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Clean skincare

I have acne prone, combination skin (though mostly oily, it can be dry in some spots sometimes). Iโ€™m 26, and it seems like my acne just doesnโ€™t like to stay away. Iโ€™ll have good weeks but usually itโ€™s just so oily and acne prone. Ugh. I have some dark spots from acne that fade with time but I never seem to get a break. Once one goes away another pops up.


anyways, I try not to over exfoliate my skin too much but just the right amount to help my skin turn over. I use a physical exfoliant wash once a week and a chemical exfoliant mask 1-2 times a week. I have recently found that my skin loves the brand Caudalie. I also like Edible Beauty and Alpyn Beauty. Currently Iโ€™m using edible beautyโ€™s milk cleanser, Caudalieโ€™s beauty elixir, freshโ€™s 2 in 1 toner, and edible beautyโ€™s gel serum (from their website) & turmeric latte serum booster. Not in that order but yeah.  

for my face mask nights I exfoliate with the ordinarys aha & bha mask, following with Caudalieโ€™s instant detox mask because I heard itโ€™s good to exfoliate before using a nourishing mask. Makes sense.


anywayyys, I have started to feel like the ordinaryโ€™s exfoliant mask isnโ€™t doing as much for my skin as I had thought. Iโ€™m sure my skins ph has changed since I started using it about a year ago. Iโ€™m thinking of trying Caudalieโ€™s glycolic peel mask.

Iโ€™m wondering what the big difference is between a glycolic peel mask and an aha bha mask.


given all the information above, does anyone have any recommendations on which mask would best suit my skin? My skin can be sensitive when it comes to ingredients so preferably any products recommended should be considered clean. 

i am so sick of having acne into my later 20โ€™s. Even if you donโ€™t have an answer for my mask question I would still love some advice on what to do. I eat really well and practice daily yoga and meditation as well as take a really good multivitamin every day. Iโ€™ve even been taking milk thistle to help with liver detox and still I have acne like Iโ€™m 16. HELP

Re: Clean skincare



โ€œCleanโ€ skincare is a marketing gimmick. โ€œCleanโ€ has no consistent definition between retailers and lots of โ€œnaturalโ€ ingredients are some of the worst offenders in terms of irritation for sensitive skin, eg many fruit extracts and essential oils, and naturally derived fragrances. 

if you have very sensitive skin, it makes sense to limit the number of active ingredients you use and to perhaps use actives on alternate days. And to use acids less. It sounds like you are exfoliating too much by doing both physical and chemical exfoliants multiple days a week. This can compromise your skin barrier and make your skin more sensitive. 


And in terms of acne - itโ€™s unfortunately super common for women to get acne in the late twenties to thirties. I actually never had acne as a teenager and developed it in my 20s and still get the random chin pimple every once in a while in my early 30s.


If your skin gets very irritated with a wide range of products, and you are really struggling with acne, it may be worthwhile to see a dermatologist.

Re: Clean skincare

Hi Tigahlily,


I'm right there with you on trying to use clean beauty products and some of the products I use may be helpful to you.


To speed up the lightening of the dark spots, I'd recommend the Natural Skin Bleach on the DevotedThings --- website.


The seller's products are all natural, and I would recommend the 2 moisturizers, the Natural SPF50 Moisturizer (I use this in the morning) and the Anti-Aging Moisturizer (I use this at night). I also wash my face with the Facial Glow Daily Cleanser. These products have made my face so smooth and radiant. It's also nice to know I'm not putting more gunk on my skin.


If you have acne scars, I would strongly recommend devotedthings .com Acne Scar Peel. It's helped my acnes scars so much after just a month of using it. Check out the before and after pictures on their website and see for yourself! As long as you follow the application instructions, you won't be disappointed!


Let me know your thoughts if you do try any of them!

Re: Clean skincare

What Dalton said is true. 


I am sensitive skin and Lactic acids work better for me than a glycolic. I would look at a product that maybes contains them all. Another great option would be a retinoid/retinol product. 

Re: Clean skincare

Thank you so much for the clarification and recommendation!!!

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