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Learning to Stamp

Trying to get the hang of stamping. Haven't quite figured out how to get a consistent darkness/amount to transfer. Watching a lot of videos lol. Love the designs though. If you have any really good recommendations for tutorials let me know. 😀

Re: Learning to Stamp

@Petunia16 WOW! Great job! 



Re: Learning to Stamp

@Petunia16  your nails came out great! We have a nail stamping thread that hasn't been active, but you might find some helpful info in it if you're interested Smiley Happy

Re: Learning to Stamp

That looks great @Petunia16!

Re: Learning to Stamp

That looks great! What stamp do you use? I bought a cheap one once, and could not get it to work. I've been scared to try again since. I love the look of stamping. Wish I could figure out how to get it to work for me! 

It was a cheap one I found on Amazon. it was a basic set...

It was a cheap one I found on Amazon. it was a basic set with a a couple of plates and a clear stamper.
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