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Minimalist Routine

My goal is to keep my makeup routine under an hour and yet I almost always creep into two hours. What are your tips to achieving the perfect everyday look in under an hour.

1. Clean face

2. Primer (Milk Blur Stick)

3. Color corrector (not always but whatever I have)

4. Brows

5. Lids (Modern Renaissance [yaaasssss])

6. Lashes (Vegas Nay & Kiss are my personal faves)

7. Foundation (Milk Deep)

8. Blush/Highlight (Candelight or the Sephora palette I can't think of name)

9. Lips (ombre w/ Kat Von D or something else I got from Sephora I can't think of OR Buxom lip gloss)

10. Set with Cover Fx Deep & Urban Decay All Night Long


These are the basics -- maybe skill set is what shortens the time? 

Re: Minimalist Routine

Howdy! So I've been trying to cut down on my everyday makeup routine as well (mine was taking ~45 minutes). The biggest things that have help me cut down are: a) getting a cream eyeshadow that I can just dab on and b) eliminating foundation and concealer.

I have combination skin with dryness under the eyes and occasional breakouts on my chin and forehead. My main skin concern is redness (on my nose and chin) and dark undereye circles. Getting rid of foundation and concealer was a big step, but I work in an office with a lot of natural light and I realized it was making my skin look older and drier by the end of the day.


Anyway, here's my routine! 

1) Moisturize and apply undereye cream

2) Apply a pink color corrector under the eye (I use the Lancome Miracle CC Cushion)
3) Use Dr. Jart Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment all over the face (this has been a game changer!!! totally evens out my skin and eliminates redness)
4) Cream eyeshadow
5) Eyeliner

6) Mascara

7) Set T-Zone with powder or Benefit Porefessional

😎 Contour/blush/bronzer

9) Cream highlighter 
10) Lips with Bite Beauty lip pencil or Nars lip pencil

And that's it! Easy peasy and I'm usually done in under 15 minutes

Re: Minimalist Routine

I can do my makeup in about 20 minutes that includes:


  • Primer (Blur Stick)
  • BB Cream, using fingers (Smashbox BB)
  • Concealer (only when needed for excess redness or spots)
  • I don't color -correct
  • Contour - don't need everyday
  • Blush (cream or powder, liking cream lately)
  • Setting Powder (quick dusting)
  • Brows (powder or gel)
  • Eyeshadow (don't use every day, or use one color on lids blended to crease)
  • Eyeliner (will use liner instead of shadow, not every day)
  • Lip color (what ever color I'm feeling that day).

I think the secret is realizing that not every thing has to be perfect for every day. Most people don't even notice (or don't care). For my 50-year old skin, my morning routine consists of moisturizer for face and neck, and eye cream. That's it.

RE: Minimalist Routine

my 10-20 minute everyday makeup routine: ud quick fix as primer(works on my dry skin), minimal foundation applied where i have redness &a blended out, glossier concealer under eyes applied with finger & anywhere i need a tiny bit more coverage, set concealer with my rimmel stay matte powder, quick subtle bronzer, blush and highlight, eye primer, face powder to set, bronzer in my crease, mascara and a quick lippie. wow that actually looks like a lot when i write it out but i swear it's quick ha!

Re: Minimalist Routine

My everyday look takes 30-40 minutes, I think. But my skincare/body care routine takes an hour to an hour and a half. Anyway:

1.  Face: BB cream & concealer 

2. Eyes: eyeshadow (depends if I feel like doing it), eye liner (depends again), & mascara (I don't wear falsies)

2.5 Eyebrows: I just brush em........ becos I don't know how to do my own brows! But I do own an Anastasia brow product (😅)

3. Lips: lip balm, lip liner & lipstick 

4. Cheeks/whole face: blush & highlighter 

5. Setting spray



Note: Minimalist make up for me means having a simple, natural look (aka no contouring or heavy dramatic looks). Just a little color.

girl 2 hours?? how?? haha, I take 5 minutes but look put...

girl 2 hours?? how?? haha, I take 5 minutes but look put together. I use: e.l.f clear brow gel nars radiant creamy concealer in custard for under eyes kvd setting powder in translucent to set my concealer highlighter, usually becca champagne pop or abh so hollywood (also highlight inner corners to make you look more awake) lipstick/ tinted lip balm, I use either abh spice or whatever lipbalm I have. lastly I curl my eyelashes. and I am done!:) awake and put together. sometimes I use blush I love milk makeup rally cream blush or tarte exposed! hope you try my minimalist makeup routine! also I don't have the best skin but I have learned to be confident and comfortable in it so I don't feel the need to wear foundation or something like that anymore! also have a great skincare routine!

Honestly my minimal/easy routine is cleanse, moisturize,...

Honestly my minimal/easy routine is cleanse, moisturize, brows (I use a brow mascara type thing, similar to Glossier Boy Brow), a pretty simpleeye look (like maybe just eyeliner, or a quick smokey eye, and sometimes I just do highlight or tinted primer as an eyeshadow), concealer (and/or foundation, but I use lightweight formulas so I tend to skip the primer), highlight, mascara. I tend to do that for college mornings and it takesme about 10-20 mins total. But I'm getting a big shipment of Milk Makeup products soon so it'll probably change.

RE: Minimalist Routine

I honestly cleanse, moisturizer, prime, foundation, Contour & conceal and use eyebrow gel to make my eyebrows look more groomed haha along with 'benefit gimme brow'. That usually takes me 30 minutes there. But if I ever happen to go over an hour, I take makeup with me and just do it in the car at stop lights. Haha I mean if you are in a rush then what's a girl gotta do! I would say really thinking about what makeup you need to put on that day. For me personally, eye shadow is always an option and I rarely ever put some on. I would just skim out steps that you really don't need.

Re: RE: Minimalist Routine

Lol that's what I'm saying! "Wuttuce dis 'necessary?'" It's all necessary. Primer, foundation, brow, liner. . . Maybe that's all I actually need but once I start putting on makeup, it grows into a dull routine. I think I'm going to invest in some eyeshadow pencils and a tinted moisturizer to see if that helps. I mean, a few times I've put on eye shadow only and if changes my face completely. 

RE: Minimalist Routine

I absolutely use to take longer to do my makeup but have since paired it down during the week to create a work day uniform for my face. Its helped me save loads of time day to day and i save the full face looks for the weekends. 1 - Skincare [Glossier cleanser. Pixie toner. Sunday Reilly good genes. Sunday Reilly CEO moisturizer. Pixie 24k eye stick.] 2 - Primer [only for long days. Milk blur stick lately.] 3 - Tinted moisturizer [easier to slap on than foundation and leaves a healthy glow. ItCosmetics CC Cream.] 4 - Concealer [Milk makeup] 5 - Eyeshadow [Cream formula! Either Milk or Lise Watier] 6 - Eyebrows [Hourglass. The gel like texture of the pencil is great for holding them in place too.] 7 - Highlighter [Milk in Mars] 8 - Blush [Glossier cloud paint] 9 - Lips [whatever gloss is in my bag] 10 - Mascara [urban decay cannon ball. Waterproof so no touch ups needed.] The great part is all of this can be applied with my finger or a beauty blender so super easy to do. I only set if my skin looks oily or if it will be a long day. Otherwise I've learnt to embrace that natural dewy glow.

Re: Minimalist Routine

I do think that practicing shortens the time it takes to do makeup, yes, but I also think it's worth having a streamlined version of your regular routine if you don't already @RavennaBlk. This was something I really had to learn because for the longest time I either did a lot of makeup or no makeup at all. Now at least I have something in between that I can do on days where I'm busy, tired, or sick, and that's been helpful to me. I agree with everyone else below that cream eyeshadows really save time-- I have a few of the Laura Mercier stick ones, and I also like the Tom Ford and Pur ones that come in pots. I often skip eyeshadow if I'm really tired though. For me, an essential makeup would be concealer, powder, blush, highlight, most likely a lip. Sometimes foundation, sometimes not. I usually curl my eyelashes but sometimes skip mascara. You just need to figure out what is essential for you, and what you can either skip or make simpler for yourself. 

Re: Minimalist Routine

I think it all comes down you what you consider "Minimalist" - do you mean minimizing the time of a full routine, or paring down your routine to achieve a minimalist look with the fewest products?


My most elaborate routines take no more than 1.5 hours, including time to shower, dry my hair, clean makeup brushes and time to get dressed. Usually, make up takes 30-45 minutes. Most work days, I'm out of bed at 6 AM and downstairs eating breakfast at 7:15 AM. For special events, I leave at least 1.5 hours in case I get carried away with my makeup.


I think the best way to do this is note how long it takes you to do each item. I really can't see many things take more than a minute or two. For me, eyeshadow takes the longest so if I'm short on time, I skip eyeshadow altogether and can usually do my makeup within 20 minutes. I also don't wear lashes... I personally don't wear lashes and most definitely would not wear lashes for a "minimalist" or every day look, but again, that depends on how you're defining minimalist.


And yes, I find cream shadows applied with a finger cut down on eyeshadow time significantly while also requiring no additional brushes to clean. I keep some neutral Colourpop shadows on hand for this purpose.

Re: Minimalist Routine

Personally, I've been able to keep my routine under 30mins by following this routine:

1 clean skin & promptly moisturize with Urban Decay Hot Springs Gel (I have very dry skin so I let it soak in as I choose my clothes and do hair) 

2 Prime skin & lips while doing eyes

3 After eyes are done I do my foundation, contour & highlighter. 

4 Lips & setting sprays

5 Get dressed & go

I find that by multitasking I get finished quicker, but still get my entire makeup routine done. 

I hope this helps a little 

-XOXOXO Krystal

Re: Minimalist Routine

Hi there! I feel like I might be repeating what the other ladies have said, but here is my routine with the times that it should take at the most:

1. Cleanse (1 minute - quick and easy)

2. Prime (1 minute)

3. CC cream - seriously a life changer because is has come coverage, evens your skin tone and looks amazingly natural. The bare minerals one is wonderful and makes your skin look nice and healthy and glowy with no effort (2 minutes)

4. Conceal - just spot conceal where you need a little more coverage or to cover blemishes and put some on top of your eyelids as a primer. It's great for that and saves you a step (2 minutes)

5. Set whatever you need (1 minute)

6. Pop on some cream highlight or some powder highlight (1 minute)

7. Blush with a really light hand and put some on your eyelids. It gives them life with no effort (1 minute)

8. Bronze if you need it but I never do this step.

9. Brows and mascara (5 minutes)

10. Coloured balm or lipstick (1 minute)

RE: Re: Minimalist Routine

This is great - gives me something to shoot for as far as what I do and how long it should take. I have to get a cc cream but I'm so looking forward to giving this a gom

Re: RE: Re: Minimalist Routine

@RavennaBlk You should definitely look into it. And if you are in a rush, a lot of steps can be skipped over if you are running out of time

It sounds like you like a full face everyday, and that's...

It sounds like you like a full face everyday, and that's OK if that's your thing. I suggest you really look at your steps as you do them and see how long each step takes you. If I did lashes everyday, I'd be there for like 3 hours lol. I can do a full face in about 25 minutes, but Obvs I cuts out lashes, I switched to a brow gel with a mascara wand, and I learned to embrace a more neutral eye. It's kinda of like a "face uniform", still pretty but I know exactly how much time I need. That 25 minutes includes waiting for my sunscreen to sink in., but not my other skin care stuff. Add ten minutes for that.

RE: It sounds like you like a full face everyday, and that's...

You're right, I do. I start with the liner and just get carried away but I'm going to get rid of lashes in the morning. That absolutely takes the most time.

Re: Minimalist Routine

I am absolutely not a morning person, so I've pared down my weekday makeup to a 5-10 minute routine that includes the following:


1. Skincare--cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, prime, tinted moisturizer or BB cream 

2. Eyes--eyeshadow stick (I like the Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown ones; I have a bunch of samples from both), eyeliner (Marc Jacobs; very basic, no perfecting a winged look at this time of day!), mascara (Dior or Guerlain)

3. Face--highlighter (I dab on RMS Champagne Rose Luminizer when I'm in a hurry) and cream blush (I like Nars Multiple Tints, Glossier Cloud Paint, and RMS Lip to Cheek)

4. Lips--I usually go more bold if the rest of my face is more natural, which is usually the case.

RE: Re: Minimalist Routine

Eye shadow sticks! I forgot about those and will def invest. I do wind up doing the full face inadvertently but I'm going to practice today.

Re: Minimalist Routine

To get a fast every day look, start with embracing your natural beauty. For me, week days mean needing to get myself ready for work and my son ready for school in an hour. This leaves 10 minutes for beauty.


  1. Skincare (wash, tone, serum, moisturize)
  2. Conceal with a quality cream concealer (I like the Becca ones, and I use two colors for under eye vs spot concealing elsewhere on face)
  3. Dust all over with Guerlain Meteorites
  4. Lips - could be anything from a balm to something bold.
  5. Mascara - Will use if I'm wearing a bold lip, else I skip
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