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#sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

I spent the last few days in L.A. to attend the Sephora Squad Launch Party!  The trip was a total whirlwind, but it was an incredible experience!


Of course the first thing I did upon arriving was make a quick trip to the Mothership!  I was able to resist buying anything since the sale starts next week, but I swatched and sampled to my heart's content:


I stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, rumored to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe, which made the trip feel even more glamourous!


P.S.  I approve of their choice of toiletries in the guest rooms!;) 


The venue for the launch party was the Sephora Studio in Hollywood, which was decorated with the cutest details, perfect for photo opps!


There were cocktails and mocktails, small bites and desserts circulating, but I was too excited to eat!




I stink at small talk, so I decided not to indulge my introversion and jumped in to meet my fellow Squad members and the team who made this all possible.  Everyone was really nice!  I just wish I had taken more pics with the other squad members, but there is always next time!


I was starstruck to meet Nabela and Cax, as they are two of the most inspirational and beautiful women I follow on social media - I quickly discovered they are also very down-to-earth and super sweet!


I also got to chat with @JeffreyBD and @MyieshaBD (a.k.a. Sephora Royalty) 🙂 :



Me with Erick Glam and Ohemaa Bonsu:


Me with Maryam Remias:


Kevin Ninh (my daughter was so jealous of me at this moment!):


Me with Ciera Jewel, Kali and Stung_by_Samantha:


Sorry, I can't hear you over the volume of my hair! 😉 


Group Pics that I borrowed from Christine Le's IG - Unfortunately you can't really see me from this angle - I'm in the back on the left next to Ryan Potter


Sharing our Beauty Truths:


Overall, the night was a truly magical experience and I am so happy that I got to meet so many amazing people - I cannot wait until I get to see the Squad again!


Several of us grabbed a quick drink at the hotel after the party:


Ciera Jewel, Kali, Christine Le, Sarah Bryant, Me, Stung_by_Samantha, Josseline Flores, Ashley Quiroz and Alexis Martinez

Me with Erick and Samantha:


I was also blown away by the amazing Swag Bag they gave us at the event!  I am so appreciative of the chance to try everything!!!!

***How amazing is the tote bag?:


And this custom Atelier case?!?:



1. Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream: I love this concealer and I recently ran out so this was perfect timing!
2. Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel
3. Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Mask: LOVE! 
4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Barriair Cream: Such a delightful texture!
5. Tocca Gia Eau de Parfum: Floral, with notes of peppercorn, tangerine, amber and vanilla so it has a sweet and citrusy twist!
6. Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Toilette in Under the Lemon Tree: Omg! This was on my list for the upcoming sale - I love it! 
7. Milk Kush Mascara: Super volumizing and lengthening!
8. Farsali Liquid Glass: Can’t wait to try it!
9. Living Proof Perfect Day Dry Shampoo: This came in handy yesterday when I ran out of dry shampoo!
10. Ouai Hair Oil: Amazing oil!
11. Marc Jacobs Highliner in Grapevine: Yaass! I have wanted to try this color!
12. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream: This is amazing for hydration! 
13. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleep Mask: I’ve tried some samples of this and it is really nice!💗.
14. Fenty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Ma Dam*: I love these lippies and did not yet have this color in my collection!
15. Atelier Pacific Lime Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume: Besides the tote, this is my favorite part of the bag because of the custom sleeve😍.
16. Hourglass Veil Transluscent Setting Powder: Such an amazing powder!
17. Glow Recipe Pineapple C-Bright Serum: I almost bought this at the Hollywood Sephora store the other day, but decided to wait for the sale
18. Dior Backstage Eye Palette 003 Amber Neutrals: Gorgeous!

Thank you again so very much to Sephora for taking a chance on me!  I cannot wait for the next assignment!

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Congratulations, @Tamara76!  I'm glad you were chosen to be on the Sephora Squad.  It looks like you had fun and the pics are great.  The bag of goodies is awesome!  Let me know how you like the pineapple serum.  It's on my Loves list.  Best wishes for whatever the future holds for you as a member of the group!

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Thank you so much, @Titian06 !  I am loving the Pineapple Serum - It smells like pineapple and makes my skin so moisturized and glowy💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Congrats @Tamara76 You're totally perfect to be a member of the Sephora Squad.  I don't follow IG but I hope you have a great time and get great swag!  That swag bag from this event looked stunning.

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Awww thank you so much, @sprocketta !💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76 Congratulations!  It looks like an amazing time 

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Thank you so much!  It was an amazing time!💗  @Indy701 

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Thanks for sharing all of these pictures @Tamara76! Looks like you are going to make lots of new friends and be an excellent Squad member. I'm so happy for you. Can't wait for your next assignment!

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Thank you, @ShortErica !  I am learning so much from the other squad members - they are amazing!💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76 is there a time commitment, like you are a Sephora Squad member for a year? If so, after it’s “done” a Top 10 Tricks I Learned would be a great post. Just some ideas.. 🙂

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@ShortErica We started a little late in the year, so I believe we’re only in the squad until the end of 2019, but yes, that may be something to consider!  Thanks again for all your support!💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76 That looks like an amazing event! Thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing pictures!



Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

You are very welcome, @RebeccaBT !  It was so much fun!💗

RE: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76 congrats on being part of the Sephora squad!!! I’m so happy for you. Thank you for the details!! The hotel toiletries 🧴 made me wanna scream. The swag bag is amazing of course. These are the toppings to me. It really looked like you are having an amazing time. To be able to combine your love for Sephora and to represent your unique voice to Sephora is the best part. We all have unique stories that helps, inspires, and motivates others. Share your story loud and proud. We’re all rooting for you and know you will do well.

Re: RE: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Awww thank you so much for your support, @KNC24 !  You are so sweet!  I had a great time in L.A. and I am so excited to see what’s next!💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Thank you so very much, @byme4u !  I really appreciate your kind words!  This is such an amazing opportunity - Your support means a lot to me!💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76  WOOO party time!!! I love all your pictures, how incredibly fun! I haven't a clue who any of those people are, besides royalty and you lol.

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Lol!  I met soooo many people at the event!  Everyone was super sweet and gorgeous!  I haven’t seen that much glitter and highlighter in one place since Sephoria - It was epic!  Thank you again for all your support!💗💗💗

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76 Congratulations on being picked to be a part of the Sephora Squad! I always enjoy seeing all of your hauls and I’m sure you’ll do a great job.


Thank you for sharing your pics of the event. It looks like it was a lot of fun! That swag bag is full of so many awesome goodies.

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

Awww thank you so much!  You are such a sweetheart!  I can’t wait to share the next chapter in this amazing adventure!  💗 @Gemini619 

Re: #sephorasquad Launch Party in L.A.

@Tamara76  Thanks so much for the pics and review of your experience!! This obviously was a great party and so glad you're part of the squad!! Enjoy your goodies and keep us informed!!!😊

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