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Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Due to some technical glitches with the original Show Me Your Nails Thread, I am starting a new thread with @vegchililover78's blessing (She says "hello," by the way!).


Please share your nail looks, nail art and manicures!




...And don't forget to check out @Beadshopgirl's Nail Stamping Thread for stamping inspiration! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @CookieGirl1! ❣️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown Those are so dope!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Thanks so much! ❣️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown  These nails are definitely giving me summer vibes! Or 80s vibes either way I’m here for it!!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Ahhh, yup, I see that! I'm totally getting 80s movie theatre vibes here...I think one of ours had some sort of decorative arch with a similar design on either side of the doors 🎥

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown  I think I remember that too!! 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown This artwork is beautiful. The colours with the silver in the middle are really cool! You are so creative!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Thanks so much! And nah, not creative, just mimicking a design I've seen a few times over the years but had never gotten around to trying myself (it's super easy, give it a go if so inclined!!) 🌈

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Your nail art is always so impressive @RGbrown this pattern and colour choice is so visually beautiful. Even with the hiccups with the polished I can barley notice at all.  Question thou,  I can't tell by looking.  Are you designing your own nails or is it the kind you decorate and then and put on after? How do you do this magic? 🤩🤩🤩

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Aw shucks, thanks so much!


These are my natural nails! I don't mess with extensions or press-ons of any kind. That's why mine are frequently all different lengths or even one or two with different shapes...I don't like losing what I've worked hard to maintain, so I never cut them all when I break one 😅

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Sorry i couldn't tell the differnce @RGbrown  (😅 I'm a nail noob obv.)

Your nails are so amazing,  they are in great shape! And wow so naturally long 😄 What are your secrets 😋 to these beautiful nail lengths?

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Nah, there's nothing to be sorry about! There are lots of talented folks out there that do amazing work with extensions and such, and it's nearly impossible to tell from a pic, so "are those real?" is always a valid question 😊


I've got four things I try and keep up with:


1. Jojoba oil! It's the one closest in composition and size to our natural sebum, and from what I've read, it's the only oil capable of penetrating the nail plate itself. Other oils are great for the surrounding skin, but for a cuticle oil to have any effect on the nail, it's got to have a good bit of jojoba in it. Dry, brittle nails that are prone to peeling or splitting need replenishment to keep them healthy and flexible, and jojoba is the best way to do that. Multiple times a day is best!


2. Water is the number one enemy of your nails, so avoid it whenever possible. It swells up the nails, causing the multiple layers of keratin to weaken and eventually split, and dries them out as it evaporates, all of which leads to peeling and brittle nails. I use dish gloves for any tasks where I'll have my hands submerged for more than a minute or two. 


3. Watch what you do with your hands, and don't use your nails for prying/scraping/cutting etc...nails should be "jewels, not tools" if you want to keep them in good shape! This is the hardest one for nails are on the thin side to begin with and I'm naturally a bit of a klutz and break nails doing stupid things all the time lol; I'm also single doing all of my own chores and dishes and yardwork, plus I help my sis and parents with some diy projects from time to time, so...I still break some here and there. But paying more attention to what I do with them has helped cut down on that fairly significantly. 


4. Always keep them polished! Layers of polish can help block out water and seal moisture in. Even if you don't have time for a full color mani, a layer or two of base plus a top coat can help keep them in good shape. 


I'm always happy to chat about nail care, so don't hesitate to ask! ❣️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

I really appreciate all that info @RGbrown 

I have very thin nails as well,  I have a bit of a natural calcium and iron deficiency, when I miss my vitamins ooh do my nails ever tell the story.  This is very helpful info, I'm going to pick up some jojoba oil next time I see some at the store. It has so many great skin benefits but I had no idea the part it could play in nail care.  

The rest will be harder to work on,  healthy nail habits , that takes time and dedication.  

But alot of this I had never heard before, thank you so much for sharing 💖

Like wearing a base coat to protect your nails daily,  this blew my mind.  I always thought polish with out a break would keep your nail from breathing or something 😅


Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Ahhhhh, that's a huge misconception out there! Nails are dead dead dead...they can't breathe, not even a little. They do get a little bit of moisture from the nail bed below, but for many, it's not nearly enough to replenish what we lose to evaporation and hand washing and daily life in general, so we have to supplement that as best we can and then lock it in! Lots of folks make it through life just fine without polish, but I have found it will never be possible for me to get any growth with nekkid nails...the second I go without polish, I lose at least one nail, if not several. I may get to a point one day where I'm tired of my collection and tired of maintaining pretty manicures, but even then I'm not sure I'll ever allow my nails to be fully naked again, as they are a hot mess when I don't take care of them and keep them covered. 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Amazing mani, @RGbrown ! 🤩  The colors are gorgeous!  Too bad the turquoise and purple were problems, but it's hard to tell. 🙂  Your color combos are great!  You have such an eye for colors! 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Thanks so much! Honestly, I just tried to make sure each color got used with all the others in order to make as many different combos as possible, and it worked out well! 🌈

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown  Aw, bummer about the turquoise jelly being problematic. But I'm glad the orange and yellow (and pink) were smooth sailing for you! This looks like a fun set to play with. Your mani looks fantastic! 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


It just gives me hope that Orly's turquoise jelly will be better (purple too!) and that I'll feel a little better spending $64 on that set 😂


I was really surprised by the yellow, I fully expected a hot mess from it. It makes me wonder why yellow creams are so can't be just the yellow pigment that's the problem. I'd have to guess that many start with a white base, so maybe it's just the white that causes issues? (Or whatever it is that's used to make them opaque.) I dunno, I'm certainly not a polish chemist, it just got me curious. 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0



Just … wow! 🤩 🤩 🤩 


This is spectacular @RGbrown!


The pink, purple, burgundy, turquoise and orange are beautiful!! Love the throwback to OPI 2015! 

I’ve wondered about NailWholesale in the past (and I’m sure the present too 😆). Packing and shipping were good, I’m assuming?

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Thanks so much! This was a blast to do, and I'm loving all these brights 😎


Packing and shipping was fine, but communication was lackluster...they told me 4 polishes were oos before my package shipped, but really 5 were, and I didn't know what the 5th was until I got it. I had to scramble to order those elsewhere as several of them were "must haves" for me from current fall collections, and I wound up with three orders at three different places for the little bit of fall stuff I wanted instead of just one order that should have taken care of it.


I'd use them again for back stock of old polishes if I ever come up with enough for free shipping, but I doubt I'll rely on them for new stuff that's on my "gotta have it" list.


Full review here!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

LynB Halloween Advent mystery bundle. I'll post in the hauls thread later but, since a few of you here might be interested, I took a few photos. 🙂 


How the bundle arrived (once bubblewrap was removed).How the bundle arrived (once bubblewrap was removed).Everything in the bundle: 12 polishes + 1 not-a-polish treat.Everything in the bundle: 12 polishes + 1 not-a-polish treat.

Unboxed photos (don't look if you also ordered this bundle and don't wanna be spoiled*): 


That fiery sparkly red though!That fiery sparkly red though!

I'd hoped there'd be lots of purples and reds in this bundle, and LynB did not disappoint. I haven't checked to see if any of these are existing shades, though I think 2 of them are. (I didn't already own them but their names sound familiar.) 

My bundle includes: 

- 1 thermal 
- 2 reflectives 
- 2 magnetics 
- the other 7 look to be flake and shimmer polishes 


And now I'm off to swatch all of these plus a few more Cirque Colors I ordered. 

UPDATE: swatches complete. Here they are: 

Hellfire is a thermal polish.Hellfire is a thermal polish.No-Belle and OWTH are magnetic polishes, though the latter's *very* subtle about it. Also, an unusual color choice for that Disney character. Huh.No-Belle and OWTH are magnetic polishes, though the latter's *very* subtle about it. Also, an unusual color choice for that Disney character. Huh.

*Unfortunately I can't stop newly uploaded photos from appearing in thread thumbnails without first posting them to a different thread. And they'd still show up in thumbnails there. 

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