and a Bobbi brown corrector to finish... I don’t set my eyes too much with powder bc it makes my eyes seem dry.

RE: Dry under eyes

Hi! By this time, I get really dry under eyes in the DC area, I switched to a much creamier night eye cream then Amore Pacific eye gel during the day and it has kept my dry skin under my eyes at bay. I have combination/dry sensitive skin. Perhaps this may help!

Re: RE: Dry under eyes

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and FAVS products. 

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