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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying Smiley Happy


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - 2019

Apparently soybeans have placenta that is used in masks like this, in addition to other, grosser places  @sprocketta. I prefer to think mine was sourced from the former😆

RE: Re: Empties - 2019

P.s. #respect And also, I loved the YTTP oil, too. It’s like gold.

RE: Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe 🤔 velvet antlers? Horse oil? You have now officially tried all possible masks from all corners of the globe and all of the animal and plant kingdoms 🏅

Re: RE: Re: Empties - 2019

The theme of the week for the masking challenge was “Gross Masks” @christyrc - otherwise I would NEVER have tried these😂


The Goo&Tao was in Facetory and was an unintentional gross mask!

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe So many great products! Loving all the mask Smiley Happy




Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @RebeccaBT 😊

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe That’s a whole lotta masks! I wish I was better at using masks but when I get home I literally collapse and don’t budge until I get the energy to take off my makeup and brush my teeth. It’s so silly but fitting a mask into my routine seems almost impossible after a long day of work! 

Re: Empties - 2019

I hear ya @trishavt I know exactly how you feel. It’s such a priority with me I sometimes start the cleansing process before dinner so I can be in a sheet mask by bedtime. But it’s my only escape from the day. Besides BIC😂

Re: Empties - 2019 we want to know how they get the velvet lol. @eshoe 

Re: Empties - 2019

Haha,  fairies gently brush it off Smiley Very Happy @scott1201 


edit- I had to look it up Velvet antler production. Male deer grow antlers each year. ... The antler takes about 90 days to grow and harden. Antlers are removed both as a farm management practice, to minimise danger if stags become aggressive around mating time, and to harvest the deer velvet (growing antlertissue).

Re: Empties - 2019

Yes, that’s right @heartsmyface, fairies! All of my masks are sourced by fairies because that’s where the real magic happens😄

Re: Empties - 2019

@Samtian I would never use that mask again because who knows how they got it. Growing antlers. Just so many questions right there. I didn’t even know until I was wearing it and reading the ingredients (something @Shosh85 started) and saw ‘velvet extract’ and I’m thinking...what on earth is velvet extract. 

I'm so sorry @eshoe the vita cocktail was too tacky for y...

I'm so sorry @eshoe the vita cocktail was too tacky for you..bummer!!! but I really love them, I wonder what would make a mask more tacky on different people... interesting indeed

Re: I'm so sorry @eshoe the vita cocktail was too tacky for y...

Yeah it’s probably subtle differences @lmasterwho knows, maybe an oil based vs water based cleanser or mask ahead of time makes a difference? No one else has had the same issue as me so it’s definitely something in my routine or my skin🤷🏻‍♀️

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoeI have that mini for the YTTP oil and I regret not getting the set too... you're not alone lol... Though I'm sure there will be more sets coming!  Great set of empties!  Great set of gross masks! You were such a trooper!

Re: Empties - 2019

I am going to be SO prepared this holiday, @missjeanie!

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoeI truly do about 80% of my shopping with holiday sales because I love the value sets that come out!  I feel like getting back into BIC this year I'm going to be going a little crazier than my low buy last year with all the skincare I'm looking at!

Re: Empties - 2019

Lots of empties for you this week @eshoe! And loves too! 💗 Hmmm... 🤔 if Stila Wanderlust is a love for both you and @Shosh85, I may need to add that to my list ... after I check to see if I don’t already have it! 😆 

Re: Empties - 2019

The STILA - Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - Wanderlust is pretty and accommodating @itsfi, I use it daily, unless it’s a magical skin-glowing I’m too lazy for it no-makeup day😄

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe I love your loves 😍 The Stila Wanderlust is my favorite of the shades and I do the exact same thing and put on the center of my lid! It really is such a pretty one!

I ended up buying the YTTP set and love using the Kale cream and Superberry oil together 😉👍

Re: Empties - 2019

Ahhh such a good choice @Shosh85, love the scent of the oil and the dropper is 👍🏼 nice, too!

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