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How I look

I need help.


I'm not out of the closet or anything, but when I wear a wig, I don't want to look like a guy who has a wig on and hides his face with sunglasses and a mask. I want to look gorgeous.


I don't know the first thing about transforming my face with make up. I do have a bit of dry skin. I want to look gorgeous with the hope of no one recognizing who I actually am since I haven't started transitioning yet.


I've learned to put mascara on before fake eyelashes, but I really do need help on what I should get, how I should put it on, etc. I'm just really new and don't want to hide under sunglasses since winter is coming.


I don't even know if this is in the right section. I'm definitely nervous.

Re: How I look

Hi @InTheCloset! Welcome to the beauty world. The beauty world is incredibly daunting and can be difficult to navigate. I started occasionally presenting as femme in public a little over a year now. I’m happy to share my experiences.


I would say definitely start with your skincare routine. It’s like paint: It will only ever look as good as the surface you paint it onto. If your skin is rough and in need of care, it’ll show through your makeup. If you don’t already have a good skincare routine down, start with the basics. You’ll need a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Which ones to get will depend entirely on your skin type: dry, normal, oily, or some combination of the three. I’m happy to share my routine with you if you also have dry skin. If you’re different, you can visit other sections of BIC for your specific skin type and ask for their recommendations. If you have other concerns like scaring,  pigmentation, or unevenness, you can add to the routine to help target those specific needs.


I noticed you said you have some dry areas. Dry and dehydrated are two different things when it comes to skin. Try washing your face, pat it dry with a towel and see how it feels after a little while. If it starts to feel tight then you might have dry skin.


The next thing I would do is study my facial features and look up tutorials that are specific to my features. For example, I have hooded eyes. As much as I would love to do some of gorgeous looks that I see on social media, I have to be mindful of the fact that if I follow them exactly, it won’t turn out the same. I’ve since learned how to adapt looks to my features but that comes with experience and experimenting. Play up features that you like about yourself and learn how to minimize features you don’t. And be mindful of your expectations. Makeup is additive, not subtractive. It can be used to minimize or alter the appearance of certain features but never fully eliminate or change them. 

This is getting pretty lengthy, but if you want to know more, please ask away! I’m more than happy to share what I can with you. If you didn’t know already, you can use @ to tag people when you respond. Sephora doesn’t automatically inform others when you reply to them, so we use this as a work around. # works similarly but for tagging products. 🙂



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