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Dark Circles

In need of something that actually helps get rid of dark under eyecircles. I have a very fair skin tone and I have slightly sensitive skin as well. Any help would be wonderful!!

RE: Dark Circles

The Clinique Even Better Under eye is AMAZING!!! I got a sample of it and notice a huge difference. It made my undereyes much brighter and helped my under eye circles a ton. Check it out!

RE: Dark Circles

I would use Bye bye under eye cream works great for me !

RE: Dark Circles

Before I had surgery a has very dark circles due to fluid build up under my eyes which created a shadow. I don't use it as much now but I used to swear by the becca under eye brightener. I used it underneath my concealer (in a large triangle, the same area you would apply concealer) then set with setting powder. I like the kat Von d setting powder for underneath my eyes.

RE: Dark Circles

Bobby brown under eye concealer. It's amazing. It has a couple of shades

RE: Dark Circles

I use the Giorgio Armani color corrector in the orange shade. It works great. I watched a ton of review videos to scope out which corrector was best and it's been awesome. It's $40 but you only use a little bit so it lasts a long time.
Anonymous Insider

RE: Dark Circles

For puffiness origins ginsing eye cream. For darkness Philosophy has a dark circle cream in a tan bottle. I use both for a month now and see the difference

RE: Dark Circles

If your dark circles are genetic, they are going to be hard to even see lightening with just product alone. Most ppl get Botox and lasers if they are really bad and/or genetic. However, I do like The Ordinary Caffeine & EGCG eye serum. I have genetic dark circles and am just trying it now so I'll see how it works. Super cheap too!

I have hereditary dark circles as well and love the ordin...

I have hereditary dark circles as well and love the ordinary caffeine solution too, it's not a miracle worker, but it does help, and you can't beat the price!

RE: Dark Circles

I reaaaally have a problem with dark circles as well. I recently bought some package that contained Tarte's volumizing mascara, "masks" for the undereye area, and the maracuja C-brighter eye treatment. Honestly, the mask did work, but it doesn't last (and they're pretty pricey if you don't buy the package I'm speaking of). However, the eye treatment had a good effect on my undereye area... the skin felt smoother, and it felt like my eyes were brighter. Really nice product. Otherwise, I'm a lost cause, so I just use NARS' creamy concealer to cover it up haha.

In some cases dark circles are natural, and will never en...

In some cases dark circles are natural, and will never entirely go away. As a fellow pale person I understand the battle. I've found that regular sleep and increasing my water consumption has helped to reduce the darkness of my circles. I do use the Ulta Beauty Brightening Under Eye Cream as it has Vitamin C, Peptides Hyaluronuc Acid. All 3 of these ingredients work together to help brighten, hydrate, and plump the skin. Plus I like the price of the Ulta Beauty line. The creme also has a little bit of light reflecting properties, which helps reduce the appearence of the darkness because its draws and reflects light away from the surface of the skin. I would say try a product that contains these ingredients, at the very least. There is always colour correcting as well. I love the Becca backlit colour correctors for that because they also contain light reflecting properties. Good luck!

Re: In some cases dark circles are natural, and will never en...

Is that the same as the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector or a different product? I have genetic dark circles and would love to know what products worked for you, thanks!

RE: In some cases dark circles are natural, and will never en...

My husband is Indian and he has a lot of darkness in his eye . I bought origins eye cream and it has helped a lot .
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