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Post in Oh, Canada!

Canadian Winter 2019 TSB


Please read the rules and comment below if you would like to participate 🙂 


Please review the rules below before signing up. Sign ups are open until February 14th, but I will cap our list at about 10 participants. I'd like to send out the box mid-late February.


If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me.



-Must be VIB Rouge

-Must have over 1,000 hearts OR have successfully been a part of a previous CanadianTSB (please provide a link to the post for the TSB in which you participated)

-Must be active on the Sephora Beauty Insider Community (have posted within the past 4 months)

-Must be 18 or older

-Must be able to pay $20 or more for shipping and provide tracking

-Must be able to post pictures and show the group what you have to trade/what you have taken

-Must be able to trade like for like in terms of quality/desirability

-lachaton will have discretion over who is participating



Calculating Product Value:

Full sized price labelling:

- New/lightly swatched = no price change

- Used 1-2x = take 10% off value

- Used 3-4x = take 20% off value

- Anything more than 4x = please use your best judgement and wait for input 


Deluxe samples:


- Calculate based off the largest size available of said product. For example, if a deluxe sample is 0.5oz, and the full size is 2 oz and worth $60, then the deluxe sample is worth $15.

- MUST be new and unused.  Very lightly used or swatched items only allowed in travel or full size, not deluxe.

- DO NOT include tiny deluxe samples if you've used them even once.

- Foils = no value (please take and donate as you see fit) 


Trading Rules:


☆ Items traded should be equivalent sizes (e.g. full size products for full size products, travel for travel, etc.)

☆ Deluxe size, travel size, and full size items welcome.

☆ Must trade brand item quality equal to or better. 

☆ Exceptions can be made, but must be posted prior to trade. If anything does not fit these descriptions but you'd like to offer it for a trade, please post it for others to comment on.

☆ Minimum 3 people must approve your trade. Please to receive feedback before sending out.

☆ Maximum of 2 duplicates unless there is interest; exception made for single use items in multi-packs (i.e. sheet mask packs, eye mask packs, etc)

☆ Be kind to those participating after you.  Do not hog all of the 'good' items; make sure you leave or add some enjoyable items for those trading after you.  When giving feedback or receiving feedback for trades, please be considerate and gracious.





☆ Mid to high end products (think brands sold at Sephora, Hudson's Bay, Nordstrom, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, etc).

☆ All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "tried/used 2x"…) and include value

☆ Tools/Brushes as long as they are clean and lightly used

☆ Anything that is sealed

☆ Skin care items in tubes & bottles. Jars only allowed if it's sealed or unopened

☆ Items will be organized in bags by type. Make sure products are wrapped well so they won't leak or break & ruin everything else

☆ Every item needs to be inside one of the categorized plastic bag/ziplocs 



Not Allowed:



☹ Nail products or fragrance products (e.g. perfume) or aerosol products
☹ Pre-made samples

Drugstore or lower end items (Maybelline, CoverGirl, etc)

☹ Nail products or perfume

☹ Keep the quality of items traded in and out equal (ie do not put in Clinique and take out La Mer)

☹ Heavily used items

☹ Unsanitary items (remember that certain products cannot be easily or properly sanitized, such as mascara, lip glosses, cream products in a pan. This is not an exclusive list.)

☹ Swatching items in the box

☹ Keeping the box for more than 3 days (please update us if you need to keep it longer)

☹ No duplicates unless they are high end, highly sought after products or single use items

☹ Any larger items (value size, large tools, larger body care, larger skincare, large palettes) MUST be proposed first before adding to your trade. If the next 2-3 people aren't interested, please switch that item out.  Exceptions can be made if there is ample room in the box and there is interest later in the box.


Other Rules:


☆ Tracking number must be posted or private messaged to lachaton or the recipient of the box

☆ You must take a photo of the contents of the box when it arrives. This is to ensure people are honest with their selections.

 Don't put in anything unsanitary

☆ Send your address to the person above you when the list comes out 

☆ Post a picture and written info of what you took and left, with their condition and value

☆ Review shipping rules (i.e. via Canada Post)

☆ Package things carefully and put things in ziplock bags

☆ Try not to put in LARGE full sized items, like large bottles over 8 oz unless someone after you is interested in them.


Sign ups will remain open until February 14th or until we reach max participants (whichever comes first).



  • tbd


TSB order (coming soon)



TSB spreadsheet 

Coming soon


Finally, a little preview of some of the items I hope to include:


Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@Guessgal @fatimamummy @shopaholic15 


Hi all - I'm going to be postponing the TSB for now, as I know some of you have travel plans coming up very soon. I'm hoping we can try again in a month or so? I'm going to go ahead and start packing up the box so that it's ready when we are.


If anyone else was thinking of participating but weren't able to right now, hopefully you can join us soon 🙂 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Just as an update - my hope is to pack up the box this weekend, and I'll send it to @fatimamummy first before she's away. I'll update shortly with the box order 🙂 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@bakeamuffin @dyslexia @veronika23 - any interest?

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I destashed *hard* over the past couple of months in preparation for a move, so I think I am out, sadly. ❤️

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Shoot, sorry @lachaton I meant to come back to update. I went through my stash over the weekend and I don't think I have anything to contribute at the moment, so I'll sit this round out.



Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

thanks for letting me know! Hopefully you can join in next time 🙂 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

The linked to TSB post doesn't work. Is there an updated link/can anyone share how exactly this works?

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@bd613  Yes, it looks like the linked info post about TSB practices doesn’t work as the post appears to have been lost 😞 thanks for pointing that out - I’ll need to edit the OP. 


You can try looking over this post to see how this older TSB worked out:


TSB stands for travelling Sephora box. It’s essentially a method of facilitating large-scale trades of beauty products among a select group of participants. 



Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@lachaton  I looked at the previous year’s TSB thread that you posted and was wondering about the luxury brands. If I currently don’t have any unopened products from brands like Sisley, Chantecaille, etc would I still be eligible to participate? I have some Guerlain/Dior/YSL that I could trade, but I saw that they’re in a separate “high end” category. Let me know 🙂

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@Guessgal I’m not including the luxury bag and rules this time, so yes, you’re still eligible to participate 🙂 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Ok great! I will be on vacation sometime in April so if the box gets to me either before or after April, then I’m good to join! @lachaton 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@Guessgal @bakeamuffin   @myxducky any interest?

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

thabks for the tag @shopaholic15 ! I'll have to check my stash to see what I've got too and get back to you all this weekend 😊

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@myxducky  any interest? 🙂 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

thanks for the tag @lachaton! I totally meant to check back in but forgot. I think I am going to pass this time, as I'm currently involved in another TSB and have a feeling they might arrive very close if not at the same time as each other and don't want to spread my stash too thin 🙂

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Thank you for the tag @shopaholic15! I’ll check my collection when I get home to see if I can contribute this round^^

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Yes! Count me in for sure 🙂

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

Tagging some of you who have expressed possible interest:

@fatimamummy @shopaholic15 @Mochapj 

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@lachaton  Count me in!

Re: Canadian Winter 2019 TSB

@lachaton I have to double check my stash but put me down as a yes for now 🙂

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